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18 กันยายน 2018

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#Kharkiv explosion at Otakara Yarosha, 18
Video of heavy explosion in Donetsk
Video of heavy explosion in Donetsk
Heavy explosion in Donetsk
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Cyprus has offered Russia to have air and navy bases on its territory
"This war was launched 100% by Russia, but there's a strong part of this war which is a civil war" - @benvtk
"70% of Ukraine losses comes from missile fire" - Herbst advocating for arming Ukraine army
Ex-US Ambassador @McFaul on Ukraine:Putin happy not to have peace plan,to let it linger,fester
Really, the artillery is intense here in #Donetsk. Windows are shaking. Seems all outgoing
More #Polish #Rosomak APCs lining up for railroad transport to #Drawsko military training ground.
Russian army Pantsir S-1(Sa-22 Greyhound) air defense system in Luhansk
Russian army Pantsir S-1(Sa-22 Greyhound)  air defense system in Luhansk
Destroyed Russian convoy near Donetsk
7 police cars& dozen+ of policemen secure #Russian embassy in #Prague before in an hour before #antiPutin meeting #RFE
#MSC2015 @SenJohnMcCain: Without leverage diplomacy is ineffective.
Reports of heavy shelling in #Donetsk all night and now this morning
[email protected]: "#Putin does not was a diplomatic solution to #Ukraine.
The ICRC or the Ukrainian border guards did not take part in border control of Russian supply convoy - NDSC
#MSC2015 @SenJohnMcCain: Munich has always been a meeting of the free world.”
Captured Russian RPO-A "Bumblebee"
All agree #Ukraine conflict can't be solved with force, @JohnKerry tells #MSC2015. But costs will be raised for #Russia and its proxies.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says there is "no split" between Europe and the U.S. on how to handle the #Ukraine crisis
Steinmeier outspoken that #Russia haven't shown any interest in building up trust with EU.
"Putler, enough to kill us!", rally in Mariupol
National guard detained smuggling trucks in Odessa region
Russian supply convoy in Luhansk
Monuments to Artem, Karl-Libnekht and Dzerzhinsky downed in Kryvyi Rih last night
Latvia -- Joint US-Latvian training on Javelin missiles:
Latvia -- Joint US-Latvian training on Javelin missiles:
Russian warships in Occupied Sevastopol
Another Russian supply convoy. Driving into a warehouse in Makiivka
The Black Sea -- USS Cole enters the Black Sea today in Operation #AtlanticResolve:
#Donetsk, street of Kuibyshev 1, morning shelling
13th supply convoy for Russian army arrives at Ukrainian border
Ukrainian self-propelled artillery
Isa Munaev "back" to Dnipropetrovsk, will be buried in Ukraine
Frédéric Beigbeder in Kyiv
[email protected]: Just met w/FM #Lavrov. Reiterated need for immediate resumption of ceasefire, withdrawal of heavy weapons & closing the border in #Ukraine.
#Polish #Leopard 2A5 #MBT/s winter exercises
#MSC2015 #Steinmeier meets FM #Lawrow: crisis diplomacy at polit. crossroads for Europe
Poroshenko agreed on cooperation with the EU
Klichko in Munich
1 killed in shelling in Gnutovo, Mariupol
Russia announces dispatch of the 13th Ukraine supply convoy
Meeting of Lavrov and Kerry ended in Munich
President Poroshenko - despite the busy schedule found time in Munich for communication with the UA community.
President @Poroshenko is having a meeting with US Congress delegation @SenJohnMcCain
[email protected]_LT: Betrayal of #Ukraine would mean the betrayal of Europe itself
Petro Poroshenko had a meeting with Angela Merkel and Joseph Biden
Those are passports and military IDs of Russian soldiers who 'lost their way' into Ukraine.
About thirty cars will go to the Akhmetov house near Kyiv
Munich #MSC2015 Merkel applauded Poroshenko
#Merkel at #MSC2015 unclear whether yesterdays peace mission will be "crowned with success" but still worth doing it for #Ukraine people
Russia has violated fundamentals of European security order. Chancellor Merkel #MSC2015
Merkel: Russia showed disrespect not only to the territorial integrity of Ukraine, its sovereignty but international law
Saakashvili: Ukrainian military could seize the whole of Russia
#NATO Secretary General: #Russia, ISIL/Syria/Iraq underline need for collective defence
Military vehicles destroyed in the battle for Vuhlehirsk.
Began talks with NATO Secretary General
Bloomberg: #Ukraine summit in #Moscow unsuccessful; U.S. contemplates next steps
Poroshenko will not meet with Lavrov in Munich
Poroshenko flew to Germany, where he will talk with Merkel, Biden and Secretary General of NATO
Press waiting for #Merkel at #MSC2015
Terrorists shelled Pavlopil'. Cannonade In Mariupol
Medical humanitarian aid from US citizens was taken to a military hospital in Dnipropetrovs'k
Klitschko met in Munich with the Minister of defense of Canada: we need help in the training of our military
Mine "Severna" is out of power because of the attacks on Makiivka. 81 miners are under the surface
The Polish Gazeta Wyborcza raised $200 thousand for the residents of Donbas
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