Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 ตุลาคม 2018
#dcprotest die-in blocking traffic in Dupont Circle
Walking north UIC Chicago
Die-in on the steps of Cleveland City Hall in advance of protest at last council meeting of the year. 100-200 ppl
#EricGarner #royalshutdown protesters right outside front of Barclays Center in Brooklyn.
1 protester punched Jacksonville police officer in face. He's only 1 charged with felony.
Kyrie Irving warming up at Barclays Center in #ICantBreathe t-shirt.
#EricGarner protesters infront of Barclays Center before Nets-Cavs and #RoyalVisitUSA
Rally in Middletown, CT
#Milwaukee has their own Mike/Eric. We will be marching from UW-Milw to Red Arrow park
At Barclay's Center first conflict of night is over serving free hot drinks. NYPD says permit needed
Goodale Park in #Columbus
Washinton DC @cnn
Plane crashes into residential neighbourhood in #Washington suburb; six killed
Wesleyan student protest march and die in #blacklivesmatter
The students of #SUNYNewPaltz college want to have their voices heard
Subway by Barclay's #NYC
Students from Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges stage "Die In" protest. At Haverford now, will march back to Bryn Mawr
Folks laying in the street during rush hour on Connecticut and L St. Washington, DC
#EricGarner protestors blocking traffic in #DC. Live on @cnn right now
YouTube's revenue is catching up with TV networks
Downtown #Jacksonville is essentially shutdown due to protest. Police everywhere.
A lot of cops in the WH vicinity tonight for protest. #DCFerguson
#DCFerguson Currently at the North side of the White House
New face of Austrian Airlines, singer Anna Netrebko promotes militants, which shooting down a passenger plane
Students dying-in outside of a @Harvard_Law faculty meeting
Benjamin Banneker High School Students In Brooklyn NY Protest In School Hallways
San Francisco State University is protesting
#Ferguson & #EricGarner protest at Ohio State University. Approx. 200 people
@Creighton University rally in Omaha, NE
"We can't live on $9 and change!" rally in DC
Washington State University protest
Gunfire or APC fire now heard on the #Donetsk stream in heavy fog.
Lots of explosions over Deir Ezzor. ISIS accusing US of coordinating attacks with Assad regime
#ICantBreathe solidarity from Gainesville, FL.
Die in protest at Mississippi State
Huge turnout for #Syracuse March for Justice
Kalamazoo Central students stage protest #MichaelBrown, #EricGarner deaths
Die-in at Barclays before royalty arrives #PrinceWilliam #KateMiddleton
SEC said to seek Standard & Poor's suspension from rating CMBS
Reuters: US allies have committed to send about 1,500 forces to #Iraq to help train, advise Iraqi and Kurdish soldiers battling the #IS
Fierce fighting erupted in #Ramadi between security forces and #IS as militants launched attack on the #governorate building
Marquette University students hold 'die in' protest.
