Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 October 2017
Ukrainian Su-24 fly over Volnovakha
Ukrainian Su-24 fly over Volnovakha
November 04: UA Su-24 over Volnovakha
Geolocated: Russian 152-mm Giantsint and Urals Trucks
Geolocated: Russian 152-mm Giantsint and Urals Trucks
6 wounded delivered today to Dnipro city
Clashes at office of "Autonomous resistance" group in L'viv
Outgoing MLRS shelling near Stakhanov
Explosion at house in Grinchenka street in Lviv, emergency services on the site
25 ceasefire violations at Donbas today before 6pm
Canadian instructor demonstrates door breaching procedures to Ukrainian soldiers while on #OpUNIFIER, 29 October
It's propaganda
DNR group claims 602 ceasefire violations by Ukrainian army in last 24 hours
LetGen Ben Hodges in Ukraine on Nov 5
Several houses damaged in Krasnohorivka as result of night shelling
Maryinka: as result of shelling one civilian wounded yesterday
Damaged house in Krasnohorivka
47 ceasefire violations yesterday in ATO
Russia, which annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, reports of a resumed ferry link from Sevastopol to Turkey
Ukrainian consulate in St.Petersburg was attacked
Ukrainian consulate in St.Petersburg was attacked
Donetsk: in trolleybus announcement: males aged 18 to 25 years are required urgently to bring documents to the military enlistment office.
8000 ceasefire violations per week in the East Ukraine front -OSCE
ATO: Yday 38 attacks on Ukr pos. reported, RU forces used 122mm and 152mm artillery at Shyrokyne, mortars at Taramchuk, Vodyane, Talakivka
34 year old Kazakh citizen gets 3 year probation for taking part in the Ukraine conflict
LNR groups searched apartments of Zorya Luhansk fans, blamed them in subversive actions
US military says it has penetrated Russia's electric grid, telecommunications network and Kremlin command system
Activists protesting new head of police stormed Cherkasy police HQ
Defense minister of Moldova: Poroshenko said Ukraine is ready to make a corridor for Russian troops to withdraw from Transnistria region
Mortar shelling of Taramchuk village from Olenivka just now
In Cherkassy activists stormed the building of region police HQ
Reuters finds an email it sent to Surkov in #SurkovLeaks, further validating their authenticity
Turchynov: "We will raise Ukrainian flag over Donetsk, and women who cried at the funeral of Motorola, will be clapping with emotion"
Putin aide Dudin: Let's return Crimea to Ukraine, and occupy the whole Ukraine