Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 กันยายน 2018

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It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Report: Flu virus strain that spreading over Donbass is possible "specially modified"
Russian militant commander "Botsman" reportedly died in Horlivka "cause of pneumonia"
It's propaganda
New finding of Russian propaganda: "Russian pilot was executed in Kyiv restaurant"
#Russia's weather forecasts include Kyiv and Genichesk (along with Moscow) as part of Russian Plain (Russkaya Ravnina)
Russian MFA Spox compared words of Poroshenko aide Biryukov "You shouldn't hate Russian citizens, just don't care like small insects" to Nazi Germany claims
"Civil war" in "DNR" - SOF unit Troya under siege of "regular forces" for 12 days
Civil war in DNR - SOF unit Troya under siege of regular forces for 12 days
Russian GRU SOF while hijacking Ukrainian drilling rigs in Black Sea in December
RU defense mag editor @i_korotchenko demands #Ukraine returns as #Russia vassal or "perish from the world map"
10 violations of ceasefire during day today
#Germany’s left-wing party @dieLinke talks to pro #Russia|n separatist and calls for war against #Ukraine during convention
#Crimea. The national anthem of Ukraine on embankment of Yalta near graffiti with Putin
Shooting and flares in Stakhanov/Almazna
Ukraine refused to buy Russian gas cause of price
Kyiv may impose ban on trucks cause of snow storm
In Lviv ambulance hit a tram. 1 wounded
Farewell ceremony with killed Ukrainian soldier in Dzerzhins'k
Shooting at restaurant in Carpathians. Right sector members involved. Police cordoned off area
In Yalta near house where Crimean-Tatars lives burnt 2 cars
"Minsk 3 has been launched." - Ukrainian representative in peace talks
Aksenov: Ukraine needs to build fraternal relations with Russia
Truck on fire near border of Ukraine
ATO spox: Two UAF servicemen KIA yesterday, near #Mayorsk
New mural in Kyiv - in support for renaming Lepse blvd to Vaclav Havel blvd
Militants commander "A cat" Kononov was killed yesterday in the center of Donetsk by sniper
In Odessa soldier have to open fire to prevent attack on Navy unit
#Ukraine mil. intel. found Russian Col. Andrey Ruzinskiy as a commander of separatist forces in occup. #Luhansk rgn
Unknown location
Russian military vehicles at Donbass
In #Zolote, #Popasna ds, a cache of ammoandexplosives found - 4 RPGs, 2 bombs
In Donetsk capsized bus with militants
#Horlivka. After 15 minutes of silence they've started shooting again.
#Horlivka, Shyroka Balka tonight, around 20:15. The sound of battle
Horlivka, Shyroka Balka tonight, around 20:15. The sound of battle
#Zaytseve, Jan04-05 RU attack at residential area recorded by UAF, RU as usually accused UA
Ukrainian casualties near Zaitseve: 1 killed, 3 wounded, also several civilians wounded as result of attack by Russian militants
Ukrainian community in Finland
#Moldova Gas explosion shook building in central #Chisinau on Saturday afternoon left 20 people wounded
Ukrainian intelligence: Russian forces massing at Slov'yansk and Mariupol directions
ATO press-center: militants shelled Zaitseve, wounded local woman, blamed Ukraine
In Mariupol "busted" a meth lab
Juncker: Dutch Ukraine vote could spark 'continental crisis'
29 violations of ceasefire yesterday
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