Assad airstrike killed 3 activists from @OrientNews while they were reporting in Al Sheikh Maskin town
Students, staff, & faculty join in a vigil on Biola's campus to pray for reconciliation #Ferguson #EricGarner
$MCD is down over past 3 months vs. $WEN up 9%, $BKW up 4% and $JACK up 22%
University of South Florida students hold a die-in in support of #MikeBrown #EricGarner
Las Vegas Academy protest
Die-in at Wheelock Student Center at University of Puget Sound
ROC/MP Patriarch Kirill prays for "prevention of war between Russia & West
Wesleyan University protest in Middletown, CT
Just minutes ago in #Donetsk shells hit residential blocks near Chervonoarmiiskiy ave
504 Lenin statue were toppled in Ukraine last year. 1700 left
NYC Council Members stop traffic on #Broadway outside City Hall. "I am #EricGarner"
#Ferguson to #SanJose
Denver High School Students Walk Out In Protest
#Syria accused of using #chlorine #gas against ISIL
Harvard Medical Students had a Die-In #ericgarner
Clergy stage die-in NY City Hall rotunda
Protesting around Columbia University campus
Die-in in middle of campus University of Cincinnati
Leaked emails prove links between Western "pro-family" activists and Russian nationalists
Pennsylvania High school counselor at @CBWestHS posts a threat to shoot #EricGarner protesters
Russian forces go offensive on Avdiivka
Protests on East Carolina University campus right now
Protesting #EricGarner #ICantBreath Orlando, FL
AG Schneiderman press conf asking Gov Cuomo to authorize investigation into police violence #EricGarner
#Lithuania's standby army units put on higher state of preparedness. Due to #Russian mil activity in #Kaliningrad
HS students block traffic 63 & Stony. Chicago PD tries to move students
100+ cops gathered by Union Sq right now "preparing for protests tonight." This is what happens when we #ShutItDown
Donetsk, the area of the Piski - rifle gun fire heard
Southafrican Paramedics confirm 2 people died after a light aircraft crashed Krugersdorp West Rand
Walgreen's store trashed by demonstrators in #Berekley
Prince William meets with President @BarackObama at the White House
FIres again in Donetsk
Explosions in the east part of Mariupol
Latest from shara e Faisal. PTI KHI workers have blocked both roads to protest against the brutal killing in FSD
Russian forces in Nikishyne
Taxi service Uber admits it doesn't do background checks of drivers
A Russian invaders' MT-LB on the main road in #Shakhtarsk
A Russian invaders' MT-LB on the main road in Shakhtarsk
Ukraine troops near #Donetsk Airport shot down #Russia "Tachyon" recon drone the second such
Belarus has restored inspection of trucks at the border with Russiafor the first time in the last four years
Flares and explosions around #Donetsk #airport #Terminal. Possibly another Russian storming attempt.
The head of the Vinnytsia police confirmed that on 6th of December Regional State Administration was stormed "brought from other regions" persons
Death toll rises to 9 in Romanian military helicopter crash
Cops everywhere in NYC
Yanukovych tried to withdraw 20 millions from the accounts in the Bank and withdraw abroad, - Yarema
Staten Island: E/B Staten Island Expwy near Clove Rd NYPD Hwy reporting approx 50 protesters had stopped traffic.
Protesters shutting down Verrazano bridge for #ericgarner
Car with journalists was shot in Kharkiv, - media
Iraqi defence minister Khaled al-Obeidi's convoy come under IS sniper fire on road to Baiji. Min unhurt & unperturbed
The militants have shot the car with civilians in Avdiivka, there are victims
Protesters want to walk down Constitution Ave. police keeping them on sidewalk. Only about 2 dozen
Kurdish forces in #Iraq have received German Heckler & Koch G36 rifles & Panzerfaust 3 to fight ISIS
Two members of Hezbollah killed in alleged Israeli airstrikes near Damascus yesterday according to Reports - i24
Nearly 1.5 thousand suspicious russians are not allowed in Ukraine every month
#Russia BTS-4A recovery vehicle towing BMP damages car & goes along in Donetsk
Russia BTS-4A recovery vehicle towing BMP damages car & goes along in Donetsk
Senior PTI leader with 100s of insafians at Sharah e faisal blockade
#DCFerguson protesters assembling in front of the US #Capitol
PTI worker dies, 11 injured in Faisalabad clashes
NATO began to fight anti-Ukrainian propaganda of the Kremlin
#Shutitdown Jacksonville
A second large fire is now burning in the Pico-Union area. @LAFD on scene
Karachi, preparing for protest at Shahrah e faisal Nursery! Be there Karachi
Rally in Faisalabad. Smoke in the background
Militants shelled a school in Artemov, wounded child
Old and new terminals are destroyed in the Donetsk airport, - Radbez
#Faisalabad put on fire to make it #NayaPakistan
The fire in Downtown LA
Fire in LA Downtown
"Cyborgs" raised the flag of Ukraine at the radio station of Donetsk Airport
Cyborgs raised the flag of Ukraine at the radio station of Donetsk Airport
Over 200 @LAFD firefighters tackle a massive fire in downtown Los Angeles.
