Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 มิถุนายน 2018

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Isa Munaev "back" to Dnipropetrovsk, will be buried in Ukraine
Frédéric Beigbeder in Kyiv
[email protected]: Just met w/FM #Lavrov. Reiterated need for immediate resumption of ceasefire, withdrawal of heavy weapons & closing the border in #Ukraine.
#Polish #Leopard 2A5 #MBT/s winter exercises
#MSC2015 #Steinmeier meets FM #Lawrow: crisis diplomacy at polit. crossroads for Europe
Poroshenko agreed on cooperation with the EU
Klichko in Munich
1 killed in shelling in Gnutovo, Mariupol
Russia announces dispatch of the 13th Ukraine supply convoy
Meeting of Lavrov and Kerry ended in Munich
President Poroshenko - despite the busy schedule found time in Munich for communication with the UA community.
President @Poroshenko is having a meeting with US Congress delegation @SenJohnMcCain
[email protected]_LT: Betrayal of #Ukraine would mean the betrayal of Europe itself
Petro Poroshenko had a meeting with Angela Merkel and Joseph Biden
Those are passports and military IDs of Russian soldiers who 'lost their way' into Ukraine.
About thirty cars will go to the Akhmetov house near Kyiv
Munich #MSC2015 Merkel applauded Poroshenko
#Merkel at #MSC2015 unclear whether yesterdays peace mission will be "crowned with success" but still worth doing it for #Ukraine people
Russia has violated fundamentals of European security order. Chancellor Merkel #MSC2015
Merkel: Russia showed disrespect not only to the territorial integrity of Ukraine, its sovereignty but international law
Saakashvili: Ukrainian military could seize the whole of Russia
#NATO Secretary General: #Russia, ISIL/Syria/Iraq underline need for collective defence
Military vehicles destroyed in the battle for Vuhlehirsk.
Began talks with NATO Secretary General
Bloomberg: #Ukraine summit in #Moscow unsuccessful; U.S. contemplates next steps
Poroshenko will not meet with Lavrov in Munich
Poroshenko flew to Germany, where he will talk with Merkel, Biden and Secretary General of NATO
Press waiting for #Merkel at #MSC2015
Terrorists shelled Pavlopil'. Cannonade In Mariupol
Medical humanitarian aid from US citizens was taken to a military hospital in Dnipropetrovs'k
Klitschko met in Munich with the Minister of defense of Canada: we need help in the training of our military
Mine "Severna" is out of power because of the attacks on Makiivka. 81 miners are under the surface
The Polish Gazeta Wyborcza raised $200 thousand for the residents of Donbas
UK Defense Minister Fallon: Russia "may have lowered the threshold for use of nuclear" arms
Final results of #Ukraine talks to be announced on Sunday - Kremlin spokesman
Merkel and Hollande are going to the airport.
Peskov: preparing document on regulation of Ukrainian crisis
Traffic on the highway Odessa - Reni (M-15) is limited due to destroyed bridge at the 52nd km of road, near the village of Palanca
TASS: Putin, Hollande and Merkel continue the talks in the Kremlin. Conversation of leaders lasts for four hours.
Museum of Ukrainian embroidery behalf of Vera Roik was closed in Simferopol'
Putin-Merkel-Hollande talks finish and...they go to dinner. No announcements yet
Russian artillery shelled Azov positions near Mariupol
"Is the Budapest Memorandum just a piece of paper?" Rally near @WhiteHouse
New EU sanctions to include Russian deputy defence minister -diplomatic sources
The grave of Stepan Bandera was attacked in Munich for the second time.
Putin, Hollande and Merkel at the Kremlin to discuss the peace plan in Ukraine
UN: Ukraine: Many displaced are arriving with very few belongings & without proper winter clothes
People on the Maidan commemorate fallen soldiers, including Isa Munaev
"Putin Dickhead" painted on front of Ukrainian army Uragan launcher
Convoy of Russian self-propelled artillery in Donetsk
Convoy of Russian self-propelled artillery in Donetsk
Russian troops at Donbass
Residents of Zhytomyr congratulated the cyborg in captivity Oleg Kuzminykh with Birthday
Putin, Merkel and Hollande in the Kremlin began talks on the situation in Ukraine
Russian Army T-80U, Participating In The Battle For #Vuhlehirsk.
Residents of #Uglegirs'k are evacuated from the city
Terrorists convoy with RT reporter under fire
Terrorists convoy with RT reporter under fire
#Uglegirs'k after the invasion of the Russian invaders.
