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25 มิถุนายน 2018

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Russian SA-13 Gopher In Vuhlehirs'k
Biased Eng-language website @RussiaInsider Asking Russia for money
Russian army MSTA-S column in Alchevsk
Russian army MSTA-S column in Alchevsk
#Polish troops and @2dCavalryRegt will soon train together in #Drawsko
Large force of Russian vehicles near #Debaltseve
Large force of Russian vehicles near Debaltseve
Captured checkpoint in #Logvinova near #Debaltseve
Captured checkpoint in Logvinova near Debaltseve
Road accident with vehicle with Russian military plates in Donetsk
Churkin: "Peacekeepers’ deployment in east Ukraine possible"
#Britain gave non-lethal aid to the Armed forces of #Ukraine
Terrorists were preparing explosions near a military registration and enlistment office and cafe in Kharkiv
Militants tortured to death rescuer of The State Service for Emergency Situations, - Geraschenko
The village in Luhans'k region was shelled by "Grad" rockets from the territory of Russia, - Moskal'
Worker of Luhans'k #TPP was detained. He is gunner of terrorists.
Fighting continues in the area Logvinove on the track Debal'tseve -Artemivs'k
The USS Cole in Romania--reaffirming US commitment to promoting stability in Black Sea region
Yarema and his men were fired from the GPU, acting assistant attorney General will become his Deputy Shokin
Consequences of shelling in Donets'k. Villas are burning.
Unknown was shot by man in the center of Kharkiv
[email protected]: rising prices threatened the plans of modernization of the armed forces
Employee of Moscow Patriarchate was arrested on charges of treason in Russia
The Typhoon over the Baltic sea scrambled to intercept Russian Il-20.
"DNR" used cluster munitions Tornado-G against civilians near Mariupol
Moscow court extended the arrest of film Director Oleg #Sentsov
Consequence of shelling of school №2 in #Krasnohorivka
Headquarters of #ATO has denied the information about the airstrike by Russian aircrafts near #Debal'tseve
Terrorists have shelled residential home by "Tornado" near Mariupol'
Headquarters of ATO has confirmed the application of the militants denied cassette shells
"Prosecutor" of "DNR" was caught in Dnipropetrovs'k
ATO speaker Lysenko denies reports of air-strikes
Tires burned again in the capital. One man with burns was admitted to the hospital
Three railway workers were killed in a missile attack by terrorists at Scotuwata station
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Commander of Kryvbas confirms that their battalion under airstrikes. First 2 SU, then 4
Hard fighting is near Debal'tseve
Consequence of shelling in #Donets'k
European Union diplomats approved new sanctions against Russia
Two people died because of shelling of the bridge in Donets'k
Son of #Lutsenko had an accident, police officer died
"Aidar" has detained terrorists from Donbass near Kyiv city administration
2 jets spotted over Snizhne
Two monuments to soviet polititcs were removed in Cherhyhiv
Isa Munaev was buried in Dnipropetrovs'k
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Report: Russian air force jets just attacked Ukrainian army units from the 40th Battalion in #Novohryhorivka.
Headquarters of #ATO laid the responsibility for the explosion in #Donets'k on smokers
Fire at the Petrovsky bridge in Donetsk locals say was shelling
Clashes near Kyiv' city hall
A bomb has exploded in the bath in the Dnipropetrovs'k region. Two people are died
The consequences of shelling in #Donets'k
29-year member of the Kyiv Euromaidan was arrested in #Crimea
Russian forces captured road to Debaltseve
The consequences shelling in Schast'e
Working step by "Smerch" in Schast'e, gift from #LNR
"Post office" in #Schast'e does not work - the building was shelled.
