Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 มิถุนายน 2018

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Poroshenko: the Saboteurs wanted to kill Goncharenko
Cohen: You have #NATO and #Russia both in #Ukraine; recreating the Cuban missile crisis
Putin, Iran, N. Korea, ISIL all "fighting Western values" @Kasparov63
A lot of people on Krakowskie przedmieście
At Babi Yar honored those who were killed by Nazis
#Russia pulled to the border with #Ukraine about 53 thousand soldiers and 500 tanks
March to Presidential Palace in Warsaw
#Russia|n commander of a Strela-10 SAM system surrendered to #Ukraine's Army
Russian MFA: In Ukraine introduced totalitarian methods of elimination of objectionable parties and movements
The OSCE and Russian generals
The Ukrainian foreign Ministry handed a note of protest to the Russian Consul
#Poroshenko greeted veterans in #Odesa today
Russian orchestra was removed from the flight in London without explanation
"Ukrnafta" forgive "Naftogaz" debt of almost two billion UAH
Ukraine has detained six vessels for violating the blockade of the Crimea
West Military district of Russia is on 2-hours-ready battle alert cause of "flood protection"
Russian border guards tore passport of Crimean Tatar, who went to Ukraine
Resident of #Kramatorsk was jailed for three years becouse off work in #DNR and #LNR
The Minister of defence of Britain announced an increase in the supply of military equipment in Ukraine
Invaders raided the house of an activist of the Maidan Alexander Kostenko in Crimea
The T-50 jet fighter excluded from the Victory parade in Moscow
Today lawyer of Savchenko was searched in jail
The owners of the stalls near Administration of President
SBU warned of sabotage at Easter In Odessa
Ukrainian flag was hanged on the statue of a soldier in Kharkiv
Swedish intel is having a closer look what´s going on near Kaliningrad.
Pope Francis met with President of Georgia, Margvelashvili. Among the topics of the meeting - the situation in Ukraine.
Photos of wounded Yarosh
Czech president Zeman and Slovak PM Fico will hold a meeting in Moscow instead of watching the parade on May 9
The Minister of defence has decided to abandon the Soviet system of training soldiers
In Transnistria ran out of money for salaries and pensions
President of the Czech Republic have refused to attend the parade for Putin
Kremlin says unaware of proposals to deploy Russian peacekeepers in #Ukraine
The President personally thanked and rewarded sailors who sang the Ukrainian anthem in the occupied Crimea
Master class on painting Easter eggs in Rome
Because of the #Russia - Ukraine war the #German Army gets more tanks
In Mariupol honored the memory of #Nazism victims
#Donetsk: price in rubles on tickets in trolley
Poroshenko was met by shouts of "Glory to Ukraine" and "Fascism will not pass" in Odessa
The deputies dispersed, the next meeting is 21th of April
In the sky above the Stanitsa Luhanska spotted the MI-8 helicopter, possible Russian - Border Service
Russian specialists in psychological operations started working in #Donbass
Poroshenko paid tribute to the sailors - the defenders of Odessa
Looks like Kaliningrad has plenty of over water flight activity planned for today and tomorrow.
#Putin gathered #the security Council to talk about Ukraine and 9th of May
#Rada obligated for half a year to rename all of things with the Soviet names in Ukraine
"Many fighters are willing to lay down their arms", defectors from DNR
Many fighters are willing to lay down their arms, defectors from DNR
Shokin declared almost a million UAH of income
Lavrov: Russia has faced with attempts to punish her for defending the truth
SBU exposed the Russian intelligence agents, who preparing a provocation on the border
Wizz Air will not go out of Ukraine - the Ministry of Infrastructure
Militants resume firing near Mariupol ‘after departure of OSCE mission’
Inscription: #Krasnui Liman is Ukraine
New Russian T-14 #Armata training for May 9 #VictoryDay parade.
Sevastopol. Stalin adv near secondary school
Deputy Prime Minister of Russia called Turchynov a moron
The UK has ratified the #EU #Ukraine Association Agreement
Communist activists came to "Walk of Fame" in Odesa, where Poroshenko is expected
Mission of Russia in #NATO will reduce because of suspicions of espionage - #NYT
Militants unload new shells in Krasnodon
Militants unload new shells in Krasnodon
A monk displaying "Donetsk Republic's" flag at Mt Athos in Greece
Aero investigation of the regiment #Dnipro-1 found a concentration of enemy tanks on the separation line
Ceremony commemorating the 5th anniversary of the #Smoleńsk plane crash in #Warsaw this morning.