The United States has not fulfilled promises to provide #Ukraine aid, - Bloomberg
#Odessa: cordoned off Independence square due to a suspicious package
NATO Baltic Air Policing QRA ITA Typhoon jets scrambled to intercept RU Armed Forces Il-38 over the Baltic Sea
The son of Yanukovych will develop Arsenalnaya embankment in Saint Petersburg
Russian tank after shelling of "Pion".
The British press found out about the negotiations #Merkel, #Holland and #Putinh
DPR announced that they are successor to the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic(of WWI)
The plane of Francois Hollande arrived at the airport "Vnukovo-2"
Merkel arrives in Moscow for Ukraine peace talks with Putin.
Trucks with shells for terrorists in Makiivka
The Russians are collecting signatures for the release of Nadezhda Savchenko
Novomoskovsk residents decorated their homes in patriotic colors
#Popasna now
Germany says arms for Ukraine could stoke unrest
The bomb experts defused an explosive device wich mounted on a rail in #Odessa, - MIA
People line up for food handouts near municipal building near Debaltseve
The consequences shelling in #Makiivka
SBU detained a criminal group, which was preparing attacks in Odessa.
Ukraine published all Russian Army divisions which fight in Donbass
The result of a mortar attack of terrorists on residential neighborhoods in Makiivka
Press secretary Poroshenko explained reports about "federalization for peace"
John #McCain slams #Merkel for ruling out arms to Ukraine tells @ZDF:" It reminds me of the politics [of appeasing Nazis] of the 30s."
Consequences of shelling in Schastye
Russia is testing new weapon in the Donbass, - BBC
Russian vehicles against Ukrainian winter
"DPR national assembly"
Bildt said about the possibility of war between Russia and the West
#DNR militias have to tow their broken Russian T-72 tanks near #Debaltseve
#Stakhanov after today's shelling
Queue in #Donetsk for humanitarian aid from Akhmetov. 'No, not thankful to him, it was our money anyway' says lady
Smoke over Makiivka
Russians shelling Makiivka from inside Makiivka. Hit just after launch
Russians shelling Makiivka from inside Makiivka. Hit just after launch
#Poland appointed Commissioner for the support of reforms in #Ukraine
The security Council has revealed new data on the Russian invaders in the Donbass. 21 division are fighting in Ukraine
Medical equipment delivered to #Dnipropetrovsk from Lithuania
12 Grad + Ural drove into the #Stakhanov from Bryanka.
Rada forbid to show militaristic Russian cinema and tv-shows
Military vehicles with tactical signs of the armed forces near Debal'tseve
Ukraine 'fighting for very survival': Biden
MP Vadim Novinsky still not give up a Russian passport,- Chornovol
Police from Donetsk in Debal'tseve
Mass evacuation from #Debaltsevo. Green corridor to 17-00
Tusk: Situation #Ukraine worsening every day- EU and US continue to coordinate efforts, uphold pressure on #Russia for as long as necessary
Former head of NATO has warned of a possible Russian attack on the Baltic States
Meanwhile in Mariupol, high school students on training & learning how to use arms
Soldiers of battalion "Tornado" with new Fort rifle guns(based on TAR)
Citizens of Dnipropetrovs'k said goodbye to lost in ATO military
#SBU has detained a crook, who extorted money from the wife of captured "cyborg"
Hryvnia on the interbank market fell below 24 per dollar
#Amazon announced the termination of work in #Crimea
The rapid fall of the UAH inflated prices on airline tickets
Winter #snow breaks Europe records
#Moskal' has brought humanitarian aid to the people in the frontline village in the district of 29-th checkpoint
Ukraine has joined the sanctions against 160 Russian companies
People are demanding the resignation of Yarema near the Parliament
1st bat. of 95th brigade has captured the APC near the Pisky
PrivatBank in search of a terrorist, who had arranged the explosion in Odessa. Award - 50 thousand UAH
The SBU have detained the gunner of terrorists of "LNR"
The SBU have detained the organizer of the separatist referendum in #Severodonets'k
Semenchenko is inflating the balls on a hospital bed
Time: International analysts were skeptical about the talks West with Putin
The consequences of fire last night in #Makiivka
Armed Forces of Latvia spotted RU Navy's Finik-class ship, and submarine near territorial waters
Dnipropetrovsk police went to active regime of patrol
Eight Ukrainian was released from captivity
Force ATO does not allow the militants to take out lined equipment
Military have destroyed two mortar Sani and BMP of terrorists near the village Sokolniki
Dnipropetrovsk road blocked because of the threat of a new explosion in Odessa
Pyrotechnics and police cordoned off the branch of "PrivatBank" on Kotovsky In Odessa
Artillery #ATO blocked the attempt of terrorists to force river Seversky #Donets
There was an explosion near the "PrivatBank" in Odessa
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