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24 กันยายน 2018

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Groysman to visit USA on June 14-17
Klintsy area, Bryansk rgn, Russia: Russian troops near the border w Belarus
Klintsy area, Bryansk rgn, Russia: Russian troops near the border w Belarus
Activists in Rome Italy protests against Putin's war in Ukraine
Rally in Paris: France corrupted by Putin's lobbies
Ukrainian hackers got into Russia TV corp network stealing data on propaganda ops against Ukraine
Checkpoint at Kominternove, Vodyane-Lebedinske shootout. East to Mariupol
SAM S-125 Neva launches at #Anakonda16
Lukashevich: we expect that SMM OSCE and JCCC would record and report on consequences of Ukr. shelling in Donbass on 8-9 June
Ukraine troops at Nowa Dęba training range during #Anakonda16 exercise. #LITPOLUKRBRIG
Ukrainian hackers got 116.4GBs of info from Russian 1st channel intranet
Sadovy accused "Svoboda" in the Lviv riots
EU to extend sanctions against Russia for another 6 months, @ft reports
Lviv today
Poland: Russian observers inspected #Anakonda16 sites incl Drawsko Pomorskie
Russia building a military base on the border with Belarus for the defense of Ukraine - the Ambassador of RF in Belarus
Sergey Eremenko, who died in today's Su-27 crash participated in illegal Aviadarts drill in Crimea
Ukraine increased electricity export by almost 40% in this year
Ukrainian Amb skewers Russia at @OSCE: Your forces cut SMM cameras, shoot down UAVs, threaten monitors, and then you come making assertions?
Savchenko is headed the rating of trust of Ukrainian politicians - sociologists
European commissioner Hahn stresses that Ukraine must obtain a visa-free
European commissioner Hahn stresses that Ukraine must obtain a visa-free
Luhansk region: the occupants opened the school of sabotage and erecting strong fortifications
The majority of Ukrainians negatively assess the activities of the President and the Prime Minister – poll
On military training ground near Chernigov, killed two soldiers
Vadym Skybytskyi:by its aggressive mil training, RU strives to emphasize its dominating role in the Black Sea region
The body of a missing Crimean Tatar was found in the morgue of Yalta
Ukraine's vice PM @IKlympush takes a strong stance supporting KyivPride2016: 'We all fought on Maidan'
Col. Motuzyanyk: Artillerists in Mariupol participated in military training
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: NGU, UA police and SBU participated in anti-terrorist training at Khmelnitsky NPP
1 UA serviceman KIA, 4 UA servicemen WIA and 1 UA border guard WIA by Russian armed forces in southeast Ukraine over the last 24h - official
ATO spox: in Kyiv region, UA police found an arsenal with Kalashnikov rifle, 9 hand grenades, and 1000 ammo
Clashes at Lviv city council - tear gas deployed
FM of Ukraine @PavloKlimkin met with President of Estonia @IlvesToomas
Stanytsia Luhanska CP: 2 ppl fr/ queue fired 2 times w/GL at UA blindage, 1 soldier injured
1 Ukrainian border guard wounded after checkpoint Stanitsa Luhanska was shelled with RPG
Checkpoint "Stanitsa Luhanska" suspended after attack
15 tonnes of apples, 156 kgs of oranges were destroyed in Simferopol
France's senate votes 302-16 in favour of ending sanctions against Russia
Lviv: National guard deployed in Lviv amid meeting on Grabovitske dumpsite
Donetsk: consequences of fighting in Kuybishevsky district
DNR: "1 woman dead, 11 ppl wounded including 1 child born 2013" in north Donetsk and Makiivka last night
Grabovetskyy dump: continues fire-fighting
Avdiivka coke coal plant was damaged last night
Harkiv tractor plant protest cause of salary
Lviv: National guard deployed at city hall
Firefighters using planes to extinguish fire at dump site near Lviv
Donetsk: consequences of night fighting
#Anakonda16 drill
Police at Lviv cityhall - today city council meeting on fire at dump site
Artillery shelling from Makiivka last night
Artillery shelling from Makiivka last night
Consequences of night shelling in Donetsk
43 ceasefire violations yesterday
Ukrainian soldiers from newly formed multinational BDE train with SkySoldiers in Nowa Deba, Poland #Anakonda16
Fighting started in Dokuchaevsk. Russian forces using tank or self-propelled artillery
House is on fire in Kuybishevsky district of Donetsk
