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20 กันยายน 2018

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In phone call with VP @mike_pence President Poroshenko expressed support for the US actions to prevent crimes of the Assad regime against the Syrian population
In the Donetsk region SBU detained Russian militants spy
Joint operation of Moldavian and Ukrainian police foiled assassination plot of Moldova tycoon Plakhotnuk
Ukraine President Poroshenko has phone call with U.S Vice-President Pence
Hug: Last week we confirmed death of 6 civilians. It will not change without withdrawal and disengagement
OSCE’s Hug: in general last week SMM spotted almost 200 proscribed weapons on both sides of the contact line
Hug: OSCE SMM recorded 20% decrease in number of ceasefire violations last week compared to week before
MFA: Those who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity must& will be punished. Support consistent US actions in Syria.
Ukrainian NSDC secretary Turchynov: US Strike in Syria is adequate and in-time reaction to Assad crime
ATO spox: Yesterday, UAF incurred no fatalities, 5 troops were wounded and injured
ATO spox: 2 private houses in Avdiivka were damaged due to enemy fire
Col. Lysenko: Avdiivka remains the hotspot. Yesterday another civilian was wounded Avdiivka in enemy fire
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: militants used mortars in Novoluhanske, Avdiivka and Pisky
Ex-fighters of "Tornado" were brought to Obolon' court
DSG @Gottemoeller stresses NATO’s ongoing and steadfast support for Ukraine’s sovereignty & territorial integrity
Most number of 48 attacks on Ukrainian army are were near Mariupol yesterday
Donbas: Yesterday 48 attacks on Ukr positions, Avdiivka was under fire from 120-mm mortars, various GLs, heavy MGs. Five soldiers WIA.
DNR Group says Alexey Petrov from SBU is behind Givi and Motorola asssasinations
Occupied Ternove area, Donetsk reg: aerial view of so-called one-day mobilization assembly
Chystyakove area [Torez], todays "reservist assembly"
45 y.o civilian was wounded in mortar shelling of Avdiivka
SBU in Khmelnytsky foiled terror attack, planned and prepared by the Russian special services
SBU in Khmelnytsky foiled terror attack, planned and prepared by the Russian special services
ATGM training of LNR group
ATGM training of LNR group
MLRS GRAD of LNR group at Uspenka, Luhansk region
MLRS GRAD of LNR group at Uspenka, Luhansk region
Russian Mindef: drills of artillerists of Western Military district near Voronezh
UAV imagery @OSCE_SMM of Luhansk Airport on 5th April
Senegal has paraded the Dozor-B armoured vehicles and BM-21 rocket launchers it has received from Ukraine.
DNR group hold "mobilization drill" for civilians
DNR group hold mobilization drill for civilians
In Simferopol FSB detained 60 people, most of them already released
[email protected] announced EU Parliament voted 521 votes for Ukraine to travel visa free
DNR group hold military drill for civilians at ranges
DNR group hold military drill for civilians at ranges
The European parliament has voted in favor of visa lib for Ukraine. 521 For 75 against 36 abstentions. EU ambassadors to vote on 26 April
Lack of city buses in cities of occupied Donetsk region today - they are used to deliver "reservists" to a range
ATO spox: Yesterday, UAF incurred no fatalities, 2 servicemen were wounded during enemy attacks in Avdiivka ind area.
ATO spox: Yesterday, a resident of Avdiivka was wounded in an enemy fire
Col. Motuzyanyk: Hostilities near Avdiivka lasted intermittently for more than 8 hours
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: yesterday the hotspots were Zaitseve, Avdiivka and Pisky
President Poroshenko: Moscow roughly attempted to push Poland with Ukraine.
Russia changed its tactics in the Donbas, raising the stakes up to the creation of quasi-States. - President Poroshenko
In Sumy SBU shut down fake "territorial community" organization
MFA of Ukraine Klimkin: Today‘s voting in the European Parliament on visafree for Ukraine with the EU is about Ukraine, about Europe and about us together.
Russian RIA: bomb threat calls in St.Petersburg coming from Ukraine
Interview with DNR fighter from Kazan', Russia. Nicknamed "American"
Interview with DNR fighter from Kazan', Russia. Nicknamed American
NATO: NATO will never accept Russia’s illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea, and condemns the ongoing destabilization of East Ukraine
Zaharchenko says that DNR group army has 2 millions soldiers
Diversion in Balakliya made by civilian with a drone - investigation
NATO: This morning in Kyiv- detailed discussions on Ukraine's comprehensive programme of reforms between @paoloalli and @IKlympush cooperation
29 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 2 soldiers were wounded
Russian actor Erkin Ismanov, who supported DNR group, was killed in clashes near Donetsk
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