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23 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Sudak-Kerch bus crash: death toll now at 7. 13 wounded
Russian MFA: We call on our partners to show common sense and finally get their Ukrainian wards to end their constant provocations
[email protected]: This situation signals an imminent threat to the peace and stability not only in Ukraine but also in the entire region.
Russian troop build-up could reflect 'very bad' intentions - Ukraine says after UNSC meeting on tensions
US 'extremely concerned' about Ukraine-Russia tensions, calls for restraint
Latvia MFA: Very concerned about Russia's escalatory rhetoric and actions, full support for Normandy format and Minsk agreement
Heavy explosions can be heard in the direction of Svitlodarsk
State Duma defense committee chairman predicts Saakashvili's fate for Poroshenko
Donetsk Republic Ready To Retaliate If Ukraine Launches Hostilities, Zakharchenko Says
Russian media published video of interrogation of "Ukrainian sabouter" in Crimea
Russian media published video of interrogation of Ukrainian sabouter in Crimea
Ukr positions at Shyrokyne are under 152-mm artillery, heavy machine guns, AA-gun fire
Zaitseve: Russian forces using RPG-29 with TBG-29V thermobaric grenades
Hartsyzk: Something burning in the area of Rostov highway
At least BMP-2 75 shells hit Ukrainian positions near Shyrokyne
Ukrainian Navy hold live fire drills in southern Ukraine - command
Zaharchenko believes Ukraine could launch offensive at Donbas
Russia refuses talks in Norman format - Russian MFA
East to Mariupol: Shyrokyne, Talakivka, Vodyane heavy artillery shelling, everything including reactive artillery
Report: Ukrainians vacationing in occupied Crimea are fleeing as occupation forces crack-down and situation escalates
International monitors find no evidence to back Russia's claim of a firefight or Ukrainian incursion into Crimea
#Horlivka: Announcement asking to turn off intercoms and open underground shelters
Five people killed and 13 injured as a result of bus going over precipice in Crimea.
Muzhenko: Ukraine pushed additional forces to Kherson region and ready to repel any Russian agression
UN Security Council holds urgent meeting on Crimea behind closed doors.
Russian Foreign Ministry warns Kyiv about consequences for killing of troops in Crimea.
Artillery can be heard from the Shyrokyne direction
Bastion-P coastal defence system seen in Port Kavkaz, possibly on the way to Crimea
Russian convoy today in Kerch, Crimea
Ukrainian Andrei Zakhtey named by Russia as arrested and having confessed to being Crimea saboteur.
Another military convoy in Krymsk
Another military echelon near Krasnodar
Russian forces not stopping attacks on checkpoint in Stanitsa Luhanska
General staff: Russian Troops deployed in combat formations on the border with the Crimea
Another Ecehelon in Krasnodar Region
Demo against Russian aggression in Helsinki
NATO urges all parties in Ukraine to return to the negotiating table and work towards a peaceful solution
Turchynov: Kremlin will suffer huge losses if activate further aggression against Ukraine
Military echelon in Krasnodar yesterday
Russian radio "Echo Moskvy" poll: Do we need to strike Ukraine after Crimea events?
SBU closed another transit route for ISIS fighters going to Syria and Iraq through Ukraine
SBU closed another transit route for ISIS fighters going to Syria and Iraq through Ukraine
Ukrainian Intel recorded clashes between FSB and Russian army in Northern Crimea
Eyewitness report the entry of several warships, warplanes, helicopters; and some shot in Sevastopol, Crimea possible due to drill
Ukraine will organize consultations of UNSC on Crimea situation today
Russian RIA: Poroshenko ordered MFA to organize phone call with Putin
Court on activist Umerov in Simferopol: he was hospitalized with suspected heart attack
UK: Concerned by allegations of armed activity in illegally occupied Crimea. Restraint and diplomacy needed to avoid further escalation. UK continues to reject #Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea.
Military airplanes over Crimea beach
Military airplanes over Crimea beach
Su-24 and Mig-29 landing on Kyiv-Chop highway
Su-24 and Mig-29 landing on Kyiv-Chop highway
Poroshenko ordered to increase battle readiness at frontline in Donbas and Crimea
President Poroshenko held meeting with security services and MFA
Ukraine Border Guards spokesman says Russian troop numbers increased at the border in recent days
All personnel of Crimea's Interior Ministry recalled from holidays because of saboteurs.
Col. Motuzyanyk: UA police confiscate illegal armaments and ammo in the ATO area
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: Over the previous day, 1 UA serviceman was killed in action, 4 other servicemen were wounded in action
80 Ukr. brigade took part in #FlamingThunder2016 drill in Lithuania
Video: Ukrainian Su-24 over Kharkiv this morning
Video: Ukrainian Su-24 over Kharkiv this morning
Crimean head: US State Department behind terrorist attempts in Crimea
Russian Navy Buyan-M-class corvettes "Serpukhov" (603) and "Zelenyy Dol" (602) enter Sevastopol harbor, Crimea
Ukrainian jet Su-24 over Kharkiv
Russia's Black Sea Fleet to hold drills on August 11-13
USA Crimea related sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns the peninsula to Ukraine.