Pushilin explained why DNR does not want the talks in Minsk on the 9th of December
It's 2:45AM. Police just blasted sirens. Helicopter circling loudly overhead in #Oakland
More looting of a sunglasses store as fire burns. @dailycal #berkeleyprotests
In Makiivka column of 50 pieces of military equipment invaders with the flag of the Russian Federation travels in the direction Donetsk.
There are police everywhere on Telegraph. #Berkeley
10 civilians were killed over the weekend in Donetsk
Fireworks. #Berkeley
Installation at the station Pomіchna, Kirovograd region
McDonald also got shattered away. #Berkeley
Now the people of Kyiv be able find a bomb shelter with a mobile application
The media has publicized the income of Ministers of the new government
Workers have gone on strike because of drunken militants in Telmanovo
Department of "PrivatBank" was crushed in front of passers in Kerch
March now headed to city hall. #Berkeley
Crowd remains on Shattuck
Cops just came in force and tried to arrest people and the crowd literally just chased them away
Police cars arrive on Shattuck Ave #berkeleyprotests
10 police vehicles moving north on Shattuck toward protesters. Crossed Bancroft
People throw things into windows of McDonalds and other shops #berkeleyprotests
Fire on shattuck put out quickly by other protesters #EricGarner #berkekey
Fires on Shattuck Avenue #berkeleyprotests
Serious destruction at chase bank. Fire in the middle of Shattuck #berkeleyprotests
Looting Sprint phones. #berkeleyprotests @dailycal
Mechanics Bank windows shattered #berkeleyprotests @dailycal
Protestors fighting about broken Cal student store and window and Wells Fargo ATMs #berkeleyprotests
Anti-fire folks win. Clear trash from street. #BerkeleyProstest
Masked group starting fire, as many yell “That’s not the point!” Getting tense. #BerkeleyProstest
It's not Ary other channel caught live & saying PMLN workers have started shooting PTI supporters
Window is slightly cracked. Other protesters shielding CREAM #berkeleyprotests
People trying to smash locally owned Cream, crowd not pleased
Scene on telegraph and Dwight in #Berkeley
Saw 5 people carrying tires, dressed in black walking on Telegraph w/protesters.. #berkeleyprotests
Demonstrators are marching peacefully near Telegraph Avenue in #Berkeley.
Screengrab shows police dispelling protesters using water cannons in Faisalabad
Things got pretty heavy when the Berkeley protests came down into Oakland. This cop car got trashed.
#Berkeley protesters continue to march. 10:28pm
Cops cars with smashed windows at #berkeleyprotests happening now
Cops and protestors clashing in #berkeleyprotest right now on highway
Multiple CHP cars smashed. Flash bangs under freeway on Telegraph
Protester in Northern Oakland hurls a tear gas canister back at California Highway Patrol
Marching up 7th Ave tonight in NYC
Ruslana: "Officer corps" agreed to exchange prisoners "all to all"
Black biker gang shuts the streets down in St Louis
Police using motorcycles & skirmish line to move #berkeley protesters down freeway
Another Radio Shack vandalized in Berkeley
Honolulu for Ferguson die-in
14 minutes of silence for #EricGarner at Grand Central Terminal NYC
Grand Central Terminal right now
2 Major Incident Response vehicles at the entrance to Interstate 76, Philadelphia
Today's lone anti-#EricGarner protester in #Miami. Chant #1: "Hey terrorists, go to f*ck-you-dot-com!"
