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19 กันยายน 2018

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Police brutality = Ebola
Solidarity with #Kobane, University of La Plata, Argentina
#Somalia: residents in Barawe celebrated the expulsion of #AlShabaab as the Somali president visited the town
Civilians still leaving #Kobane. 2 trucks with refugees entering Turkey
Coalition planes now in the air bombing ISIS positions in Kobane. At least 3 confirmed strikes in last hour - Eyewitness
Today Iran official assassinated in restive province, police plane goes missing and IS style attacks this week
Erdogan agrees to allow U.S. Special Forces to train 2000 rebel fighters from #Syria in Turkey
Airstike from Alliance Aircraft ON South Tell Abaid
Air Berlin D-ABCK #AB3161 has declared to emergency over France en-route to Düsseldorf
An ISIS gang in Raqqa accused a civilian selling cigarette &killed him right there on the street
Fighters of Kobane
In Zhovti Vody killed a volunteer who helped Ukrainian fighters in the Donbass
#IS convoy operating in the Miqdadiyaharea north of Baghdad
Islamic State police in the Libyan city of Derna.
At least 43 killed/more than 40 injured in three car bomb attacks in Shia neighborhoods in Baghdad, sources tell CNN
Unplanned march has now left Kiener Plaza and walking west through downtown. Organizers are trying to keep everyone on the sidewalk
#Iraq: #ISIS reportedly opens a petrol station in north #Mosul: price of 1600 dinars per litre
Putin orders Defence Minister to return troops to regular station after drills end in Russia's Rostov region: spokesperson
There aren't many more people staying over than in previous nights, but the tents emphasize their determination.
Seleznyov confirmed information that Ukraine and DNR agreed on border delimitation
Erdogan: Syrian regime was behind the riots in the country.
Catalans demonstrate to show their support for #Kobane
Shelves of shop in Krasnodon
Report: huge convoy of tanks, trucks, APCs passed through Shaktars'k
On the courthouse steps #FergusonOctober
Giant paper mache of a black man with his hands up. #MichaelBrown
Twin turboshaft engine, multi-mission @usnavy helicopter SH60 Knight Hawk on USS Mount Whitney en route to Black Sea
The Islamic state entering Mosul on white horses surrounded by cheering kids
Stray dogs of Mykolaiv are not afraid Prime Minister Yatsenyuk - on the stage
In the Occupied Crimea the policeman with the head of a Dolphin came to the children to talk about drugs and alcohol
Shelling of #Donetsk #airport
#Donetsk airport: Militant with disposable Russian RPG-22 Neto anti-tank rifle. Supplied from #Russia.
Fresh unnamed graves in Rostov-on-Don
Our goal is European standards of living and EU membership - the President
Blue Ridge class USS Mount Whitney is on the Bosphorus, will enter Black Sea
'No to #ISIS', 'save #Kobane': pro-#Kurdish rally in Westminster, #London
[email protected] Inspected the Oplot tank on the Malyshev plant in Kharkiv
Ukrainian President Poroshenko to meet Putin next week to discuss the six-month conflict
#Donetsk Airport is still controlled by #Ukraine
Militants shelling positions of Ukrainian army with AA-gun near Shchastye
Confrontation in St. Louis
Beijing, in the morning of today
The #cyborgs have captured a Russian terrorist T-64 tanks at the airport in #Donetsk
Russian Helicopters will deliver 27 military helicopters to Russian Defense Ministry
Tires and fights near President Administration
Tents are already popping up outside the Legco Building #OccupyCentral #UmbrellaRevolution #OccupyHK
#IS forces destroyed almost all Iraqi army equipment in #Ramadi,including this
Siege of #Kobane -grad goes on, Turkish armor moving around Mursitpinar.
#NATO SG @jensstoltenberg visited #USarmy Patriot unit in #Turkey @USNATO
An opposition protest has broken out in Yerevan against joining the Eurasian Union.
ISIS appears to have used Chinese made MANPADS to shootdown an Iraqi Mi-35. Probably supplied by a US "ally"
In #Millerovo #Russian army peacekeeping Mi24(35) spotted, from #Gudauta.
Hong Kong Friday. Protests now have projector screens, more tents #OccupyCentral #UmbrellaMovement
Armenia joins Eurasian Economic Union - Treaty
President @Poroshenko did a secret visit to #ATO zone near occupied #Donetsk to check #Ukraine's defense lines.
Belokurakino, Luhansk Region. Lenin felt
Kyiv agrees to withdraw troops from several Eastern Ukraine cities – DPR leader Zakharchenko
Lenin was toppled in Novovoskresenske, Kherson Region
Activists are burning tires at President house
IS advancing inside #Kobane #AynalArab city. Tell Sh'eer and the Hospital are both under #IS control now.
Donetsk oblast Governor Sergey Taruta was fired
North, South Korea trade heavy machine-gun fire on border
Sky News Arabic reports #ISIS ambushes Kurdish fighters in East #Kobane , kills 125, kidnaps 12. Monitors estimate 40% control
Crowds filing in and settling down. Event about to get started
Kobane Chief Anwar Moslem, tells: "Security zone (police bldg +court) has fallen into ISIS hands."
Wanted posters #OccupyCentral #UmbrellaRevolution
In Bogodukhiv (Kharkiv region) "fell" another Lenin
#Turchynov asks Europe for military-technical support
Speaker of Swedish Parliament @UrbanAhlin, with peers from POL, IRL, LIT and DK, honouring people who died on Maidan.
Massive Russia armor echelon on way to enter #Luhansk #Ukraine escorted by attack helio
RussIan motorcycle club #NightWolves "delivers aid" to Luhansk
Shelling of Donetsk airport continues right now
Fight between Automaidan and police near President administration
Bodies of seven Ukrainian paratroopers were found in Shakhtatrsk
#Kobane. Smoke rising further to the West than yesterday, sound of gunfire from same direction
Poroshenko Met with the speakers of the parliaments of the countries of the EU and urged them to ratify the Association Agreement.
#Donetsk #airport is further shelled this morning
Due to peat fires the regional road in Dnipropetrovsk region was closed
#SAA use Mine-clearing tank in #Jobar
HK protesters have set up shower stalls
Turkish police attacking Kurdish civilians
A militant truck in #donetsk yesterday
Heavy fight in Avdiivka
Dnipropetrovsk' volunteers were shelled at the entrance to Pisky
Practice race has begun in Sochi Formula 1. Grand Prix of Russia
#SBU found the weapons in the house of local MP of Party of Regions In Slavyansk
Brazil hospitalizes first patient with #Ebola-like symptoms
Protesters plan fresh show of force after government talks collapse
Mi-8 possible down in Tuva, Russia
About hundred of football fans were Detained by KGB in Belarus after "Putin-H*" song
New #UmbrellaMovement batman
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