Map. History of Ukraine conflict

26 September 2017
#Ukraine and #Sweden have agreed to cooperate in defence
#Ukraine authorities in #Severodonetsk discover 300 boxes gunpowder,mortar shells #Russia
"Russia should return almost their entire territory to Kazakhstan and Mongolia" - Lukashenko
U.S. #Additionally provided Ukraine $46 million on defense
Putin's militants shelled residential area in Donetsk . 7 civilians were Killed
Ruble Funeral in Moscow
The shell hit the Amstor in the area of the railway station #Donetsk
Donetsk airport terminal
Fire in penal colony in Kharkiv
Smoke in Donetsk
#Ukraine receives 1st batch of non-lethal military equipment from #USA
Three residents of Donetsk were killed this morning
DNR Police is based in robbed office of Privatbank
Russian army has brought to Bezimenne, on half way to Mariupol, 47 additional tanks, most likely GRAD units and other equipment.
Russian military echelon in Novorossiysk
Joint naval exercises Kazakhstan and Russia at Caspian seannWspólne manewry marynarek rosyjskiej i kazachskiej na Morzu Kaspijskim.
The commander of the "Azov" says that Putin's forces occupied buffer zone
Two Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to be operated by SMMU are in #Ukraine ready to be deployed soon
This young 17 year old goalkeeper fr #Kramatorsk disappeared on July 23 in #Donetsk. His body was found & ID on Oct 6
Dagestan. Russian occupation forces blocked Hunza mountain village
Journalist Yegor Vorobyov of @EspresoTV is finally released from separatists' captivity
More than 160 units of rocket and artillery armament, automotive and armored vehicles recovered in Zhytomyr region
Russia spends $1.68 billion to prop up the ruble in just two days:
Huge plume of black smoke over #Donetsk airport
Yes that's a banner of Obama in a Putin t-shirt saying "Happy Birthday Global Daddy" obviously
Battalion of "Kyiv-2": Happy Last Birthday, mr Putin
In case of attack Chechens will defend Dnipropetrovsk
Victoria #Nuland : '#Poroshenko has adopted unpopular but right decisions'
Russian military personnel ID was found in Novoidar. Unclear, if he is still alive
Volunteers testing UAV in Nikishine
Protesters ready for tomat' fight for lustration and anti-corruption near Rada
Russian Finance Ministry to hold Ruble-bond auction tomorrow
Man in pillory at Zugres
Col. Lysenko @NSDC_ua spox: 5 Ukrainian soldiers killed in the last 24h in ATO zone. 'Truce' doesn't work
Chechnya grozny it is the procession in honor of Putins birthday