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25 มิถุนายน 2018

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World War II planes fly over Washington monuments #VEDay70
President @poroshenko address nation at live event at WW2 memorial complex
#Veterans of the Red army, #UPA, heroes #ATO together on Day of remembrance and reconciliation
[email protected]_SMM Fighting continued to rage in/around the destroyed Donetsk airport, with SMM recording 100's of explosions
Alchevsk cityhall website claim that they want back to Ukraine
Artillery and mortar shelling in Avdiivka
To remember all victims of #WW2 candles are lit in #Vilnius. Young generation shows their respect.
UN: Putin and ban Ki-moon will discuss in Moscow the Ukraine, Syria and Yemen
The cover of today's #Kyiv post on the eve of #Victoryday
#Putin dismisses several law-enforcement officials
The Secretary General of the UN will speak to #Putin about #Savchenko
Militants in the coming days preparing provocations with large-scale casualties, - the press service of the NSDC
The transport controls will be increased holidays in the Donetsk region
Militants at technical base "Donbassantratsit" of Krasnyi Luch
The priests of Ukrainian patriarchal Church of the Moscow Patriarchate has refused to stand up when reading in the Parliament of the names of the heroes of #ATO
Russians prepare fire positions near civil buildings in Donetsk
Arseniy #Yatsenyuk handed over the certificates for the 8 apartments to the families of fallen soldiers #ATO and wounded soldiers
A Russian drone of Israeli production was shot down in Donbass , - media
Two soldiers of the battalion #Donbass were freed from captivity
USA has provided a grant for the restoration of Cossack ships
Putin didn't congratulate Poroshenko on Victory Day
Poroshenko introduced rufer Mustang to UN Secretary General
A political prisoner Uriy Yatsenko, who spent a year in Russia, was met in #Lviv
Today the militants had shelled Shyrokyne three times - "Azov"
Militants wounded three civilians in the Donetsk region
Bikers riding veterans on motorcycles in Luhansk
The militants had mined the memorial of Glory near Svyatogorsk
The upper house of Parliament #Germany ratified the Association Ukraine-EU
The government wants to reduce the exclusion Zone around Chernobyl
The participation of the President of Ukraine and the UN Secretary General in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory
A broken by militants pipeline was repaired in Stanitsia Luhanska
Google has published photos of Russian troops 20 km from the border with Ukraine
#Checkpoint "Marinka" was closed through the enemy's attacks
Illegal immigrants were detained in Kherson region
Germany announced the meeting Merkel and #Poroshenko - 13 of May
Ban Ki-moon in Kyiv expressed its support for the Ukrainians
Bild called the shots from the Russian report on MH17 fake
Ukrainian President Poroshenko says 1675 servicemen and around 7000 civilians killed since start of war in #Ukraine.
In Simferopol opened the Board to Stalin
Kharkiv: mourning rally dedicated to the students died fighting for their country
Poroshenko is ready to sell Roshen for $3 billion
Cabinet withdrew uncontrolled zone #ATO common energy market of Ukraine – decree
ATO: two dead and 26 wounded
Petro Poroshenko and the UN's Ban-Ki Moon meet in Kyiv
"Night wolves" brought flag of Novorossia to Germany
Veterans were given two pieces of cake in Horlivka
#NATO stands united: troops from #Canada, #France, & the #US conduct Forward Observation Officer training in #Poland
#Kharkiv: a solemn ceremony of laying flowers to the memorial stone to the UPA
Chinese warships arrived in port Novorosiysk
A campaign of tolerance for learning Ukrainians correct terms started
ATO forces in Donetsk region defused saboteurs
ATO forces in Donetsk region defused saboteurs
Serbia won't support new Gazprom gas pipeline through Turkey
#Horlivka after yesterday's shelling
Veterans and military sit still of deputies in Parliament
Putin called the USSR and China countries, stronger than the other suffered in the Second world war and suffered the greatest human losses.
The orchestra near the Verkhovna Rada today
The ceremony honoring the memory of those killed in the 2nd world war in Paris
#Kyiv: the monument of Motherland was decorated with a wreath of red poppies
Position of "Azov" were shelled with mortars in Shyrokyne
Relatives of arrested by the occupation authorities of the Crimea, the Deputy head of the Majlis refused to meeting
Kerch received the gift of a hundred-meter St. George's ribbon
Yatsenyuk has threatened the aggressors fate of the Hitler regime
The Ministry of defence bought tents half as much than market prices
MTS still not working in Donetsk
#Horlivka: militants dressed preschoolers in camouflage uniforms with badges Berkut
Three cars burned for the night in Odessa
A Russian woman has doused with paint new bust of Stalin
Wild boar with a dangerous disease migrated in Kyiv region
#SBU found the hiding place of the militants with weapons and ammunition in the Donetsk region
Battle in Mar'inka
22 flight of UAVs recorded during night
Military convoy in Roven'ky
Abromavicius confirmed beginning of work of a free trade zone with EU in 2016
Russia has filed two lawsuits in WTO – against EU and Ukraine
NATO and Russia resume military information exchange – Steinmeier
Crimean Tatars were forbidden mourning meeting on May 18 in Simferopol City
Sweden urged the EU to keep the pressure on Russia
In Luhansk held a rally "For a United Ukraine"
"DNR" is going to annex the rest of Donetsk region
#Poroshenko thanked world leaders for refusing to go to #Moscow on May 9
Reports of offensive along the front-line - lot of wounded
Heavy shelling in Stanitsa Luhanska
Explosion In St. Petersburg at "Severvny Verfi" naval plant
Five full volleys of MLRS "Grad" in direction of Mayorsk-Dzerzhinsk from Horlivka
Prime Minister of Latvia urged the EU to give Ukraine's European prospect
2 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 9 wounded in shelling near Horlivka
