Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 มิถุนายน 2018

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3 dead, thousands evacuated in Dallas high-rise fire
Strongest storm in years slams San Francisco Bay Area
Dr. Monteiro speaking to protestors outside @PhillyPolice press conf
"Die-in" happening at Grand Central
At least 40 people in King Arts Complex, Columbus, OH for #BlackLivesMatter
Speaker giving a speech right now at the University of South Florida Die In
#NYPD vans near Bryant Park, New York
Road sign gets hacked in Novato, CA
DNR militants in the school
Woman and baby shot in a South Phoenix neighborhood
Erica Garner marks the spot on Bay St where her dad, #EricGarner died
Some #EricGarner protestors "die in" on street in front of shop where he was put in chokehold
Extreme heavy clashes and bombardment by #ISIS artillery and tanks on #Assad militias in #DeirEzzor now
Small crowd at the Die In of University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
Mortar attacks on Hayy Al-Nasr in Karbala province, casualties reported. #Iraq
An #ISIS suicide attack with a tank filled with massive amount of explosives just took place against SAA site in #DeirEzzor
#SAA carried out more airstrikes in #Raqqa, #Syria today targeting #ISIS
Die-in in front of Shaw Metro Station, Washington, DC
Standing room at New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business
17 killed in Madaen and Hay al-Shaab in 2 car bombs in #Baghdad #Iraq
Protests continue in University of Miami
The U.S. is concerned about visit Aksenov to India
Demo in Staten Island for #EricGarner
Claremont Colleges perform 2nd die in in 2 days
#Putin new invasion convoy in #Ukraine near Starobesheve
Putin new invasion convoy in Ukraine  near Starobesheve
Police at 4th Avenue, NY
Congressional staffers walk out to protest the grand jury decisions in the death of Michael Brown and Eric Garner CNN coverage
Rally at Capitol, Washington DC
CF-18 night training at Siauliai, Lithuania
Protest marching from Auraria Campus today in #Denver
Hamas celebrates 27th anniversary today in Gaza with new wall paintings celebrating murder of Jews.
A rally against police brutality to at University of Wyoming
#Wellesley College President sends message of support for students who staged die-in outside of his office.
More major #ISIS accounts are fleeing twitter
Chabot College's Day of Action. Hayward, CA
Canadian heavy crude fell to near $40 a barrel, threatening Alberta oil sands projects
#US oil prices fall below $60 dollars for first time since 2009
Russian press and soldiers traveling in an ambulance
Ukraine Freedom Support Act S.2828 just passed Senate unanimously
Rally of Chechens today in Kyiv "Time to wet out Putin & Kadyrov in closet"
Die-in Augustana College @Augustana_IL, 38th Street, Rock Island, IL
CIA Dir. Brennan: Use of drones has done tremendous work in helping keep this country safe
[email protected] Drew Theo student Linda-Wiggins Edwards speaking in front of Madison city hall
Rally at Union square in NYC
Marching in NYC on 5th avenue
Two bombs have exploded in the city of Jos, in central Nigeria. Eyewitness say at least 30 people were killed.
Jennings public school St. Louis, MO officials & students march together to police department to negotiate reforms.
Dutch MoD: Su-34s ignored requests 2 identify themselves & were escorted 2 Kaliningrad #Russia
Powerful storm knocks out power in much of downtown San Francisco outage map
European sanctions against several people of Yanukovych can withdraw, - Wall Street Journal
Here is an image of one of last nights undercovers pointing his gun directly at a person with a camera. #oakland
Die in at Cleveland State University
Rouble falls deeper as Russian Central Bank hikes interest
300 chechen "volunteers" came to Donetsk to help DNR
241 Ukrainians were killed in Illovaysk kettle, - Yarema
Yevhen Perebeynis: #Russia has not agreed "Supply convoy" with #Ukraine
Power out along Powell St. Near Union Sq. Walgreens covering refrigerated items
Lviv court sentenced Russian spy for 10 years
Kyiv: fire in the basement of the Bessarabian market
Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko deteriorated health condition - she asked for help.
Militants have shelled twice Ukrainian position in the direction of Mariupol
Rain picked up in #SanFrancisco around 7 a.m., but just now hit with a wallop
The road from Rostov-on-don was blocked because of reports of terrorist
Tsarev can not explain where to spend millions of rubles, which he had received from Netrebko to repair uninjured Donetsk Opera
Tsarev can not explain where to spend millions of rubles, which he had received from Netrebko to repair uninjured Donetsk Opera
One more "under cover" policeman last night in Berkeley
Ossetian militants were called home from the Donbas
A Syrian rebel T-72 is active in the narrow streets of eastern
A Syrian rebel T-72 is active in the narrow streets of eastern
The militants refused to negotiate on Friday
In a 4-3 decision the Supreme Court of Canada ruled police can search a person's cell phone after arrest.
The police calmed the fans who set fire to the roof of the Home of football
SVBIED vs.the#Daraa governer office "in response to the warplanes that bombed the liberated
SVBIED vs.theDaraa governer office in response to the warplanes that bombed the liberated
Citizen of Donetsk wanted to sell the young residents of Lugansk in sexual slavery
12 banks may go bankrupt in Ukraine in this year yet
Hong Kong: Peaceful, inspiring demonstrations that never had a chance.
Bomb blast inside French-cultural-center in #Kabul kills more than 10 person including foreigners
Rosneft will supply oil to India
Pentagon may re-deploy nuclear cruise missiles in Europe be #Russia breached INF
Meanwhile: Tolkien fans strike back after Eye of Sauron installation cancelled in Moscow.
