Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 มิถุนายน 2018

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TPP burns in Schastya
Explosion in Odesa
Lithuania urged the world to actively resist the aggression of Russia
Reports of explosion in Odesa
West loans binds Kyiv to the reforms - Berlin
Granting Ukraine non-lethal weapons is not enough - Congressman Eliot Engel
Lenin monument was piled in Dobropillya
Gontareva held a crisis meeting with ex-heads of the NBU
Russia was alone at the meeting of the Euro-Atlantic Council partnership - Ambassador of Ukraine in NATO
Echelon of the tanks in Vologda
In the Kuibyshev district of Rostov region, found a cache of ammunition
Lethal aid to Ukraine may spark greater bloodshed - White House
The United States still decide whether to give weapons to Ukraine
Sanctions against Russia did not bring the desired result, - USA
#Makiivka-#Donetsk A huge military convoy
American analysts have modeled the response from NATO to the Russian invasion of Ukraine
US Minister of Defense: USA and GB have clearly stated that they support the sovereignty & territorial integrity of Ukraine
Yatseniuk said that the first tranche of the IMF loan will be $ 5 billion
The number of displaced people in Ukraine has increased to 1.8 million
Gazprom has lost the ability to dictate conditions to Naftogaz - Kobolev
Unloading an M1 Abrams tank at Ādaži, Latvia
Ukraine wants to increase tariff for Russian gas transit to the EU on 30%
IMF approves Ukraine aid package of about $17.5 billion
In Kiev, near the Central bus station, under the overpass found a suspicious object. Technicians are on site.
Nadiya Savchenko gave his attorney a note, which explained the reasons for the refusal hungry strike
Meeting of the President of Ukraine and Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Leuven
Grybauskaite: Putin to stop in Ukraine, and not on the borders of NATO
Ukraine's foreign Ministry condemns Declaration of Moscow about the deployment of nuclear weapons in the Crimea
Organizer of Shevchenko birthday in #Crimea was fired
Vice President Joe Biden spoke today with Ukrainian President Poroshenko
Ukrainian SOF jumping with a parachute from AN-26
Savchenko has complications, she threatens to resume hunger strike
Pro-Kremlin MP depicted by the symbol "United Europe" is divided Ukraine
Unknown on the armored "Tiger" attacked "Night wolves" in Moscow
The security Council of the Russian Federation: the return of the Russian mercenaries-terrorists threatening the country
Police in sanatorium refused caviar and salmon due to the situation in the country
US, Ukraine discuss 'new sanctions' on separatists and backers: White House
Arsenal of weapons was found in Dnepropetrovsk
The album "Crimean spring" was presented in #Crimea, dedicated to the anniversary of the annexation
US to ship Humvees, drones to Ukraine: US official
Coast of Mariupol will be equipped with line of defense, - Sinko
In Vinnytsia the court ordered the judge Tsarevich to wear an electronic bracelet
The United States expanded its sanctions against Russia, the sanctions list includes Mykola Azarov and Alexander Dugin
Militants claim that they have found the bodies of two cyborgs
#Merkel refused to participate in the military parade in Moscow because of the events in Ukraine
The owner of the mine #Zasyadko tied accident with explosions in #Donetsk airport
#Lithuania celebrates the 25th anniversary of Independence
Lithuania celebrates the 25th anniversary of Independence
The residents of the occupied Thorez was left without a livelihood and ask for help
#Belgorod International Airport is being used as a Russian military transport hub.
Russia threatens to cease cooperation with the West arms control
Moscow accused Washington of violating the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons
#Poroshenko assessed the needs of the Ukrainian economy in $40 billion
Yatseniuk wants to send film with Putin's statement to the Hague Tribunal
Three accomplices of terrorists, who tortured citizens, were arrested in Artemovsk
Russian foreign Ministry: Russia has the right to deploy nuclear weapons in the Crimea
#Ukraine #Sweden agreed on several humanitarian convoys, - #Poroshenko
#Russia cancels today signing Alliance agreement w #SouthOssetia in surprise move
Ukraine expects a positive decision of the IMF, - PM
Yatseniuk: gas negotiations scheduled for 20th of March
#Russia responsible for 6 thousand deaths in Ukraine, -Prime Minister of Sweden
Nadiya Savchenko out of the hunger strike on the recommendations of Ukrainian doctors
#NATO: Russian forces are still in Ukraine
In Kiev, explosion near the metro station "Vydubychi"
Three people injured because of the bomb in #Makiivka, including baby
Korban told about the surveillance on the borders between Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions
Soldiers of Kiev1 revealed subversive group in Mariinka
Stoltenberg says NATO "disappointed" by Russia's decision to suspend participation in CFE treaty.
