Map. History of Ukraine conflict

22 กันยายน 2018

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Regiment "Dnepr-1" has setup the production of reconnaissance UAVs
Report: Artillery near Horlivka shelling in direction of Debaltseve
Zakharchenko: Surkov(Putin's aide) helps us from the first days of the war
Battle near Zaytseve. Small arms, RPGs
"DNR": loud explosions a while ago in Donetsk it's our "Anti-air"
Rada didn't vote for changes to labour code that would ban discrimination against LGBT
Minister of DNR terror group claims that Ukraine relocated 2 battle helicopter squadrons to Konstantinivka
Minister of DNR terror group claims that Ukraine relocated 2 battle helicopter squadrons to Konstantinivka
At least 1 injured Ukrainian soldier near Donetsk airport
Militants attack UA troops in all sectors, use weapons prohibited by Minsk agreements - ATO
Village of Pisky today
Chief of US Army: "Aggression left unanswered is likely to lead to more aggression" #Russia
#Donetsk #OSCE cruise all the time
Military trucks on the move in Donetsk
Explosions heard in Donetsk
Ukrainian diplomats greets Polish people on occasion of #Nationalday
Ukrainian diplomats greets  Polish people on occasion of Nationalday
Ukrainian General Staff again asked UN to think on Peacemakers at Donbass
Rada adopted all "visa-free" laws, except non-discrimination of LGBT
The court refused to name Alexandrov and Erofeev as prisoners of war
[email protected]: EU is all about creating a belt of stability. #Russia does the opposite. #BerlinFPF
Shooting in Kyiv. 1 wounded
Near Mariupol wolves attack private houses, and kill domestic animals
In Minsk meeting two subgroups on Ukraine
DNR claims about the attempt of Ukraine to break through the defense near Debaltseve
FM Steinmeier: MinskAgreem prevented expansion of violence way beyond today's line of contact in Donbas #BerlinFPF
Rally near Rada
Zlata Ognevich resigned as MP
SBU found planted IEDs at the roads near Vonovakha
#Sinelnikove: another #Lenin is toppled
Rally near Verkovna Rada
#Kyiv now, near parliament - 'Stop discrimination', 'all are equal'
In Lithuania began the multinational exercise "Maple Arch-2015" with the participation of the Ukrainian military.
Convoy of 20 tanks Ukrainian reconnaissance spotted in Donetsk, 4 more tanks in Mariinka
#ATO says 52 ceasefire violations in eastern #Ukraine yesterday, 120mm mortars used
Russian military vehicles near Komsomol'ske
Russian tanks and military in Verhulivka, - deployed on Nov,9 from Krasny Luch
Ukrainian armoured vehicle on live-fire range at #Ukraine's International Peacekeeping and Security Centre. #OpUNIFIER
Internet went down in #Stakhanov and #Krasnyi_Luch
It's fake
DNR terror group claims that Ukrainian army shelling Donetsk
Tram was shot in Kharkiv. No one wounded
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Rumors of "full battle readiness" among Russian militants in Donetsk
Dnipro 1 reconnaissance: Despite heavy battle with tanks near Donetsk airport Genstaff is calm
Blackout in Hranitne - militants hit power substation
#Pisky tonight: this, for about 2 hours zing sound is ricochets going overhead
Reports of MLRS GRAD shelling (2 missiles)
Poroshenko submits to Parliament bill on admission of NATO military to the territory of Ukraine for Drills
Nov 8, OSCE spots mil equipment close to contact line. Also records large concentrations of tanks in "DNR" territory
Rally in Chisinau today
ATO: Today militants 19 times attacked UA positions using grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms
According to ATO press center, yesterday one militant unit attacked UAF positions dressed in uniforms similar to UAF
Ukraine has decided to stop importing electricity from Russia
Heavy smoke in Donetsk today
#Avdiivka. RPG, grenades, heavy shooting towards #Optyne
We have a firm position on sanctions tied to the Minsk agreements - Mogherini
Strong explosions near Avdiivka
Lavrov blames "recent outbreaks of violence" in Russian-occupied Donbas on "radicals and nationalists linked with UKROP and Right Sector"
Situation in Mariupol sector is relatively calm. Enemy sniper worked near Shyrokyne - Sector M Spox
One killed in grenade explosion in Kyiv
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