Map. History of Ukraine conflict

16 December 2017
Novhorodske: Shooting becomes more frequent
Video: Drill of 72nd brigade at Shirokiy Lan firing range
Video: Drill of 72nd brigade at Shirokiy Lan firing range
LNR group is preparing for drill
LNR group is preparing for drill
[email protected] on Russia'n draft resolution on Syria: This document hardly mentions devastating developments in Aleppo, which is cynical.
Heavy fighting near Popasna
Svitlodarsk - artillery heard in the direction of Debaltseve
Artillery in the area of Troitske near Popasna
Fighting from Shyrokyne area could be heard in Mariupol all daynincluding artillery impacts
Flood in Balaklava today
Meeting of "Volunteers" in Rostov
It's propaganda
Lifenews: there are wounded in Sahanka after Ukrainian forces attack
Ukrainian UAV flight over Occupied Crimea
Ukrainian UAV flight over Occupied Crimea
Fighting at Industrial area of Avdiivka
MANPADS Igla on display in Horlivka
This Ukrainian airliner from Kyiv to Amman takes a rather unusual and quite dangerous route.nFlightAlert
Range of Russian forces near Torez - Sep 1 Sat. image
Rally against new law on rallies in Kyiv
Russia says U.S. cyber attack claims fan anti-Russian hysteria
ATO HQ: 0 KIA, 4 Ukrainian soldiers WIA, 2 shell-shocked in last 24 hours
Rally against increase of police rights in Kharkiv
38 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
RUAF Il-76 78816 to Crimea
Fighting also reported from Mariinka (all evening) and Popasna
US blames Russia for election hacks, "only Russia's senior-most officials could have authorized these activities"
Russians will soon ban their diplomats from talking to John Kerry - Zakharova.
Skirmish on Avdiivka outskirts, small arms, occasionally mortars.
Finland AF release Russia Su-27 intercept images from 6th Oct suspected airspace violations
Night drill of DNR group
Night drill of DNR group
Project1234 BSF Nanuchka class guided missile corvette Mirazh 617 departed Black Sea and transited Bosphorus en route to Mediterranean
Finland and the United States signed an agreement on military cooperation
RUAF VHF traffic in Baltic Sea continues. Multiple Su24/27
OSCE confirmed withdrawal of troops near Petrivske
The Kremlin will react in the case of the introduction of the visa regime Ukraine — Peskov
Russia is shipping ISKANDER missiles on civilian "AMBAL" ferry to Kaliningrad - well-informed source says
Russian SU-27 violates Estonia's airspace. Ambassador summoned to MFA . Russian air activity in region increased over past 48h
Russian Su-24 was identified near Latvian territorial waters over Baltic Sea
"DNR" group military traning, including passing a river with a larger combined force