The Sumy met fighters of #ATO
Ukrainian soldiers, who lost feet, on the cover of Austrian magazine
Monument to #Lenin was demolished in Dobropillya of Donetsk region
"Food riots" possible soon in Makiivka, in Debaltseve - rampant looting, - Tymchuk
Terrorists 10 times violated the mode of "silence" per night, - the headquarters of the ATO
Ukraine lost 1 soldier, 4 injured during the day
#NATO fighter jets scramble to intercept Russian fuel tanker over Baltic Sea
To deprive Ukraine the right to arms is immoral - Chairman of the US Senate Committee
In the Kharkiv region "explosion" damaged railway track
About 12 thousand of Russian military fight In the Donbass - Lysenko
Tusk: the EU will decide on sanctions against Russia in June
Russian Pravda claims @Grybauskaite_LT is actually an FSB agent trying to harm Lithuania's interests
Britain MFA has threatened to publish data about the assets of Putin's inner circle
The US says Russia is still sending tanks to Ukraine
Britain’s House of Lords discusses Cyprus-Russia relations
Flyers around the Kharkiv explaining what separatism and "russian world" can do
250 acres of Donetsk mined, - speaker ATO
Military convoy in Belgorod
Bilhorod-echelon with artillery and KAMAZ trucks
T-64BM "Bulat"
The court arrested Ex-MP Gordienko
Spain MFA: question of the Crimea could consider the Hague Tribunal
In Berezan' overturned one Saxon, another damaged. 1 dead, 1 wounded
North Luhansk region left without electricity
The OSCE in the Pisky and Tonen'ke
An-225 "Mriya" today in Kyiv
"Westinghouse" ready to provide fuel to Ukraine NPP instead Russia
Mission OSCE in Donbas got 20 armored vehicles from EU
Kiev expects to receive from the IMF 5-9 billion $
Russian militant "Babai" resurfaced in #Debaltseve
Avakov announced the questioning of Bogoslovska
#USA cancelled #sanctions against “Belarusneft”
Fake passes into the zone of ATO sold for 1.6 thousand UAH, - SBU
Gunmen shelled #Shirokine with mortars
The foreign Ministry called profane diversion of weapons of fighters of #LNR and #DNR
Flag of "novorossiya" on military vehicles in Rostov region of Russia
Participant of capture of Kharkiv regional state administration was given 5 years in prison, - the Prosecutor's office
The head of the Spanish foreign Minister said Lavrov that the Crimean issue should be dealt with in the Hague
NATO exercises began in the Black sea
Today in Bilhorod
In the Nikitsky Botanical garden in the Crimea want to build a luxury hotel complex
In Mariupol say goodbye to fallen near Shirokine fighter of "Donbass"
Ex-MP of Party of Regions Melnyk shot dead himself
The terrorist Zaharchenko fired "mayor" of Novoazovsk
Mariupol citizen found suitcase with bomb in the field
Book "Dugin : Ukraine. My war"
Poltava regional Council recognized Russia as an aggressor
In Donetsk found bodies of two girls - they celebrated the 8th of March together with militants
#Lavrov: Maybe the West should use sanctions to make Kyiv stick to the reached agreements
#Lavrov: We have to emphasise to our Western colleagues that it is Kyiv blocking the complete fulfilment of the Minsk agreements
Force of #ATO has completed the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the separation line, - headquarters of ATO
Founder of #Kommersant collects on #Kickstarter money on counter-propaganda edition
Philip Hammond is considering broadcasting financial secrets of Putin's inner circle as part of information war
Poland condemned Switzerland for the supply camouflage nets to the RF
Lysenko says militants blew up a bridge near the Popasna
Militants push 10 pieces of self-propelled artillery to Debaltseve, - headquarters of ATO
Chapter of #MFA of #UK: #Russia again can become the greatest threat to our #security
Player of FC Dnipro Roman Zozulya at military exercises
Employees of #FSB came for sweeps in the ranks of the militants in #Donbass
Lavrov invited the West to impose sanctions against Kyiv
Day to celebrate the National Anthem of #Ukraine - getting ready to sing in #Lviv.
The owners of demolished in #Simferopol shopping centre called the dismantling of the "lawlessness"
Correspondent of TVN24: Shelling near Mariupol continues
Military Trucks with Russian flag in Donetsk
#Donetsk city today: four 9K35 Strela-10 passing a market
Donetsk city today: four 9K35 Strela-10 passing a market
Residents of #Kramatorsk read poems of Shevchenko at the rally
#Moscow to respond on #NATO military buildup near #Russia's border – #Lavrov
Orban says Hungary seeks stable Ukraine and doesn't want shared border with Russia
"Real green men" spotted in Luhansk region on drills
Russian gunners continue to conduct exercises near Rostov region
The second phase of mobilization began In Ukraine
Azov intercepted talks: militants are preparing an offensive on all fronts after 10 of March
Donetsk militants announced the beginning of military exercises
Judge Tsarevich said that she was chased within three days
In the Kharkiv region SBU detained militant of "LNR"
Poroshenko proposed Parliament to agree the participation of foreign instructors in the drills
#The United States accused #Russia in a lie because Putin told the story about the capture of #Crimea
Up to 2500 Rus-backed militants are deployed N, N-W of Novoazovsk as assault tactical group
Militants at Donbass
Constructors from Rivne gave drones "Unconquered" to ATO zone
A platoon of American tanks will be in Lithuania
Plenty of Russian VIP's to Crimea this morning. Def Minister Shoigu, heads of FSB and MVD
Russian forces attacked #Avdiivka with 152 mm Msta-B artillery and mortars overnight. Also #Pisky and #Opytne hit.
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