Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 มิถุนายน 2018

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Convoys of military vehicles passing Uspenka and Marynivka
Luhansk. Shelling
Luhansk. Shelling
Journalists waiting for #Ukraine #Minsk talks results
Russian forces with #MANPADS in #Vuhlehirsk today
Russian forces with MANPADS in Vuhlehirsk today
Non-stop MLRS shelling in Alchevsk
Pictures sometimes speak louder than words #Minsk
Shelling of Stanitsya Luhanska from Luhansk
Lenin downed in Tainysya in Kyiv region
Former DNR leader Gubarev plans a protest rally in Donetsk following the arrest of his ally by the militants
State Duma MP Markelov could become adviser on DNR&LNR in presidential administration
Lavrov said that the signing of the document on Ukraine possible tomorrow
Convoy of tanks passing Luhansk in direction of Stanitsa Luhanska
Convoy of tanks passing Luhansk in direction of Stanitsa Luhanska
Delegations just left room where talks take place. Putin, Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko are still talking there. Now alone
Intergovernmental forum on reform of UN. our position-Ukraine is an example of the loss of UNSC its capacity. The Security Council should be immediately reformed
Andrey Purgin: DNR is interested in peacekeepers in Donbass from Russia and Belarus
[email protected] at @CNN Amanpour: outcome of Minsk must be judged by the developments on the ground
Logvinovo. Drones of Armysos was hit 3 times, but continued flights
As #Minsk talk proceed #Donetsk hospital no.20 was hit by a shell. 2 people are reportedly injured
SA-13 Gopher seen with the militia artillery in Vuhlehirsk
MFAs and delegations meeting in Minsk
Citizens of Mariupol thanked fighters of "Azov"
#LifeNews Chief Editor A.Suleimanov on journalist, barking at #UA collegues: "I'd piss on them"
#Polish #MiG29 on patrol
Alexander Sachartschenko and Igor Plotnizki are also in #Minsk. However, their presence was not planned.
Poroshenko-Putin handshake
Shooting at the entrance in Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy Russia between police and "militants"
Lukashenko and Putin at Minsk summit
#Merkel and #Hollande in Minsk
The moment of that reported #Putin-#Poroshenko handshake
Ukrainian military destroyed the checkpoint and ammunition depot of terrorists in Novolaspa
Bus with Arsenal ammunition was detained in Kharkiv region
Lukashenko meets Poroshenko
Putin arrived in Minsk
Poroshenko, Hollande and Merkel arrived in Minsk for "Norman talks"
Echelon of Russian tanks in Amvrosiivka
The President signed a decree on celebration the Day of the heroes of the "Nebesna Sotnya" 20th of February
The commander of NATO forces in Europe said about direct Russian military intervention" near Debal'tseve
Pensioner with Kalashnikov was detained in public transport of Mariupol
UA(Yuzhnoe) engine RD-869 in Vega launcher worked well
The terrorists demanded to finish ATO, - media
Terrorists have shelled hospital in Schast'e: ambulance is burned, hospital building is damaged
Terrorist "Kosogor": We have 100-200 dead. We do not know what to cut for coffins
Terrorist Kosogor: We have 100-200 dead. We do not know what to cut for coffins
Stanitsia Luhans'ka is subjected to continuous bombardment
Border guards detained terrorist gunners in Kramators'k
Ukrainian artillery destroyed terrorists ammunition depot near Bahmutka
Regional military enlistment office was shelled in Rivne
Doctors near the Debaltsevo asking for a green corridor for 20 wounded, Rus tank shelling road
UAV flying from Donetsk was shot with missile near #Kramatorsk
Ukrainian Army eliminated 87 insurgents and 42 military equipment, incl. 12 tank, 14 missile systems and 16 armoured vehicles
Poroshenko: me and Rada ready for the introduction of martial law in Ukraine
"Azov" is striking at Sahanka. Terrorists are preparing counterstrike
NORAD Head Says Russia Increasing Arctic Long Range Air Patrols
Kolomoysky sued the government for trying to break it "profitable scheme"
SBU has warned assasination attempt on the former FSB officer, who went over to the Ukraine
Night blast in Odessa occurred near apartments of director and activist, who helped refugees
FM @PavloKlimkin is having a meeting with FM of Israel Avigdor Liberman
Moskal': Terrorists are trying to break into Popasna. The city is constantly under fire of "Grad"
The movement of terrorist column of #LNR in #Bryanka. Trucks with ammunition.
