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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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Russian Media: Report on #MH17 crash acceptable but not conclusive
Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer: "The Ukrainian crisis has revealed the political limits of" NATO
Photos from Exercise #SeaBreeze14
@Kasparov63 speaking at the San Francisco @AtlasNetwork conference. It's time to stop Putin.
Graham Phillips visits Ukrainian hostages in a cage
Graham Phillips visits Ukrainian hostages in a cage
Ukrainian MFA Klimkin congratulate Apple fans. But says he likes Blackberry.
Russia holds naval drills in Arctics
Russia took under fire control the skies above "LNR" and "DNR"
Washington "has tools at the ready" to broaden sanctions against Russia: US State Department
Rally in #Czech
More shelling in #Donesk tonight, just now, Grads by the sound of it. #ceasefire
New #DNR accreditation rules for journos - be politically correct using the terminology
Ukrainian humanitrarian aid is distributing in Svyatohirs'k
The girl from the "Aydar" battalion
Dnipro commander: "We were surrounded because of the betrayal"
Ukraine imposes a special regime(curfew) near Mariupol
General Prosecutor office of Ukraine: elections in Crimea set to 14 of September is illegal
Russia tested Missile complex "Bastion" in the Black sea
Russia tested Missile complex Bastion  in the Black sea
Polish PM Donald Tusk resigns to take up new role as European Council president
Russian MP proposed to ban Iphone 6 in Russia. Proposed via Twitter for Ipad
#Netherlands Ferry of two #Russia|n nuclear-powered
Putin and Poroshenko talked about the permanent truce
The Dutch Safety Board says it found some shrapnel in the bodies of the #MH17 crew. This could be critical evidence.
Zakharchenko: #DNR is all Donetsk region, and #LNR - all Luhansk region
400 Ukrainian refugees were told they were flying to the Black Sea town of Anapa. Instead, they landed in Magadan
The Ukrainian Navy Ka-27 langing on the deck of the destroyer USS Ross during exercise Sea Breeze-2014 in the Black sea
#Lavrov: We have conveyed to officials in Kyiv the concern over the concentration of Ukrainian forces around Debaltsevo
#Lavrov: The Ukrainian government assures us that it has no plans to break the ceasefire.These reassurances have to be confirmed by actions
Russian spy satellite blown up over US
The soldiers of the 51st brigade require demobilization
The final words from MH17 and the frantic efforts to contact the lost plane
Worker digging a grave for one of the victims of #Mariupol shelling on Thursday in the nearby village of Shyrokino
The United States, Spain and other countries are involved on #SeaBreeze @USNATO @NAVEUR_NAVAF @Defensagob
The SBU detained former Donetsk policemen, working on terrorists in Dnipropetrovsk
Smuggling - convoy of trucks with oil passed border in Kharkiv region.
Soldier Tleuzhan Kinibaev was buried in Pskov
Canada will impose new sanctions against the Russian Federation, if truce in Ukraine ends
Aftermath of morning shelling of 25 airmobile brigade near Debaltseve
Dnipropetrovsk deputy governor Borys #Filatov writes 20 more Ukrainian servicemen released
Russian jets buzz Canadian frigate which is on a U.S.-Ukraine training exercise in the Black Sea
Russia Starts Building Military Bases in the Arctic
Canada adds drones to its fight with Russia for the North Pole
Train transporting Buk SA-11 SAM system near Volgograd
Sudak about Putin
Student's flashmob to support Ukrainian fighters
Nova Kakhovka prep for attack from annexed Crimea
Nova Kakhovka prep for attack from annexed Crimea
Tanks in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
Russian journalists
Echelon in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
"Truth" in Russia: Russian actors make a play to show "Russian journalists beaten by Ukraine's soldiers":
Echelon with SA-19 Grison near Minsk
Toronto today, demo @ the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association meeting.
EU Council adopted further restrictive measures against #Russia #ukraine
Russia could become a good partner of the West, believes Merkel
Burned fields after MLRS Grad shelling
#Donetsk, #Ukraine: '...or we'll throw 'em out like crappy kittens,' #Russian warlord says
Donetsk, Ukraine: '...or we'll throw 'em out like crappy kittens,' Russian warlord says
Ukraine's president says it is impossible to end conflict by force alone but warns against Russian aggression
The explosion at high voltage power line pillar near Kharkiv.