Ramzan Kadyrov ordered all his "volunteers" to immediately return from the Donbass to Chechnya
1,500 Russian soldiers and 300 military equipment, including Grad missile systems, crossed the UA-RU border on 7-8 Feb
The leader of the guerrilla group "Shadows": Shot by Zakharchenko, but not hit
Nissan flew into the underground passage in the center of #Kyiv
Attempt of Russian troops to block the road Artemivs'k-Debal'tseve was repulsed by Ukrainian military
Night explosion in Kharkiv are investigating as attempted of terrorist attack
Queue in military registration and enlistment office in Kyiv
Oxford political scientists dispelled the myth of the Pro-Russian vector of #Donbass
Shopping Mall "Ukraina" was renamed "Karina" in Nefteyugans'k, where many Ukrainians
Sobchak told about the Russian army in Ukraine on the aired the Pro-Kremlin NTV
The impact of the Russian "Hurricane" in the district of Mariupol'
The Court gave 1,5 years in prison to nurse from Kharkiv, who beat Maidan activist
The Court arrested the organizer of pseudo referendum in Severodonets'k
Residents of Kryms'ke will be taken out on the armored technique, - Moskal'
Merkel issued an ultimatum to Putin
Kharkiv residents will be presented agenda at work
Purgin: We will not be satisfied with a special status in Ukraine
Ukrainian artillery destroyed 3 Russian self-propelled howitzers 2s3 Akatsiya in Donetsk
In the Black Sea- Guided-missile destroyer USS Cole in support of Operation #AtlanticResolve
UK sends thousand military in the Baltic in response to the threat from Russia
#Horlivka. Shell landed in a house killing a whole family including a child
#Euromaidan clips featured in #EricChurch #Grammys2015 #GRAMMYs performance
#Kharkiv explosion at Otakara Yarosha, 18
Video of heavy explosion in Donetsk
Video of heavy explosion in Donetsk
Heavy explosion in Donetsk
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Cyprus has offered Russia to have air and navy bases on its territory
"This war was launched 100% by Russia, but there's a strong part of this war which is a civil war" - @benvtk
"70% of Ukraine losses comes from missile fire" - Herbst advocating for arming Ukraine army
Ex-US Ambassador @McFaul on Ukraine:Putin happy not to have peace plan,to let it linger,fester
Really, the artillery is intense here in #Donetsk. Windows are shaking. Seems all outgoing
More #Polish #Rosomak APCs lining up for railroad transport to #Drawsko military training ground.
Russian army Pantsir S-1(Sa-22 Greyhound) air defense system in Luhansk
Russian army Pantsir S-1(Sa-22 Greyhound)  air defense system in Luhansk
Destroyed Russian convoy near Donetsk
7 police cars& dozen+ of policemen secure #Russian embassy in #Prague before in an hour before #antiPutin meeting #RFE
#MSC2015 @SenJohnMcCain: Without leverage diplomacy is ineffective.
Reports of heavy shelling in #Donetsk all night and now this morning
[email protected]: "#Putin does not was a diplomatic solution to #Ukraine.
The ICRC or the Ukrainian border guards did not take part in border control of Russian supply convoy - NDSC
#MSC2015 @SenJohnMcCain: Munich has always been a meeting of the free world.”
Captured Russian RPO-A "Bumblebee"
All agree #Ukraine conflict can't be solved with force, @JohnKerry tells #MSC2015. But costs will be raised for #Russia and its proxies.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says there is "no split" between Europe and the U.S. on how to handle the #Ukraine crisis
Steinmeier outspoken that #Russia haven't shown any interest in building up trust with EU.
"Putler, enough to kill us!", rally in Mariupol
National guard detained smuggling trucks in Odessa region
Russian supply convoy in Luhansk
Monuments to Artem, Karl-Libnekht and Dzerzhinsky downed in Kryvyi Rih last night
Latvia -- Joint US-Latvian training on Javelin missiles:
Latvia -- Joint US-Latvian training on Javelin missiles:
Russian warships in Occupied Sevastopol
Another Russian supply convoy. Driving into a warehouse in Makiivka
The Black Sea -- USS Cole enters the Black Sea today in Operation #AtlanticResolve:
#Donetsk, street of Kuibyshev 1, morning shelling
13th supply convoy for Russian army arrives at Ukrainian border
Ukrainian self-propelled artillery
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