Two monuments of #Lenin were demolished in the Zaporizhia region
Russia has lost the last satellite of early missile attack warning system
Garage cooperative after shelling in #Donets'k
Eight posts were established at the entrance to Kyiv
Shelling began near eastern #Mariupol. 3-5 km from the borders of the eastern district, balconies are shaking.
ATO forces cleared Pisky, Opitne from terrorists
Ukr military downed an enemy's UAV on recon mission over #Kramatorsk. The city was not shelled this morning - Donetsk RSA
Su-24 crashed in Kalachevsky district of Volgograd region, Russia
Raiders stormed city Board of police in #Debal'tseve. Its boss was killed
Not going to deliver weapons to Ukraine. We're afraid of Putin’s unpredictability -Polish minister @trzaskowski_
In last 24 hours 19 Ukrainian servicemen were killed, 78 were injured.
Russian TV: Tanks from Russia could reach Warsaw in 24 hours
Russian TV: Tanks from Russia could reach Warsaw in 24 hours
Artillery shelled center of #Donetsk: there are dead and injured
Last night @poroshenko visited #Kramatorsk. Today says he's ready for Minsk
Tusk:I have invited president @Poroshenko to brief EU leaders on developments in #Ukraine at our meeting on Thursday
"UAH" from "DNR" and "LNR" are in hands in Ukraine
Russian army forces once again shelled the Ukrainian army hq in #Kramatorsk with mid range missiles this morning. Airport hit.
A "political information class" in Khartzysk. Today the children are learning about militants successes near Debaltsevo
Russian Air force Ilyushin IL62 spotted flying over Europe with unknown destination
Exercise of Moldova’s military forces on the streets of Chisinau
Another video of todays Kramatorsk shelling
Another video of todays Kramatorsk shelling
GER/UKR officials involved in peace negotiations clearly say they cannot confirm contact group had reached common ground yet
Drawing of Nadiya Savchenko - "I was born Ukrainian, I will die Ukrainian"
Odessa. Explosion at Koblevska street
Makiivka, convoy of MLRS BM-30 Smerch today
Makiivka, convoy of MLRS BM-30 Smerch today
Battle now in the area of Shyrokyne
Russian official: We could help Iran attack Saudi Arabia if US arms Ukraine
Russia - "Combat launches of “Iskander” to be held in Eastern Military District
Front page of USA Today features map of Ukraine without Crimea
Spain's foreign minister backs Ukraine and warns of more sanctions on Russia
Czech volunteers brought aid for wounded soldiers to Dnipropetrovsk
Putin Security Aide Warns US Over Arms For Ukraine
#Russia fired missiles on Hrodivka, near Krasnoarmiisk. About 10 wounded
1st Obama-Putin call since Aug
Before the #Minsk meeting tomorrow, today a contact group of Ukrainian, Russian and separatist officials reportedly agreed a new ceasefire
NSDC: Militants used cluster bombs to shell #Kramatorsk from 4 Smerch rocket launchers. Fired from around #Horlivka. Targeted residential district
'US seeks to start war in Europe' - Marine Le Pen
[email protected]_Sergeyev to @CNNi: Ukraine will protect itself from Rus. agression to the last
Militants have information Kyiv is preparing attack on Donetsk — DPR Defense Ministry
#Ukraine: UNICEF staff unloads hygiene kits for evacuated population at #Kyiv train station
Head of the Lviv police Zagariya alive, but badly injured in explosion near Debaltseve
Pro Russian protest in Sofia.