In Kyiv celebrated the Day of liberation of prisoners of concentration camps
Easter eggs for soldiers of #ATO were made in Severodonetsk
International lenders have not wanted to reduce the national debt
#Poland bikers to block Night Wolves motorcycle gang from retracing Red Army's path to #Berlin in 1945
Russian MP proposed to send Russian troops to Donbas
About 1000 cities and villages with Soviet names in Ukraine. All of them now renamed
The Croatian President will not go to Moscow on 9th of May
#SBU reports 2 fighters of #LPR surrendered at the checkpoint in Zolotoe
Deputy PM of RF Rogozin called Turchynov a moron
Russian militants escalates war near Mariupol - multiple shelling last night
#NATO Caps Size of #Russia’s Mission After Internal Reports of Espionage
Number of #Russia|n supply convoys still growing. In the last 24 hours, 51 trucks arrived in #Ukraine.
Participants of ATO participants presented papers on ground in Nikolaev
Lutsenko: ban Communist symbols does not apply to monuments in cemeteries
Nordic states extend their military cooperation cause of Russian aggression
Donetsk. Explosions/volleys in North-West part of city
Export of coal from Donbas to Russia continues - OSCE mission
Police not found explosives on Lev Tolstoy square in Kyiv
Viktor Shokin: "Yanukovych ordered to fire at Maidan"
Cover of tomorrow's Kyiv Post
Intense AA fire East of #Mariupol tonight. Ukrainian hunting a Russian UAVs
Intense AA fire East of Mariupol tonight. Ukrainian hunting a Russian  UAVs
Court arrested a suspect in assault on Kharkiv region administration
NATO Air Policing jets from Siauliai, Lithuania scrambled to intercept RU reconnaissance aircraft Il-20.
AFP: #Ukraine separatist leader warns of possible return to war
Reports of artillery shelling in Donetsk
President @Poroshenko meets with Senator @senrobportman – Ukraine counts on the U.S. support
In Dnipropetrovsk toppled another monument to Lenin
Training of snipers @combat_ua in Yavorov.Shooting from displaced positions
Strategic bombers’ flights aimed at demonstrating Russian defense capabilities — top brass
European Parliament hearing upcoming for Jobbik MEP accused of spying for Russia
Russians militants in social media: "Ukrainian, we prepare Easter presents for you"
President of Austria refused to go to Moscow for Victory Day
Kyiv. Underground station "Lev Tolstoy Square" is closed
Kharkiv. Traffic on Rymarska street resumed. Explosives not be found. Inside box was foam
Kharkiv. Anti-bomb robot at Rymarska street
#Donetsk, "Bridge Of Friendship"
Moscow has asked EU to comment on ban of broadcasting of TV channel "RTR-Planeta" in Lithuania
Rymarska street in Kharkis is blocked, because of bomb threat in VW Passat
In Crimea employees of FSB arrested Ukrainian journalist Tatyana Guchakova
Meeting of President @Komorowski and Prime Minister @Yatsenyuk_AP
"I want to urge all sides to respect #ceasefire and not use violence over the Easter period" - #OSCE_DCM Hug in #Mariupol
Smoke in Donetsk
Poroshenko replaced heads of SBU in four regions
US Navy Fleet in Europe
The owners of stalls located in the subway, picketed the presidential administration.
Poland has canceled concert of Bregovic for his statement about Crimea
Conducting close air support during the @2dCavalryRegt live-fire exercise in Romania--part of #AtlanticResolve.
