Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 กันยายน 2018

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[email protected] sent a letter to UNSG and UNSC Prez on the eighth anniversary of Russia's aggression against Georgia
Russian military convoy: Bastion, Bal-E missile complexes
Russian military convoy: Bastion, Bal-E missile complexes
Anti-ship missile complexes Bastions are transported to Staryi_Krym range
Anti-ship missile complexes Bastions are transported to Staryi_Krym range
Svitlodarsk: recharged and artillery fighting again
Ukrainian artillery returning fire to Lohvynove
Turkey president Erdogan says 'West tried to isolate Russia, not us".
9 Russian Mi-8 helicopters and 2 UAV's were flying along the border between Crimea and mainland Ukraine
Armed roadblock at entrance to Sevastopol as security tightens in Crimea
Svitlodarsk frontline: grenade (AGS) landings
Russia Today: Crimea is ready to hold an alternative Paralympics.
B-52 Bombers In Large-Scale Exercise Over Baltic Sea
B-52 Bombers In Large-Scale Exercise Over Baltic Sea
Yasinuvata: car exploded and burning now
Ukraine moves more troops and heavy gear to Russia occupied perimeter in Crimea
Krasnohorivka: hit today at 3:30pm
Results 10m Air Rifle Men shootingsport : 1. ITA Campriani Niccolò 2. UKR Kulish Serhiyn. 3. RUS Maslennikov Vladimir
DNR group consider "Azov" and "Aydar" as terrorist organizations
Photos: Ukrainian T-70BV
Convoy of APCs today in Kerch
Ukraine increased security risk level due to Russian actions in Crimea
Kerch: security checks at ferry. Queues
Saakashvili admitted that Ukraine supplied weapons to Georgia during the conflict in 2008
Zakharchenko of DNR convened emergency meeting of all ministers
Large queue at Chaplinka Checkpoint
Clear Sky "international army competition" in Russia
Internet shutdown in many cities/villages of Northern Crimea. ISPs: "Due to technical problems"
Crimea, Simferopol: police checking cars
Car with weapons and ammunition stopped in Odesa
Queue at Chonhar Crimea checkpoint. Very slow
Russian forces at Petrovka district of Donetsk
Putin convene security council to prepare for talks with Erdogan
Photos of recent US mil led 68W train the trainer in Yavoriv
Russian jets at Novofedirivka, Crimea
Russian jets at Novofedirivka, Crimea
Savchenko urged Poroshenko to talk with DNR/LNR commanders
Police seized arsenal of weapons in Kyiv region
11 soldiers were wounded at Donbas on August, 7 - ATO HQ
ATO spox: Enemy applied mortars against UA positions in Krasnohorivka, Maryinka, Vodiane, cannons – in Pavlopil
ATO spokesperson: Six flights of enemy UAVs were recorded in the ATO area yesterday
Moldovan authorities condemn the Russian military exercises in Transnistria
Savchenko rally in Kyiv
Savchenko rally in Kyiv
Savchenko rally in Kyiv
61 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
In Lviv, arrested terrorists who prepared the explosions on the railway
Krasnohorivka: Mortar hit
"Wanted" notice in Dzhankoi - persons of interest - 4 men in military camo
Maryinka outskirts - battle still ongoing.
Crimea: Anharskyi Pass, police and military checking every car
Odesa storm: one killed in lighting strike, stage of festival Z-games destroyed
Odesa storm: one killed in lighting strike, stage of festival Z-games destroyed
Heavy drone activity over Avdeevka
Unknown location
Another military convoy earlier today in Crimea
Border guards at Chonhar opened fire as one driver in queue refused to wait and attempted to break through checkpoint
Operator of Kerch Strait ferry crossing advises passengers against travel to Crimea
Svitlodarsk: 120mm mortars hits
Smoke east to Mariupol today
Odesa: Flash floods today
Mariupol: fighting to the East, black smoke at Vynohradne, in direction Novoazovsk
Increased police presence at Kerch ferry
Russia partially opened Kalanchak and Chaplinka checkpoints - no one could exit Crimea
120mm mortar mines shelling near Shyrokyne
Donetsk: smoke seen to the West
Ukraine army and ATO spokesman said that Ukrainians closely monitor Russian drills in Crimea, ready to repel attack
Russian forces in Donetsk today
Russian military convoy in Kerch yesterday evening
Russian military convoy in Kerch yesterday evening
Ukrainian Defense Ministry: Info about the attack of Ukr recon unit on Ru military in Crimea - a provocation
Lysenko: Ukraine expecting Russian attack any moment, could be wide-scale or local, Rus forces on the move. Ready to repel anything
Mariupol: loud
Ukrainian Intelligence: "LNR group" army is on battle alert after Plotnitsky assassination attempt
Mariupol earthquake felt in Rostov region
DNR: shelling in Zaitseve, Hol'ma over 50 hits, house damaged. MLRS used
ATO HQ: 3 killed, 4 wounded in fighting on Aug 6
Consequences of attack on Toretsk
Seismologists say that there could be another quake there soon(6-7pm)
Crimea: checkpoints except Chonhar are closed, heavy military/police presence everywhere due to shootout in Yani Kapu
State Border Guard Service: Rus restarted movement across Chongar control point, Chaplynka and Kalanchak are closed
2 women wounded in Maryinka as result of shelling
11:30 report of MLRS GRAD shelling near Pyschevyk
Earthquake felt in Dnipro city a little
M4.7 earthquake hit Eastern Ukraine
Shootings heard on the border with Crimea, helicopter flying above
Donetsk rgn: Olhinka near Volnovakha: the house shaked. I thought earthquake too,vibration lasted for 2-3 sec
Earthquake felt in Novoazovs'k
Maryinka: strange vibration like earthquake
Berydyansk felt earthquake
Mariupol: like earthquake, furniture in apartments shaking
Komsomolske: house shaking for 3 second without any booms before
Donetsk: Like earthquake -shaking without any explosions
Horlivka: heavy shaking reported in the city
Chongar checkpoint is opened again
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
1 killed, 3 wounded in shooting in Yani Kapu district of Crimea
It's propaganda
Russian accounts claims that Ukraine use MLRS Grad near Armyansk
Russia closed Crimean checkpoints
Parts of missiles that hit Toretsk last night
Enormous military presence around Dhznakoy - Dzhelyal
Military vehicles in Armyansk, Crimea. Large column
54 ceasefire violations yesterday at ATO zone
Dynamo Kyiv Ultras singing song about Plotnitsky
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