The Prosecutor of Kharkiv resigned
Hungary to send troops to NATO rapid response force, says minister
Poltava said goodbye to the victim of "Ilovaisk"
BBC News - MH17 disaster: Russians 'controlled BUK missile system' #MH17
Kazakhstan, #EU finalize negotiations on new expanded partnership agreement
BBC News - Russia 'blocks Estonia' over captive border security man
Russia reopens criminal cases against Lithuanians who refused to serve in Soviet army
Convoys of Russian military vehicles continue to come to Ukraine. Today 8 tanks, 4 APCs "BTR",3 AA and 12 trucks in Suhodilsk
US and #Ukraine navy drills in the Black Sea
Vladimir Putin discussed with Poroshenko steps of resolution of conflict
Russian MFA: Military drills of #NATO in Ukraine threaten the peace
Sentsov was not included in list of exchange of prisoners
Shelling in Donetsk again
Shelling in Donetsk again
ATO HQ: "Reports that our army could be surrounded in Debaltseve are false"
T-72 in Donetsk
President about Minsk' agreements : "I Have no illusions, but there is hope"
Moscow Engaging in Ethnic Cleansing in Crimea, Latvian Foreign Minister Says
Russian Media: EU postpones new sanctions against Russia pending talks on their suspension
The NSDC: Militants forcibly evicted whole village to prepare the attack on Debaltsevo.
#Poland's Minister of National Defence Tomasz #Semoniak: Poland is ready to supply weapons to #Ukraine
One country is holding out on #EU's #Russia sanctions, hence an emergency meeting of ambassadors just called
Ukraine receives $500 mln loan from World Bank to support reforms in financial sector
Poroshenko talking with people at bus stop
#Russian terrorists leader Gubarev is actually happy that Italian fascist fights for them. RU propaganda is totaled
Rally in #Donetsk today
Poroshenko in Mariupol
#USSRoss hosted the opening ceremony of Exercise #SeaBreaze14 #BlackSea
Kadyrov: "If I was in charge of the militia, i have attacked Kyiv long time ago"
Russia conducted large-scale exercises on the marines landing in Kaliningrad region
Mariupol, Eastern district. Shelling
Russia pulled to the border of Kherson region a hundred armored vehicles, dozens of tanks and Grad
Humanitarian aid from Ahmetov fundation heading to Mariupol
Conflict in E #Ukraine labeled international which opens #Russia for war crimes responsibility- Salil Shetty @amnesty
Romania is protected against the "0.01 per cent" possibility that Russia might one day attack the country, - President Traian Basescu
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Destroyed bridge in Pavlopol
"Little green men" appeared in #Moldova - #Ukraine's @NSDC_ua
Russian soldiers with tanks and armored personnel Carriers surrounded the checkpoint of #the national guard in Luhansk region
Poroshenko column in Mariupol
#Belarus President #Lukashenka accuses 'Uncle Sam' of instigating #Ukraine war
Poroshenko will visit Mariupol today
@SwedeninATOSCE: A new frozen conflict #osce #Ukraine would mean an end to the European security order as we know it
In Zaporozhye rally near the military enlistment office "Bring our children from ATO"
#Gubarev: it's not only #DNR and #LNR, we say about all #Novorossiya, Zaporozhye, Kherson and other areas
US-Ukrainian exercises Sea Breeze-2014 starts in the Black sea
On the border with Ukraine Russian soldier shot and killed a Sergeant, took his gun and ran away into the forest
Russian occupation police detained Crimean activist Elizabeth Bogutskaya
Checkpoint on entry to #Mariupol was hit w/ mortar fire from the direction of Sartana
Poroshenko signs bill allowing Western companies to buy stakes in #Ukraine's gas trans'n system, storage
Russian irregulars stiked Harkiv enlistment office with rocket launcher
TBILISI, Georgia -- Defense Secretary Hagel & passengers embark his C-32A bound for the Turkish capital, Ankara
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