Lithuania - Operation #AtlanticResolve at General Silvestras Zlikaliskas Training Area in Pabrade
Greek Prime Minister refused to visit to Moscow for Victory parade
[email protected]: on behalf of the people of Ukraine, I am grateful to many of the world leaders for declining participation in the Moscow parade
#Russia and #NATO can resume cooperation – Lavrov
EU complained about espionage in negotiations with Gazprom on Ukraine
Poroshenko urged UN to send peacekeepers to Donbas
During day militants 37 times broke cease fire, - headquarters of ATO
Political discussion among heads of delegations on results of WWII, European integration and future of Europe
In Gdansk begin celebrations on occasion of 70th anniversary of victory over Nazism
UN Secretary General will visit memorial Day in Kyiv tomorrow
MTS cellular network does not work in Luhansk
"LPR" head Plotnytsky at military parade
Report about 3 explosions in Donetsk
German police forced " Night wolves" to clean up banner of Victory and Russian flags
Kremlin has confirmed its readiness to Finance construction of the pipeline in Greece
"DNR" agree to be a part of Ukraine as autonomy, - media
Military vehicles exposition in Mykolaiv
Car blown up this morning in Donetsk. Possible hit with artillery
A meeting of Poroshenko with Polish President @Komorowski and UN Secretary General @secgen
Russian militants now have own fleet
Russian militants now have own fleet
MTS cellular network does not work in Donetsk
Kramatorsk on his knees said goodbye to a Hero who was killed in area of ATO
Savchenko believes that doctors are not favorable to her death
Poroshenko arrived in Poland
The court refused to return the servers of
The OSCE fixed in the Donbass MLRS "Grad" shelling
Russian Border Guard checking western borders
Poroshenko arrived in Gdansk to participate in the events commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of world war II
Fortifications were built near Horlivka
Refrigerator truck that delivered first 600K doses of #Canada-funded ($3M) polio vaccine to fill 6yr gap in #Ukraine
Khreschatyk will be blocked for movement on 8-11 May in Kyiv
Shkiriak said that the trip to Kathmandu was at his expense
House Chairman Fred Upton and his powerful delegation began their visit with a call on MinDef Poltorak
Russia has released the first Ukrainian political prisoner - Yuriy Yatsenko
#Germany FM #Steinmeier will visit Volgograd today
#AN178 commit first flight
The remains of more than 560 dead military were found in the Donbass
Odessa activists has created the Avenue of Heavenly hundred
Trilateral contact group on #Donbass will meet on 19 May
There was an explosion during the preparations for the victory Day in Russia
Azerbaijan will buy Ukrainian #AN178
32 bikers were not allowed аt the may holidays in Ukraine – guards
The Ministry of education decided to give up plastic diplomas because of their high cost
Trains will go on 7 and 9 of May from Donetsk to Russia (no seats).
The delegation of U.S. congressmen will celebrate Victory Day in Kyiv – Geoff Pyatt
Soldier killed as a result of arrival of the truck at gun near Zaporizhia
Savchenko case can migrate to #Voronezh – lawyer
#Donetsk separatists prepare for grand Soviet-inspired #Victory70 parade
Russian military rehearsed #parade in #Sevastopol
General Prosecutor's Office received materials about the involvement of counselor of #Putin in terrorism in Ukraine
Presidential administration has explained that the Minsk agreement is broken, but not defeat a treaty
Miners of Novovolinsk mine blocked the road Lviv-Lutsk
In Shyrokyne rotation passes under shelling
Bildt has ridiculed the statement of the Russian "volunteers" in the Donbass
The leader of #DNR gave the order to disarm the "Cossacks"
The French Senate ratified the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU
Brno, today, Red Army monument
Ukrainian airborne troops & tank divisions undergo intensive military drills
Cities of Crimea were transferred to the Russian telephone codes
The car of the Consul General of Poland in Irkutsk was painted with St. George's ribbon
Police arrested Donetsk wardress, who helped the terrorists
Klitschko with veterans rode the tram to Pushcha-Voditsa
Jubilee coin of 1 hryvnia face value, issued for the 70th anniversary of the Victory
U.S. soldiers were greeted with applause at the rehearsal of the parade in Minsk
Poroshenko extended the terms of the fifth wave of #mobilization
The girl threw a grenade at the checkpoint of the "DNR. Militants began searching Partizans
#Lavrov: #Russia, #Germany agree on need to fulfill Minsk agreements
Protest outside the Russian Embassy in Tallinn - flags of Ichkeria , Ukraine, Estonia
SBU questioned the company of Akhmetov for miners rallies
People with guns arrested in Sudak Crimean Tatars in the "case on 26 of February" - human rights defender
Poroshenko announced the following demobilization in May-July
Three Ukrainian soldiers, who released from captivity, were delivered to #Dnipropetrovsk
The Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale was "occupied"
Poroshenko has signed the decree of #demobilization
A concert for veterans dedicated to the Victory Day near the monument to the Soldier
Militants of "LNR" was sentenced to 9 years in prison in Vinnytsia
The fighting in the Luhansk region continues near the three villages, - Moskal
4th gen MiG-29s, Russian practicing for Yerevan May 9 parade. 200 Russ soldiers will also participate
Russian militants shelled Schastye and Artema in Luhansk region
Kuchma after Minsk meeting expressed "serious steps towards political solution at Donbas"
The court allowed Russian bikers to enter in Germany
#SBU - At the entrance to the Dnipropetrovsk region stopped the car with weapons
Journalists & representatives of Defence Ministry & state emergency service is ready to meet the Il-76 with Ukrainians
Car rescue-operational service in Boryspil wait for return of Ukrainians from Nepal
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