Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 September 2017
Today's antimaidan rally in Odessa
4.6 magnitude earthquake in Vrancea Romania at 23:04 EST
Police detained Russian terrorist, who planned to attack rally in Kharkiv
Heavy fights near Horlivka
It's ours, Russia admits ownership of impounded cargo plane in Kano
NATO Baltic Air Policing QRA jets on 7 DEC scrambled to intercept RU Armed Forces 2x Tu-134, 1x An-72 over the Baltic Sea.
The reserves of gas and coal half needs
The sound of artillery fire being heard in #Donetsk #Kyivs'kyi District tonight
The sound of artillery fire being heard in #Donetsk #Kyivs'kyi District tonight
In Kharkiv in illegal scrap metal recycler, tax police found explosive parts of "Grad" and "Hurricane"
Massive explosions taking place at #Donetsk Airport tonight
Massive shelling in Horlivka
Riot police with rifle guns came to illegal casino, destroyed by guys in masks on Zhitomirskaya
240-mm self propelled mortar 2S4 Tyulpan is driving now to the center of Donetsk
Muzhenko: In the beginning we had some problems, Ukraine’s citizen volunteer groups helped army enormously, he says
Checkpoints Fortified in Sumy
In #Kharkiv increased defence of military units, - MoD Poltorak
#Russia BMP-2 cross over border into #Ukraine pass #Sverdlovsk #Luhansk
MLRS GRAD shelling Debaltseve from Adrianopil' now
In Kyiv on Zhitomirskaya street. Some guys in masks destroy illegal casino. Now standoff with police
4174 persons moved from Donetsk and Luhansk region in last 24 hours - NSDC
Antimaidan gathered in Odessa
Putin's militants move MLRS BM-21 #Grad through #Luhansk
Putin's militants move MLRS BM-21 #Grad through #Luhansk
Putin Discusses Energy Cooperation With Serbia and Hungary
GRAD rockets shelling at #Ukraine troops positions near #Donetsk
GRAD rockets shelling at #Ukraine troops positions near #Donetsk
Fire at an abandoned military unit on the settlement of Zhukovsky
An article by @poroshenko was published in the WSJ
AA system spotted near "Theater of Russian army" in Moscow
Residents of Vinnitsa are gathering for Viche
In Kyiv found a body of unknown man
In the Crimea Russian occupants dug up the the grave of Golden Horde commander Mamai
Near Mariupol destroyed mortar squad and armored vehicles of Russian militants
It's Ukrainian Night at @PruCenter Newark, NJ,
Shop "Elvis" in Donetsk
7 tanks crossed into #Ukraine from #Russia via uncontrolled Izvaryne directed to Luhansk
In Slavyansk on the Central square staged a concert for military
In Avdiivka shells hit the police Department
Report: explosions in the Donetsk airport area again
Romanian Special Forces during training exercises
National Guard in Vinnitsa
Abkhazia-Russia military relations influenced by "Attempts to place on [Georgia's] territory NATO military structures" - Abkhaz FM Chirikba.
Queue for 250 grams of bread/person in Pervomais'k
Lisichansk. Help from @ICRC for migrants and local lost their homes
A Russian army convoy transports 2S1 howitzers to the Ukrainian
A Russian army convoy transports 2S1 howitzers to the Ukrainian
Estoninan air forces: high activity of RU flights over Baltic Sea, incl strat-bombers. Not all with communication
Romanian Frigate "King Ferdinand" during exercises in the Black Sea
In Kremenchug was a big rally of workers of the steel plant, protesting against job cuts
Simul in Kyiv for veterans and wounded soldiers today, on Ukrainian Armed Forces Day.
Leopard 2A4's at today's Finnish Independence Day parade in Hämeenlinna.
Angry crowd attack office of Ex-member of Party of Regions in Vinnitsa
Militants in the morning shelled Debaltseve, one military was killed
Putin: Moscow respects the territorial integrity of Ukraine
#PUTIN: Artillery, multiple rocket launchers should be withdrawn from demarcation line in eastern #Ukraine as soon as possible
Gubarev, with smile: "Novorossiya stretching from Odessa to Kharkiv is only thing that can save Ukraine. Otherwise full dismantling awaits"
Rally in Kyiv: "Kadyrov is a killer of Chechen people"
In Haiti protesters calling for Putin's help
Ukr. MP Mosiychuk: "bring this jackal Kadyrov to Maidan"
Pushilin: U.S. is the political sponsor of the genocide of the people of Donbass
Lithuania starts buying ammunition for Ukraine
Chuguev today: Chairman of the Kharkiv regional state administration Igor Balota and the President's wife Marina Poroshenko
Poroshenko had a telephone conversation with French President
At the airport Vnukovo-2 began the meeting of Putin and Hollande
7 policemen and 1 activist hospitalized due to assault in Vinnytsia regional Council
Pushilin: DNR proposes to hold a meeting of the contact group in Minsk on December 12
Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk region toppled statue of Lenin.
In Cherkassy several thousands of people said farewell to the "cyborg" from Donetsk airport.
The head of the SBU will ask Parliament to give SBU right for active combat operations abroad
Rally in Moscow against Ukraine
SBU detained 3 Russian terrorists planning explosions on civil objects in Dnipropetrovsk region
#Stakhanov queue for pensions.
A mini-Maidan in Vinnytsia #Ukraine where people are protesting against local officials who are impeding lustration
Shelling of Stanitsa Luhanska killed 2 civilians, city is freezing - Moskal
Rally in Vinnitsa. People stormed region council, but now everybody on the street
In the Donetsk region railroad "Krasnoarmeysk-Grodovka" was blown up
#Stakhanov burned small shop. Not shelling
A local volunteer battalion on leave fr. #Donbas marches on #Kyiv main street 2wards Maidan square. #Ukraine
Kharkiv Neutron Facility unique in the world partnership between the US and Ukraine to benefit science
French president to meet Putin Saturday afternoon in Moscow
The Simferopol City Council denied the Crimean Tatars permission to rally for human rights on Dec. 10:
There is a heavy exchange of #Grad missiles,artillery + small arms between Zoryns'k and Debal'tseve.
#StraightTalk from @GeneralClark Putin the most dangerous Russian leader since Stalin #Ukraine
Ukrainian jet over Lviv this morning