The court of Kharkiv has been arrested for two months the Russian diversant
#Lavrov: #Russia and the @OSCE did the same. Kyiv did not, and is using every pretext to drag out the development of crucial mechanisms
#Easter gifts for soldiers of #ATO prepared in #Slavyansk
#Lavrov: Hundreds of thousands of EU residents in #Estonia and #Latvia have no right to vote or be elected, nor other rights that are respected
Russian SOF wipe out "Cossacks" from Antratsyt and Krasnyy Luch
Inscriptions in the Sberbank of Russia and the Fund "Road of life" appeared in #Slavyansk
Militants blew up a car with a border guard in Luhansk region
People meet a flight from Moscow in Prague airport
Terrorists are preparing for Easter attacks in Luhansk
Turchynov: Ukraine will create own Anti-missile defense and a system of aerospace reconnaissance
The militants brought greetings to the homeland - to Penza and Buryatia
The militants brought greetings to the homeland - to Penza and Buryatia
The infants were presented with the Constitution of #Crimea in Simferopol
The best samples of products for warfare were presented in Kyiv
SBU will re-interrogate #Simonenko on the terrorist attacks in Odessa
Picket near the RUS Embassy in Berlin with the demand to #FreeSavchenko
10 cars were burned this night in Kyiv
Turchynov considers NATO membership as the only guarantee of the protection of sovereignty
Deputy commander of ATO: There are 700 tanks, more than 1100 armored vehicles, almost 600 artillery systems, over 380 MLRS and 110 air defense units at Donbass
SBU detained 29 saboteurs in Odesa in big special operation
#SBU will incriminate "Motorola" murder of 15 Ukrainian prisoners of war
Overturned ambulance in Donetsk
The SBU wants to interrogate lawyer Tatiana Montian about support of terrorists
Rada left victory Day on 9th of may, the Day of memory and reconciliation setting on 8th of may
Journalists of TV channel "Zvezda" was not allowed to Moldova
To protect Odessa from terrorists on the eve of holidays - a matter of honor for #SBU Nalyvaichenko
Rada has banned the propaganda of Сommunism and Nazism
Polish President #Komorowski says Ukraine-Poland-Lithuania military brigade to start exercises soon, #Ukraine and Poland invincible together
#Rada supported the perpetuation of the memory of soldiers of #UPA
The head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov has published a diary of one of Odessa detained terrorists
Rada voted for open access to the archives of the KGB-NKVD.
Zakharchenko:"We must recover territories that were temporarily occupied (Sloviansk etc) ,#preferably by peaceful means."
Antonov An-225 spotted over Poland. ETA in Leipzig
Ukrainian "Metinvest" of billionaire Akhmetov claimed default
Protesters forced #Zaporizhzhya regional Council to recognize Russia as #aggressor
Kharkiv. Conflict between patriots and separatists this morning
#Russia|ns shelling Ukrainian Bolotene from Russian territory with mortars
Officials rolled in a garbage can with cries of "the Suitcase! The train station! Russia!" in Ivano-Frankivsk
Workers of bases and warehouses of the Ministry of defence will be checked on the lie detector
Militant of "Oplot" was sentenced to three years in Zaporizhzhya region
Ukrainian actress Ada Rogovtseva supported "Right Sector"
Lavrov: main threat to Minsk agreement are Kyiv's actions
Locals are queueing to get free food in #Debaltsevo, #Ukraine
Rally near Kyiv city hall
Poroshenko: Poland has demonstrated the solidarity with us. Together we are stong
Rally against rising rates the regional Council of Kharkiv
The Kharkiv regional Council recognized the aggression of Russia
27 saboteurs were detained in Odessa
A US B-52H Stratofortress &2 Dutch F-16s conduct simulated air intercept maneuvers for training mission Polar Growl.
In Lviv burned trolleybus
#Rada legislatively increased the number of personnel of the state border service
Pensioners and schoolchildren near Kyiv City Council at paid up rally
Russian army will be armed with long-range missile "Triumph" for S-400 in 2015
The security of Europe depends on Ukraine - #Komorowski
The Russian military are taught to suppress protests, similar #Maydan
The soldiers of two battalions during the battle destroyed the barracks of terrorists of DNR in Shyrokyno
Amnesty International says it has evidence of Russian-backed separatists in east Ukraine executing at least four government soldiers.
Kharkiv. Picket near the regional Council continues.
Russian Naval Aviation MiG-29K spotted at a test flight at Lukhovitsy in early April
Cyprus offshore demanded that Russia pay 82 million rubles for the debts
Russian #Airforce Tu-160 #15 RF-94108 «Vladimir Sudets» seen in the Moscow area on April 8
Car was burnt this night in Kyiv
Battalion 'Chernigov' near #Rada
Odessa national Republic declared separation from Ukraine
Sverdlovsk. Russian T-72, T-64, Nona-K.
Foreign Ministers of #Ukraine, #Russia, France and Germany meet in Berlin April 13 on Minsk implementation as ceasefire violations increase
Peacekeepers in #Donbass - a matter of a few weeks, said President Petro #Poroshenko
News resistance announced a sharp increase in the number of columns of supply of terrorists
Terrorist "corrects" roadside signs
Ukrainian military repelled Russian militants offensive on Krymske
In USA, volunteers and community activists gathered for Ukraine $200 thousand
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