Map. History of Ukraine conflict

22 February 2018


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Putin's portrait in Yalta. "Glory to Ukraine"
Trump: "I will build the biggest, most beautiful casino on the Crimea, it'll make your head spin."
Trump to Ukraine conference #YesUkraine2015
Trump to Ukraine conference YesUkraine2015
Kremlin Believes Kyiv Not Complying With Minsk Agreements, Their Deadlines Missed, Peskov Says
Putin in Occupied Crimea
The President of Ukraine has held a phone conversation with Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew
Peskov said that Moscow do not belong to Minsk agreements
Sweden summons Russia ambass to explain "consequences"if Sweden join NATO
RAF fighters intercept 2 Russia(n) Tu-160 Blackjack Supersonic Bombers near UK in Internat`l airspace
Moldova authorities canceled increase of prices
Turchynov to Lavrov: Together with Russian mercenaries do not forget to withdraw regular units of the Russian armed forces from Ukraine
Putin and Berlusconi in illegally occupied Crimea
There's no better investment into U.S. & global security than providing more financial help to Ukraine -Larry Summers
[email protected] : Elections in Donbas must pass according to Ukrainian legislation, this is the only position of Ukraine and the EU
The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine @n_jaresko held a meeting with EU Commissioner @JHahnEU
Slogan t-shirt at GUM shopping mall, Moscow: “Russians don’t need visas”
Ukraine's Poroshenko: Russian 'green man' land in Syria, inspiring violence and increasing number of refugees in EU
Energy dependence is Ukraine's main source of geopolitical troubles, fix it & you'll fix the crisis - @radeksikorski
GRAD hit Mazda in Simferopol
[email protected] announced appointment of @Poroshenko with @PORUS at UN General Assembly in New York
“Kremlin's demand in Minsk: Ukraine to feed|fund Donbass, Russia to control it" - Kuchma
ATO spokesperson: UA artillerists carry out drills in southern Donetsk region
ATO spox: In Dnepropetrovsk region, SBU eliminated Web-operated communication line of militants with their Russian “curators”
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, at the outskirts of Troitske village, UA detachment fell into a mine trap: 2 soldiers were killed, 4 – wounded
Automaidan rally in Odesa
The number of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory does not exceed 9 thousand, - Poltorak
[email protected]: Our goal it is to return the Crimea
#SeaBreeze2015 drills
We do not have a civil war in Donbass. There is Russian aggression against Ukraine, – @poroshenko
Naftogaz warns the Nordstream--2 would increase the EU's dependence on Russia.
At Observation Post (OP1) on line of contact near Shyrokyne @OSCE SG Zannier & SMM CM Apakan observe
Berlusconi arrived in Russia, and with Putin is now flying to Occupied Crimea
Putin's portrait in Crimea
In the center of Odessa hand grenade blown up in the yard
[email protected] Sec Gen Zannier, SMM Chief Monitor Apakan attend a.m. briefing in Mariupol ahead of field visit
MLRS Grad in Krasnyy Luch
Khodakovsky: we are under Russian control
Gazprom continues gas supplies to the Donbass, said the head of the company Alexey Miller
Moldovan flagged freighter whose last port was Novorossiysk arriving tomorrow at Tartus
Sir Elton John @eltonjohndotcom will speak about tolerance, human rights at YESUkraine2015 Sat. 12:30pm EEST
Col. Lysenko: Militants have not yet shown any real desire to withdraw heavy weapons
Around 1,000 gathered tonight in the center of Chisinau, asking for political changes
Security Service of Ukraine detained terrorist spy in Lugansk Region
Security Service of Ukraine detained terrorist spy in Lugansk Region
"DNR' organization plans to hold their Elections on November 2
Party of Pushilin submit apply to take part in local elections of Ukraine
This Ukrainian govt has done more in 2 years than others did in the last 20 - @AndersFoghR at YesUkraine2015
Dem senator: US to begin training Ukraine's military forces.
The names of all illegally detained in Russia, and those who died in the East in the war on yesukraine2015
Ukrainian president @poroshenko says 74% of citizens support decentralization
Almost 4 hundreds tents in Chisinau, Moldova
MFA Rus: Sweden’s accession to NATO would have military & political implications requiring Russia to take retaliatory steps
The police defused grenade in Obolon in Kyiv
[email protected] SG Zannier and SMM Chief Monitor Apakan visiting UAV site near Mariupol
Zakharova: Russia advocates peaceful settlement in all conflicts and making full use of negotiation mechanisms
Zakharova: Dutch experts were invited to Russia to see MH17 materials we have, but the Netherlands hasn’t responded to the invitation
OSCE SMM welcomes the significant reduction across the Donetsk and Luhansk
DNR: In Dnipropetrovsk region fighters are being prepared to send to the front
Lavrov: "DNR" and "LNR" ready to hold the elections according to the Ukrainian laws, but "without the "Right Sector" and other radicals"
Rally in Kyiv in support of detained activists
Crimean Tatars call for creating civil headquarters and mass blockade of Crimea
1 soldier was killed and 5 were injured as a result of triggering militants stretch marks in Troitske
41th Humanitarian convoy arrived at Donbas
Odessa. At the unit 3014 of national guard found an explosive device with 400 grams of TNT
Col. Motuzyanyk: 1 UA serviceman was wounded to the east of Maryinka as a result of hostile attack with grenade launchers and small arms
Russia investigative committee open a case on genocide against Lyashko, commanders of armed forces of Ukraine
The OSCE reported that the Ukrainian military on the border with Crimea were kidnapped
Russian airborne troops in Ivanovo, Ulyanovsk and Volgograd region is on full combat readiness