NYPD making 2 more arrests right now
Traffic shut down on both sides of Park Avenue NYC
Mateo Ali and his mama @PaolaMendoza marching for justice
Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY right now
#Helicopter over protesters #chicago #ericgarner
#ShutItDown Minneapolis
Cops super aggressive pushed protesters, threw down
Several arrests happening now #chicago #icantbreathe
"They rarely kill old white guys like me. #WhitePrivilege" Union Square, New York, NY
NYPD @CommissBratton tells @Jerickaduncan what it's like on the front lines of #EricGarner protests
#Ericgarner Protest at Park Plaza, Little Rock, Arkansas
CPD just issued arrest warning over a weak bull horn, most of the march couldnt here it
People in cars join in chanting at the #shutitdown protests #Miami
Bunch of cops just flew down the street to cut ppl off, almost ran several over. #chicago
#ShutItDown demonstrator in Union Square
Union square NYC now
AA Flight From Dallas Returns After Flight Attendant Was Assaulted
Protestors start marching south on State, Chicago
"I might be next," sign seen at #ICantBreathe protest in NYC's Union Square
#ShutItDown protesters form a circle on I95, Miami and take deep breaths for "those who can't breathe anymore"
Police are gathering near #EricGarner protest at #UnionSquare NYC
#Kingston Ontario stands with #Ferguson
Today's antimaidan rally in Odessa
Another loud explosion rocks the #DeirEzzor Military Airport - no confirmation on the type of attack.
#Shutitdown at North Miami Ave
The march is on in Kansas City, Kansas
Small crowd at #Ferguson PD right now. But no National Guard
4.6 magnitude earthquake in Vrancea Romania at 23:04 EST
JN deployed an AMB-S and UNDOF Reva 4x4 APC as SVBIEDs against the military housing complex in Shaykh Miskin
Syrian FM sent a letter to UN Sec Ban Ki-moon today, as well as heads the Security Council in protest of Israel's attacks on Syrian today.
Police detained Russian terrorist, who planned to attack rally in Kharkiv
Now in front of #ArtMiami chanting "No Justice, No Peace." #Wynwood
Heavy fights near Horlivka
If there was supposed to be a #berkeleyprotests rally at Sproul right now, this is it
The protesters of Rotterdam, New York seem to be getting angrier
It's ours, Russia admits ownership of impounded cargo plane in Kano
Some protesters spray paint "I can't breathe" and "don't shoot" on the wall. #Miami
Sit-in happening corner of NW 25th st & NW 2 ave in #Miami for #EricGarner
Rally on 47th and Cottage grove, Bronzeville, Chicago
95th street demonstration headed back west. I-94 exit blocked. #BlackLivesMatter #Chicago
DEA agent hit by suspect's car, authorities conducting manhunt, @chicagotribune reports
California's current drought is the worst in at least 1,200 years
Police Scene. 82nd and Kedzie. #Chicago Possible DEA officer shot
Day 3 of #ShutItDown protests expected to begin @3pm at 25th st. And nw 2nd ave. in #Wynwood Miami
NATO Baltic Air Policing QRA jets on 7 DEC scrambled to intercept RU Armed Forces 2x Tu-134, 1x An-72 over the Baltic Sea.
Protesters joined by professional opera singers in Herald Square
About 100 people matching in Portland, ME
Sirens and helicopters are heard in #Berkeley now
Harvard University protest
#EricGarner protestors shut down Sunrise highway in Amityville, NY w/ 4.5 min die-in
Barricades, NYPD, and the UK flag flying above the Carlyle Hotel, where Will and Kate will be staying. #RoyalVisitUSA
The doors and windows of #Wellsfargo on San Pablo are covered w/ plywood after being broken in #berkeleyprotests
Hundreds march in Amityville LI to demand #JusticeforEricGarner
People taking the streets in Amityville
Abu Risha Calls for Military Support for Anti- #ISIS Sunni
The reserves of gas and coal half needs
Two different marches meet at corner of 44th & Cottage Grove Chicago, IL
Demonstrators have shut down Madison, #Chicago. Churchgoers join the group saying #BlackLivesMatter
CDOs (collateralized debt obligations) were at the heart of the crisis -- and now they're back
Adilka from @MaketheRoadNY calls for justice for Eric Garner at day of action for #longisland
Netanyahu says only IDF in West Bank will ensure peace
Second JaN #SVBIED hits the #Assad Brigade82 base in S-E
Second JaN SVBIED hits the Assad Brigade82 base in S-E
Die in at Union Sq #NYC now
Demonstrators circle all four corners of Pulaski & Madison. Chants of 'No justice no peace!'
