Map. History of Ukraine conflict

18 November 2017
In a late-night presser in #Donetsk, PM Zakharchenko says that those who killed 2 boys on November 5th will be punished, airport soon taken
OSCE records the massive #Russia convoy of 80 vehicles that entered #Ukraine today #Putin
Russia convoy 80 veh in Russia before enter #Ukraine today
Russia convoy 80 veh in Russia before enter #Ukraine today
Heavy machine gun fire now in #Donetsk airport
Zaporizhye. Patriots' flash mob
LNR Shelled cemetery in Kirovsk
Russian Emergencies Ministry going to send new batch of humanitarian aid for East Ukraine
The OSCE mission has stopped working their drones at the Donbass because of the attacks and obstacles
"Titushky" loading in buses in #Zaporizhye
Patriots' rally in Druzhkivka
Convoy of artillery, trucks rolling casually thru central Donetsk
Eindhoven Air Base: 5 coffins with newly found human remains of victims of flight #MH17 have arrived from #Ukraine
Switzerland issues visa to Andriy #Portnov, ex-adviser to #Yanukovych. He is on EU sanctions list
Explosion on Kapitalnaya street in Donetsk
View from Malakhova towards Kuprina. Donetsk
Artillery volleys from Yakovlevka in the direction of the Avdiivka
Russia plans to donate 24 armored "Tiger" vehicles to the OSCE mission in Ukraine
Two women got married in Saint-Petersburg yesterday
Russian class frigate 'Admiral Essen' launched at Yantar Shipyard in #Kaliningrad on Nov 7
The wreckage of the Boeing #MH17 will be removed from the crashsite on November 10, employees of the security Council of the Netherlands and #OSCE.
Ukrainian army at Luhanska TPP in Schastya
#Gorbachev at #BerlinWall fall forum: "American leaders had a view similar to ours: difficult decisions but they have to be made."
Dutch Foreign Min Koenders speaking to press in Ukraine before departure Hercules planes from Kharkiv to Nls
1RL257 "Krasuha-4" modern Russian sigint mobile station spotted in Donetsk
The militants of “LNR” blew up the bridge in Kirovsk over rover Luganka, on the road to the station Golubivka.
Military convoy on the road from Makiivka to Donetsk
CEC has processed 100%
Azerbaijani oil company SOCAR in Ukraine give free food to the soldiers since August 2014.
Shelling in Petrovsky District Donetsk today
Shelling in Petrovsky District Donetsk today
Fog of war is ON at Donbass
#Lisichansk. The battle in the outskirts of city
Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Ross trains with Romanian navy in Black Sea.
Zaporizhzhya says good bye to "bloody Feliks"
Column of trucks, including radar stations, entered Ukraine from Russia through the village of Izvaryne yesterday
Communists' rally in occupied Simferopol
Russia has lifted all restrictions on Ukrainian products for Crimea
Congress to France: sell your warships to NATO, not Russia.
Something burning in Avdiivka
Fighting in #Donetsk
Fighting in #Donetsk
Military echelon in Saratov goes south
Military echelon in Saratov goes south
An explosion on the pipeline In the Ryazan region
Moscow, #Russia October revolution anniversary. "Novorossiya" flag is there as well
Poroshenko discussed with Chancellor Angela #Merkel situation #Donbass and the next humanitarian convoy of RF
Thugs destroyed more than 20 tridents in the Zaporizhia dam
One of the patriots was wounded in the head in Kharkiv
Something is burning in Makiivka
Ukrainian subversive group kills 2 Putin's militants at checkpoint near Horlivka with knives
The crowd of patriots moves in the direction of the Theatre, where Communists spotted
Projective hit school in Hirske, but not exploded - Moskal
Russia's 'respecting' elections in Donetsk, Luhansk republics does not mean 'recognizing' them - Kremlin
Rally in Kharkiv. Waiting for communists
Column of 32 tanks enters Ukraine from Russia: Kyiv
Russian Central Bank holding emergency meeting
The rally in Zaporizhye near the monument to Lenin
The NSDC: last day 5 soldiers were killed, 16 wounded
Shelling and machine gun fire at #Donetsk is now intensifying a lot.
At the crash site of a Boeing #MH17, Hrabove. Most of the aircraft parts still at the site
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Danyluk: Russian security forces killed Bezler aka Bes(Demon)
Communists' rally in Dnipropetrovs'k with clashes
Six thousand people marched in military parade in Moscow
Lavrov, Kerry plan to meet in Beijing Saturday - Russian Foreign Ministry source
The Person of the Year of American LGBT-interest magazine The Advocate: Vladimir Putin