House is on fire in Kuybishevsky district of Donetsk
Shelling as heard from Donetsk city
Shelling as heard from Donetsk city
Blackout at Petrovsky district of Donetsk
Makiivka: Hvardeyka, Putilovka "very loud"
Police use force against Vira Zaveruha in court
Police use force against Vira Zaveruha in court
Fighting at Avdiivka Industrial zone
Fighting at Avdiivka Industrial zone
Incoming mortar shelling in Opytne
Donetsk: house reportedly on fire at Azotny area
Heavy artillery fighting: Avdiivka, Donetsk, Makiivka
#Anakonda16 @USArmy 1st Armor Brigade Combat Team in action
Single salvos towards Staromykhailivka
2 guns firing from Mineral'ne-Yakovlivka
#LITPOLUKRBRIG takes part in Anakonda16
Horlivka: Now outgoing fire from closer to the city, to north-west
Anakonda2016: Ukrainian airborne troops at Nowa Deba
Donetsk is popping tonight, UAVs, anti-air cannon fire, artillery every few minutes and the smell a fire in center city
Ukrainian forces responding to heavy shelling of Avdiivka Industrial zone
Horlivka: Zaytseve is noisy
Live on ArmyFM United States Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt @GeoffPyatt
Russian forces used 122mm self-propelled artillery at Novotroitske and Putilovka of Donetsk today
Heavy fighting can be heard in Avdiivka
Russian troops deployed in Klintsy, Bryansk region
Right Sector says that it "will not allow" Equality March
Firefighters trying to extinguish large fire at Hrybovychi dump site
The OSCE SMM staff member who went missing on 7 June was returned today to the Mission in Donetsk.
Azov training
Admiral Grigorovich, 1st Project 11356 ship of BSF passed Turkish Straits today Will dock in Sevastopol tomorrow.
Rusian Navy Frigate Admiral Grigorovich 745 heading north on the Bosphorus to join BSF in Sevastopol tomorrow.
Kerch, Crimea: FSB drills
Russian forces mortar at Yasinuvata
Chinese tourists and businessmen will be issued visas at Boryspil airport
DNR said the prevention of the murder Savchenko by Ukrainian special services – militants press
Nadiya Savchenko dons fatigues and meets with Russia's fave bogeyman Dmytro Yarosh in Donbass
Nuland: US ready to increase sanctions against Russia
Ex Anakonda16 continues with longest ever amphibious bridgebuild
"Anaconda-2016": NATO is learning how to defend against Russia in Poland
The map of terrorist threats in Europe. Ukraine got the second level of danger
Anti KyivPride protestors outside of city hall. One banner reminds Klitschko mayor of Kiev not sodom and gomorrah
The OSCE calls for immediate return of the own employee from captivity of "DNR"
John Tefft: Sanctions against Russia will remain as long as the annexation of the Crimea continues
"Anti-terror" drills in Feodosia
The construction of a bridge to Crimea has stopped: ran out of money
ATO spox: Mariupol police learned how to neutralize terrorists who seized “governmental” building
ATO spox: @ng_ukraine in Sloviansk participated in anti-terror drills
Police block the entrance to the hall where court choosing a measure of restraint for Mefedov
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, 7 UA servicemen were wounded in action
"Ukrainian choice" of Medvedchuk is being checked for separatism
Polish and U.S. helicopters over #Chelmno - #Anakonda16
Turkish soldiers at #Anakonda16
Hug: Gas pipeline repairs completed In Marinka. SMM facilitated. Potentially > 30,000 people on both sides of the contact line will benefit
Hug: People face danger at checkpoints: in govt-contr Marinka SMM heard small-arms fire from military positions 10-20 m from checkpoint
OSCE’s Hug: failure of the sides to withdraw weapons, use of those weapons and failure to disengage end in hardship, suffering, injury, death
Suspended funding for the construction of the Kerch bridge
SBU: detained Frenchmen is a part of organization
Russian MH17 narrative changes to "might be brought down by accidentially launched missile"
Raids in Germany, Switzerland in MH17 probe. Appears someone paid private detective $19M to look into shoot-down.
French officials sceptical about Ukraine security service claims of "15 terror targets" during Euro 2016 -French think arms trafficking case
36 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday
#LITPOLUKRBRIG Command participates in #Anakonda16
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