Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 October 2017
Moldova introduces government procurement system based on Ukraine's Prozorro. Ukraine is quietly emerging as an unlikely reform leader
Czech court closes down organization posing as "DPR Consulate"
Spot Report by OSCE SMM: Explosions occur 300m from SMM near Odradivka
MH17 Another piece of (another?) PCB presumably from 9M38M1 was found NW of Petropavlivka.
18 attacks on Ukrainian positions before 6pm today
In Rivne region amber miners set National guard bus on fire
Police held counter-terror drill in Mariupol
59 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. 4 soldiers were wounded
DNR group drills with gas masks
DNR group drills with gas masks
Freight train crashed today between Volnovakha and Mariupol
Ukrainian Mindef hackers team wins at NATO Hackaton
Germany promises not to lift sanctions against Russia until Minsk is fully implemented.
At Normandy format(advisers) meeting in Minsk parties urged Russia to allow OSCE access to all occupied territories, highlighted that security is first priority
43 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 5 soldiers were wounded
In phone call with VP @mike_pence President Poroshenko expressed support for the US actions to prevent crimes of the Assad regime against the Syrian population
In the Donetsk region SBU detained Russian militants spy
Joint operation of Moldavian and Ukrainian police foiled assassination plot of Moldova tycoon Plakhotnuk
Ukraine President Poroshenko has phone call with U.S Vice-President Pence
Hug: Last week we confirmed death of 6 civilians. It will not change without withdrawal and disengagement
OSCE’s Hug: in general last week SMM spotted almost 200 proscribed weapons on both sides of the contact line
Hug: OSCE SMM recorded 20% decrease in number of ceasefire violations last week compared to week before
MFA: Those who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity must& will be punished. Support consistent US actions in Syria.
Ukrainian NSDC secretary Turchynov: US Strike in Syria is adequate and in-time reaction to Assad crime
ATO spox: Yesterday, UAF incurred no fatalities, 5 troops were wounded and injured
ATO spox: 2 private houses in Avdiivka were damaged due to enemy fire
Col. Lysenko: Avdiivka remains the hotspot. Yesterday another civilian was wounded Avdiivka in enemy fire
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: militants used mortars in Novoluhanske, Avdiivka and Pisky
Ex-fighters of "Tornado" were brought to Obolon' court
DSG @Gottemoeller stresses NATO’s ongoing and steadfast support for Ukraine’s sovereignty & territorial integrity
Most number of 48 attacks on Ukrainian army are were near Mariupol yesterday