Map. History of Ukraine conflict

15 December 2017
6 December in Donetsk
Sounds of artillery in Dokuchaevsk last night
Ukraine Armed Forces turns 25 with brand new SOF training center opened in Zhytomyr region
The Verkhovna Rada has supported the decision on the minimum wage of 3200UAH
Sharp increase in attacks at Donbas today, - 32 before 6pm
Beshiktash fans in Kyiv
1 Turkish citizen wounded in clashes between Dynamo Kyiv and Beshiktash fans
Avdiivka: Incoming fire at Promka
Mogherini: Ukraine is going to stay a top priority for us. The unity of purpose here across the Atlantic is important. #NATO #ForMin
Stoltenberg: we provide practical support to help Ukraine reform, organize defense institutions, and political support. #NATO #ForMin
Ukraine's Poroshenko says number killed in war now over 10,000. More than 2,500 military personnel and 7,500 civilians.
Ukraine troops parade US-gifted counter-mortar radar through Lviv
Day of Ukrainian Armed Forces: Military march in L'viv
Col. Motuzyanyk: In Maryinka district, Donetsk region, SBU found a cache with over 10 thousand ammo
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, 1 UA serviceman was killed in action, another soldier was wounded in action
Head of DNR group Zaharchenko: To return "Golden Age" of Russia we need to invade The Great Britain
Head of DNR group Zaharchenko: To return
Military convoy in Central L'viv - today is 25 years anniversary of creation of armed forces of Ukraine
26 ceasefire violations at Donbas on 5th December
Makiivka Gvardeyka: hearing heavy outgoing fire.
Ukraine Amb. in UN Yelchenko: Russia uses in Donbas, the same methods as in Syria - the first unleashes the aggression, and then trying to mediate
Moldovan mercenary from Eastern Ukraine arrested by Security and Intelligence Service of Moldova
Lawyer for "Crimean saboteur" Panov, Dmitri Dinze, describes torture.
President Poroshenko launching TV broadcast in Donetsk region from Karachun mount
Russian forces shelled Novozvanivka, Novooleksandrivka, Krymske, Lobacheve, Stary Aidar in Luhansk region
Amb. of UK in Ukraine Judith Gough attends public discussion "What after Budapest Memo?"
[email protected] - UK is ready to sit and settle all differences around UA with other parties of Budapest memorandum format
[email protected] - Budapest memorandum was not realized, but it was not realized by Russia
TSN video: Russian soldiers and Krivak-class frigate ship guarding stolen oil drilling rig in Black Sea
TSN video: Russian soldiers and Krivak-class frigate ship guarding stolen oil drilling rig in Black Sea
Maryinka checkpoint is closed today before 2 pm
26 attacks by Russian forces at Donbas yesterday