USA condemn and call for an immediate end to the Russian occupation of Crimea.
US government has seen nothing so far that corroborates Russian allegations of a “Crimea incursion” and Ukraine has strongly refuted them.
Anti-saboteurs drill on the South of Ukraine
Su-24 and Mig-29 drill to land and take off highway
Putin convened Russia security council on Crimea
Crimean "authorities" urged UN and OSCE to expel Ukraine
Russian forces used drones to aim attack on Ukrainian position near Mariupol - ATO HQ
Russian MP blames Kyiv for attempt to use Normandy format as cover for its military policy
67 ceasefire violations at Donbas on August, 11
Unknown body found in Kerch with traces of explosion
An-124s RA-82014 and RA-82013 from Moscow to Crimea
Checkpoint at Chonhar
2 children wounded in Maryinka shelling. - Abroskin
It's midnight in Kyiv. Colleagues in SituationCenter of @MFA_Ukraine keep track of events around the globe. 24/7
RuAF strategic HF voice net and W-marker active 2040z.
"Sky Shield 2016" - Ukrainian jet taking off highway
Shyrokyne area: Reports of 152mm artillery is shelling
Sounds of war at Vostochny distict of Makiivka
Fire seen near Vynnyky village in L'viv region
Shooting near Hoptivka is likely fake
It's fake
[FAKE - be aware]Pro-Russian accounts: shooting in the area of Hoptivka checkpoint in Kharkiv region
Anti-air defense put on battle alert in Mariupol sector
Russia accused driver Evgeny Panov from Energodar in terror plot
Makiivka: Outgoing artillery shelling
Russian provocations will fail in its attempts to undermine Ukraine’s reputation, lift sanctions – @Poroshenko
President of Ukraine @poroshenko: Russia’s accusing Ukraine of terrorism in occupied Crimea is absurd and cynical.
[email protected] spox Elizabeth Trudeau: Crimea is and always will be part of Ukraine
Russia is preparing for the breakdown of the Minsk agreements and escalation of the situation - Turchynov
President Poroshenko: accusations of Ukraine in terrorism are senseless and cynical
Report of explosion in Volnovakha
Russian tanks crossing Dniester last week
Fire at Zimna Voda, L'viv region
Dozhd: Seven people detained in case on planning terrorist attack in Crimea.
Chubarov: the statement of the FSB in Crimea the reason for a large-scale aggression of Russia against Ukraine
FSB showed video of seized weapons in Crimea
Interfax: Source reports retreat of majority of Ukrainian saboteurs in Crimea.
Full Putin speech on Crimea
Putin: 2 Russian military were killed, US an EU look at this, we will answer
Putin has accused Ukraine of resorting to terrorism. "We won't leave that unanswered", he said
Putin: the people, who seized power in Kyiv, instead of compromise has switched to the practice of terror
Putin said that Ukraine "is moving to the terror"
Putin considers meaningless next Norman format meeting
Putin calls "attempt to commit terrorist attack in Crimea" a "very dangerous game"
Large Russian military convoy passed through Pereval'sk to Debaltseve
"Crimean council": subversive group attack is like a declaration of war
Turchynov of NSDC: FSB claim is another element of Russian hybrid war against Ukraine
Moldova continues preparations for military parade after border tensions w/ Transnistria
Ukrainian General Staff: FSB claim is a provocation
Ukraine won't use force while returning Crimea - SBU
Russia's security service claims it recovered 20 improvised explosive devices, "regular mines" in Crimea Ukraine
Ukraine defense intelligence spokesman denies Russia reports that Ukranian special forces tried to enter Crimea
FSB: 1 FSB worker killed on night of Aug 7, 1 Rus soldier killed on night of Aug 8.
AFP: Russia says foiled Crimea 'terrorist attacks' by Ukraine military
FSB accusing Ukraine in shelling from Kherson region
Additional security measures in Crimea, strengthened regime on the border with Ukraine - FSB
FSB: Prevented two terrorist attacks in the Crimea, prepared by the intelligence of Ministry of defense of Ukraine. One FSB worker was killed during the arrest
Appellation Court on ex-leader of Party of Regions Yefremov
Russian FSB accused Ukrainian intelligence in preparing terror attack in Crimea
FSB detained organizer of foiled terror plot in Crimea
Ukrainian AN-124 transported Chinese dragon once
SBU found cache of ammunition in Svatove
Hartsyzk: Transportation of military equipment from Makiivka to Zugres
Col. Motuzyanyk: In Chuhuyev, Kharkiv region, military officers polish their combat skills in the firing range
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, Ukrainian Armed Forces did not incur any casualties; 5 UA soldiers were wounded in action
Still internet service disruption in Dzhankoi
Williams lost 6-4, 6-3 to Svitolina, who is ranked 20th in the world
Russia opened all Crimea checkpoints
62 ceasefire violations at Donbas on Aug 9
Win for @ElinaSvitolina vs @serenawilliams
Ukraine’s @ElinaSvitolina defending Olympics Gold medalist Serena Williams 6-4, 6-3 #Rio2016
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