Minsk prepared for the tomorrows arrival of Putin
Poroshenko held telephone talks with POTUS
UK: Russian assistance incl reg troops, SOF, command & control, air defence, UAVs, & electronic warfare systems
Four servicemen, seven civilians killed in #Kramatorsk shelling
Dashcam video of the attack on Kramatorsk today
Dashcam video of the attack on Kramatorsk today
Demilitarized zone in E. #Ukraine on agenda in Minsk - Russia’s OSCE rep
The prosecution qualified shelling of #Kramatorsk as a terrorist act
The court ordered the demolition of the Crimean "Mezhyhirya" of Yanukovych
Secretary #USA Kerry supports the arms of Ukraine, - Bloomberg
Kuibyshev district, street Horovodna, 10 in #Donetsk
Dnipro-1 countered the attack on the Pisky
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Claimed to be Ukrainian soldiers captured by Russians near Shyrokyne
#Kramatorsk. Missile warhead
Kramators'k after the shelling
Shell in #Kramatorsk
#Israel Foreign Minister to visit #Ukraine tomorrow. Will meet PM Arsani Yatsenyuk
Rocket strike on Kramatorsk
Park Of Pushkin. The entrance from the Boulevard of Engineering in #Kramatorsk
Death toll of Kramatorsk' shelling hit 7
Rocket that fell in #Kramatorsk being removed by bomb squad #Ukraine
Shell in the entrance of of the house in Kramators'k
Moldovan Socialist Leader: "Vladimir Putin Is A Role-model For Me"
The commander of the battalion "Aidar" Melnychuk took the blame upon Savchenko
Shells hit Amstor market in Donetsk
Echelon of military equipment was noticed in Yeysk
Illegal detention of Savchenko extended for 3 month more
Separatists' presence in doubt at #Ukraine peace talks
Russia has stepped up the movement of troops to the Ukrainian border, - press-center of #ATO
#SBU published evidence of shelling by terrorists residential districts of Donets'k - audio interception
Akhmetov's humanitarian aid being delivered. Huge truck, however, not a lot of promised aid inside the truck #Donetsk
3 people were killed and 15 wounded in #Kramatorsk - Donetsk RSA
Ukrainian President Poroshenko says rockets hit military HQ, residential area in Kramatorsk
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported the candidacy of Viktor Shokin on the post of General Prosecutor of Ukraine by the majority of votes
#Kramatorsk Missile hit high-rise building
#ATO press center says #Kramatorsk was struck w/ Tornado MRLS launched from #Horlivka. Airdrome, resid areas were hit
Pro-Russian insurgents attacked #Kramatorsk airport from “Tornado” missile systems. These missiles are used in the Russian Armed Forces, - NSDC
Shell hit car in #Kramatorsk
Hit right near the Central house of the city. Military facilities not within 4 km
Police defused grouping, that preparing the attack on the leader of "95 quarter" Zelensky
Russian forces shelling Kramatorsk
Russian forces shelling Kramatorsk
Journalists found in Kyiv VIP-apartment of Yanukovich mistress
Shells hit 14, Marata str in Kramatorsk. There are killed and wounded
Shell hit Kramatorsk
Battle since morning in #Svitlodarsk
Explosions in the Kramatorsk airport area. There is smoke
Terrorists blocked #Chernukhine and Troits'ke near Debal'tseve, - Moskal'
Deputies eliminated the Commission on morality
Nadya Savchenko in court
#Russia announced a response to the extradition request #Yanukovich
The consequences of shelling in Dokuchaevs'k
#Cyprus strongly refuted the words of the Russians about military bases on the island
DNR: Ukrainian security forces are going offensive near Mariupol
There is a battle for Sahanka. Terrorists attacked Kominternove by "Grad". There are wounded among the civilian
Border guards in Sumy region detained a Russian citizen in uniform of the Ru armed forces
Head of NSDC Turchynov is near Mariupol watching counter-terrorists operation
The Russian black sea fleet began drills at the landfill in the Crimea
#Raiffeisen Bank has decided to reduce the presence in Ukraine and Russia
Echelon of Russian tanks in Tahanrig
"Azov" has liberated Pavlopol and Shyrokyne
"Azov" began an offensive operation in the direction of Novoazovsk
Rally near National Bank of Ukraine
Akhmetov will spend 430 million for renovation of thermal power plants in fired Schast'e and "DNR" territory
"Ukrtelecom" switched off phone connection in Crimea this night
Senators launch Ukraine Caucus as pressure grows to supply lethal weapons
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