Map. History of Ukraine conflict

24 September 2017
DNR militants robbed 7 trucks of Donets'k delivery company
Russian military vehicles near Kuibyshevo, Rostov Region
#Donetsk. Kadyrov picture in the car
7 Trucks of the armed forces ,19 freight trucks and 2 buses passed #Shakhtarsk from Donetsk to East
Home of relatives of militants involved in the fighting in Grozny, was burned in Chechnya
Canada is to send Soldiers to Train Military to Ukraine
Russian military activity in the Baltic Sea was called extraordinary by NATO
Russian troops near border of Ukraine
Russian churchmen were frightened "Eye of Sauron"
Top 75 fakes of false Russian media reports about Ukraine in one video
The Crimean government is prepared to take Akhmetov Ukrtelecom, - Media
Schoolgirl prepared a gift, tank of candies, for Ukrainian soldiers in the frontline
Ostentatious basketball championship teams of eight starts in DNR
Today the militants shelled #Donetsk airport twice, the airport meteorological station, positions of the Ukr. force in Krymske, Nikishine, Mayorske
Russian military leave the territory of Kherson region
#Russia's Foreign Minister says they will 'adequately respond' to the missile shield that the US and its allies want to protect themselves.
Half of Russians have noticed the impact of sanctions on their lives
Movies with Ohlobystin banned in Ukraine
Russia Resumes Gas Supplies To Ukraine
Russia pulled to the border with Kherson 12 planes and 200 tanks and fighting vehicles, - RSA
MP Ihor Mosiychuk promised that the national guard will support the Chechen rebels
Timchenko refused the construction of the Kerch bridge
#Russia army in #Novoazovsk #Ukraine near #Mariupol
#Russia army in #Novoazovsk #Ukraine near #Mariupol
"Humanitarian convoy" to the Donbass left Moscow region
Six civilians were killed after militants firing rally in Gorlovka
Consequences of shelling in last evening in Donetsk
Austrian Airlines canceled advertising contract with Anna Netrebko, who supported the terrorists
#German FM Steinmeier sees 'small signs of de-escalation' in #Ukraine.
Destroyed homes in Slavyansk
Destroyed homes in Slavyansk
Trying to recruit terrorists in the ranks of the LNR was foiled in the Siberian Ust-Kut
#Yatsenyuk offers an outdoor electronic monitoring of officials' property
Kharkiv terrorists blew up the monument to soldiers of the UPA.
Armed men in camouflage uniforms entered the administration building of Mariupol port
Japan imposed new sanctions against persons linked to DNR and LNR
A Billion #Ukraine hryvnia found shred in field #Donetsk supp. done to prevent DNR getting it
New face of Austrian Airlines, singer Anna Netrebko promotes militants, which shooting down a passenger plane
Gunfire or APC fire now heard on the #Donetsk stream in heavy fog.
ROC/MP Patriarch Kirill prays for "prevention of war between Russia & West
Just minutes ago in #Donetsk shells hit residential blocks near Chervonoarmiiskiy ave
504 Lenin statue were toppled in Ukraine last year. 1700 left
Leaked emails prove links between Western "pro-family" activists and Russian nationalists
Russian forces go offensive on Avdiivka
#Lithuania's standby army units put on higher state of preparedness. Due to #Russian mil activity in #Kaliningrad
Donetsk, the area of the Piski - rifle gun fire heard
FIres again in Donetsk
Explosions in the east part of Mariupol
Russian forces in Nikishyne
A Russian invaders' MT-LB on the main road in #Shakhtarsk
A Russian invaders' MT-LB on the main road in #Shakhtarsk
Ukraine troops near #Donetsk Airport shot down #Russia "Tachyon" recon drone the second such
Belarus has restored inspection of trucks at the border with Russiafor the first time in the last four years
Flares and explosions around #Donetsk #airport #Terminal. Possibly another Russian storming attempt.
The head of the Vinnytsia police confirmed that on 6th of December Regional State Administration was stormed "brought from other regions" persons
Death toll rises to 9 in Romanian military helicopter crash
Yanukovych tried to withdraw 20 millions from the accounts in the Bank and withdraw abroad, - Yarema
Car with journalists was shot in Kharkiv, - media
The militants have shot the car with civilians in Avdiivka, there are victims
Nearly 1.5 thousand suspicious russians are not allowed in Ukraine every month
#Russia BTS-4A recovery vehicle towing BMP damages car & goes along in Donetsk
#Russia BTS-4A recovery vehicle towing BMP damages car & goes along in Donetsk
NATO began to fight anti-Ukrainian propaganda of the Kremlin
Militants shelled a school in Artemov, wounded child
Old and new terminals are destroyed in the Donetsk airport, - Radbez
"Cyborgs" raised the flag of Ukraine at the radio station of Donetsk Airport
Pushilin explained why DNR does not want the talks in Minsk on the 9th of December
In Makiivka column of 50 pieces of military equipment invaders with the flag of the Russian Federation travels in the direction Donetsk.
10 civilians were killed over the weekend in Donetsk
Installation at the station Pomіchna, Kirovograd region
Now the people of Kyiv be able find a bomb shelter with a mobile application
The media has publicized the income of Ministers of the new government
Workers have gone on strike because of drunken militants in Telmanovo
Department of "PrivatBank" was crushed in front of passers in Kerch
Ruslana: "Officer corps" agreed to exchange prisoners "all to all"