We can't breathe chants as #NYC #EricGarner protesters march
Rally at 79th and #Chicago
The sound of artillery fire being heard in #Donetsk #Kyivs'kyi District tonight
The sound of artillery fire being heard in Donetsk Kyivs'kyi District tonight
#HandsUpDontShoot chant now at Washington Square Park, New York
On the way to local churches at Kimball & Fullerton in #Chicago #ICantBreathe
Speaker reading off UN's def. of genocide at die in at Washington Sq park #NYC
#ISIS executes 12 Shia fighters in #Iraq
In Kharkiv in illegal scrap metal recycler, tax police found explosive parts of "Grad" and "Hurricane"
Massive explosions taking place at #Donetsk Airport tonight
#DieIn #Harvard
Las Vegas police kill man in Rio Hotel and Casino
At least 6 arrests at #BerkeleyProtest which lasted until about 4am Sunday morning
Massive shelling in Horlivka
Drone came close to hitting plane as it landed at #Heathrow, Civil Aviation Authority says
A missile hits #Benghazi Medical Center causing damage in the fifth floor. No casualties reported so far
Moments of the massive explosions by IAF in Dimas targeting military sites near Damascus, Syria
Death toll from eastern DR Congo massacre rises to 36: local authorities
Riot police with rifle guns came to illegal casino, destroyed by guys in masks on Zhitomirskaya
IAF bombed 2 military targets near Damascus airport &; Dimas, stockpiles of Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missiles
Explosions caused by Israeli airstrike, near gliders airport in Damascus Syria.
240-mm self propelled mortar 2S4 Tyulpan is driving now to the center of Donetsk
Muzhenko: In the beginning we had some problems, Ukraine’s citizen volunteer groups helped army enormously, he says
Reports coming in of an Israeli air-strike on a Syrian military base in Dimas, near Damascus, Syrian army fired back at IAF.
#Russia FX reserves of $211bn( $361bn incl reserve fnds) not sufficient to cover external debt that amounts to $678bn
Checkpoints Fortified in Sumy
In #Kharkiv increased defence of military units, - MoD Poltorak
#Russia BMP-2 cross over border into #Ukraine pass #Sverdlovsk #Luhansk
MLRS GRAD shelling Debaltseve from Adrianopil' now
In Kyiv on Zhitomirskaya street. Some guys in masks destroy illegal casino. Now standoff with police
VC Tim Draper says California is horrible for business, but three countries are getting it right, including.Estonia
#Uber cab driver, accused of rape, arrested in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
4174 persons moved from Donetsk and Luhansk region in last 24 hours - NSDC
Antimaidan gathered in Odessa
Kirkuk Governor: #Kirkuk Can’t Export 300,00 Oil Barrels Per Day
Performance of CIS currencies from 31-12-13 till 5-12-14. #Ruble #Hryvnia #Russia
Putin's militants move MLRS BM-21 #Grad through #Luhansk
Putin's militants move MLRS BM-21 Grad through Luhansk
Assad regime air force hits suspected #IS troops,advancing on Deir Ez-Zor airport
Assad regime air force hits suspected IS troops,advancing on Deir Ez-Zor   airport
Putin Discusses Energy Cooperation With Serbia and Hungary
#BallyheaSaysNo #week197 this chilly but sunny morning; heading to Dublin on Wed supporting #dec10 #irishwater.
GRAD rockets shelling at #Ukraine troops positions near #Donetsk
GRAD rockets shelling at Ukraine troops positions near Donetsk
Fire at an abandoned military unit on the settlement of Zhukovsky
An article by @poroshenko was published in the WSJ
AA system spotted near "Theater of Russian army" in Moscow
Residents of Vinnitsa are gathering for Viche
2 Molotov cocktails & fireworks thrown by Arabs towards house in Ras Al Amud neighborhood, no injuries or damage, Police o/s.
#Egypt court sentences four Muslim Brotherhood members to death
Telegraph avenue engulfed in teargas as #Berkeley protests continue, cops fire more canisters
#Berkeley police shooting rounds of tear gas and marching down the street. #berkeleyprotests
One soldier injured when explosive device detonated in North #Sinai city of #Rafah, #Egypt
In Kyiv found a body of unknown man
More canisters thrown in Berkeley, CA
In the Crimea Russian occupants dug up the the grave of Golden Horde commander Mamai
A lot of police still out in Berkeley, CA
Tear gas in #Berkeley #EricGarner
Near Mariupol destroyed mortar squad and armored vehicles of Russian militants
It's tear gas. Protesters being pushed further down Telegraph #berkeleyprotests
Protesters chant: "We can't breathe," "Block the line"
#Berkeley California police tear gassing, flash banging and breaking bones of protesters. #EricGarner
This person was retreating peacefully when they got hit with a baton. #berkeleyprotests
Protesters pick up something that looks like a rubber bullet #berkeleyprotests
Police in #Berkeley, CA
The moment the first stun grenade flew into a crowd of protestors in #Berkeley
#ShutItDown Broadway in front of Rosa Parks Pavilion, Rochester, MN - Saturday PM
#Berkeley tonight. "Make love.."
Students sit on the intersection of Telegraph & Channing #berkeleyprotests
#Berkeley #berkeleyprotests #ICantBreathe
Berkeley Police use tear gas to break up #EricGarner protests.Double meaning to #ICantBreathe for protestors.
Protester smashes store window with skateboard during #HandsUp protest #Berkeley.
Cops pointed rifles at protestors on Durant and Telegraph. Vans continue to be vandalized. #BerkeleyProstest
This is what the Berkeley campus looks like
Die-in Grand Central
6.8 magnitude earthquake. 131 km from Arawa, North Solomons, Papua New Guinea, 15 minutes ago. Tsunami bulletin
"When I turned on my tv and saw tanks in #Ferguson it reminded me of 1989 China my parents left"
Grand Central protest turns into powerful speak-out
Police are assaulting protesters in Wash DC now
Group gathers in Berkeley "what do we march for? Justice" #EricGarner #protest
Protesters inside Grand Central Terminal again
Group of about 60 of portesters flanked by about 70 or so policeman #ericgarner #protestnyc on sidewalk near #grandcentral
Nigerian footballer Anthony Ujah @ujah_9 plays for Köln in Germany-he paid trbute to #EricGarner in today's game
Derrick Rose wears "I Can't Breathe" shirt. #EricGarner
Protesters clear street, police order disperse. Pepper spray out
#FergusonArrested and they are getting ready w/pepper spray
In Alaska About 120 people in downtown #Anchorage chanting "Hands up, don't shoot."
Die in at the Central Library in #Indianapolis #EricGarner #protest
Protesters assembling at Woodruff Park in Atlanta. Asking for justice for #MikeBrown and #EricGarner.
Protest/rally in Juneau, Alaska
First of missing 43 Mexican student teachers identified from charred remains on rubbish dump
Woodward Ave in #Detroit blocked again
#UniversityofWarwick in Coventry, United Kingdom protest in honor of #MikeBrown
Small splinter group of #Seattle #Ferguson protesters now at Blanchard and 8th.
Cops coming out and brandishing pepper spray now. #Portland
Greece / Athens burning Christmas tree
Hands up. Resistance. #Seattle.
Juniata & Grand #ShutItDown in Saint Louis, MO
Heavy police presence at Madison square garden #EricGarner