Russia has concentrated more than 50 thousand soldiers on the border with Ukraine
#Raqqa second Airstrike from Warplanes on the city of #Tabqah in Raqqa the weather is foggy and the Warplanes flying very high #Syria
Tensions in Rada
Reported that in the city of Makhachkala during the shelling by Russian security forces killed the leader of the local jihadists Ruslan Taramov
Auchan in #Makiivka: 50% of departments did not work. Cards are not accepted
Hired provocateurs tried to film the clip for the Russian TV in Odessa park
Hired provocateurs tried to film the clip for the Russian TV in Odessa park
Consulate General of the Russian Federation have defended by barbed wire in Odessa
Hungry senior citizens attacked guards of Pushilin in Donetsk
Undercover Police Officer in "black bloc" arrests protester in #Oakland this night
Al Jazeera journalist Mahran Al Deeri dies in Syria while covering battles in Al Sheikh Maskin
Militants have shelled the position of the Ukrainian army near Mariupol three times during the day
Russian shell of "Grad" had fallen in Popasna
New Trucks have come to Ukraine with ammunition and fighters, - General staff
"Green men" appeared In Gomel. They said "preparing for war"
Only 23% of Russians know that the source of power in the Russian Federation is the nation, - poll
Yatsenyuk called three reasons why Ukraine has lost 20% of the economic potential
Russia fully withdraw its troops from the Kherson region, - the frontier
Defenders of Donetsk airport installed flag of Ukraine on the old terminal
Clashes resume in Deir Ezzor this morning with heavy machine guns
#HongKong police ready to move on Admiralty protest camp
At #berkeleyprotests tonight:n"A Storm Is Coming"
Berkeley High students perform a die in surrounding the Campenilli
Students die-in at Rutgers University.
100+ at Congress & Michigan, Chicago, IL for tonights #BlackLivesMatter demo
0+ Hospitalized, 2 In Serious Condition After Ammonia Leak At Tyson Plant, Rogers, Ark
#U.S. Secretary of State #JohnKerry will travel to #Rome on Sunday for talks with Israel's Benjamin #Netanyahu
Shutting down Pennsylvania Ave in front of the DOJ. Washington, DC
BHS students now at Sproul Plaza on @UCBerkeley campus
#Berkeley Law students host Die-in to express outrage over killings of Michael Brown & Eric Garner
The march ended in a rally at the Clayton Jackson Mcghie Memorial Duluth, MN
Protesters near @CNNCenter in Atlanta
Beginning of 11 minute die-in at Penn Station NYC
Med students in Portland, Oregon
Orlando Die In underway at entrance to Amway Center ahead of tonight's NBA Orlando Magic game
Battalion of Crimea reports that they have destroyed base of militants
BHS students now heading south on MLK. Chanting Hands Up Don't Shoot. Traffic disrupted
Poroshenko began the meeting with the Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott
Demo at San Diego School of Medicine
Overflow audience hearing @MIT community discussion on #BlackLivesMatter
Gathering now in Atlanta, GA
Berkeley high walkout
Estonia buys 44 tracked infantry combat vehicles from Netherlands, biggest procurement to date
"On #humanrightsday, let's look at our own human rights violations" [email protected] at #EricGarner rally
Protesters in Salem, Oregon heading to Oregon State Capitol
Berkeley High Walk Out
Die-in at 9th and Mass in Lawrence, KS
Shout out to @Nas for coming out and supporting #ICantBreathe movement
Ferguson protesters block street right next to Salvation Army collection kettle.
Crowd growing downtown Orlando chanting "no justice, no peace"
Canal Street Jacksonville, FL closed for several blocks bc of protest.
Mothers of sons killed by police violence speak at the Department of Justice
Harvard University Medical School on protest
Students at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences want equality
#ICantBreathe Orlando
#ICantBreathe solidarity in manifestation today in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Smoke Blowing Over Miami International Airport From Warehouse Fire
Future intentions could not be clearer. #OccupyHK #UmbrellaRevolution
Peaceful protest and #DieIn at Montclair New Jersey today
Argentine stocks lose 6.85% on oil slide
@ucdavis med student "die-in" in Sacramento #whitecoats4blacklives
Rally of Ripon College in Wisconsin
Die-in in Rutgers Student Center
#HumanRightsDay declaring #BlackLivesMatter surrounding Oakland Federal Building.
Protestors in Newark, New Jersey outside of the Prudential Center
Die in at University of California, Los Angeles medical center
"Standing here with #EricGarner's son is one of the most powerful moments of my life," [email protected]
Protesters make their way down State Street on their march to the @OregonCapitol
"Die-in" demonstration by med students in #Philadelphia blocks traffic
Keck School of Medicine at USC
#whitecoats4blacklives at Columbia University Medical Center @ColumbiaMed in NY
PM @TaaviRoivas: We should not tolerate aggression in #Ukraine. Article 5 is rock solid. #ACEurope
Happening now in Mount Sinai Hospital @MountSinaiNYC - over 100 deans, doctors, and med students
Johns Hopkins Medicine @HopkinsMedicine in Baltimore demo
Students at Yale Medical School join #whitecoats4blacklives
Protesting at the Manhattan Institute
"No justice. No peace. No racist police." Broad and Market Streets, Newark, NJ
Protest At University of Illinois at Chicago Med
Georgetown University School of Medicine shows up for the national die-in
[email protected] is also standing at New York City Hall, NYC in solidarity with the movement
Police at protests in Westfield
Organizers, youth leaders and @UncleRUSH at protest
DieIn at Case Western Reserve University
Protest at University of Southern California
Rally of Albany Medical Center
After shutting down 3rd avenue, sitin at Silberman, NY
Today's die-in, University of California, San Francisco
#whitecoatsforblacklives in University of California, Davis
Putin in India
Libya: Helicopter landing in Ras Lanuf, home to Ra's Lanuf Oil Refinery.
Small group pf Vista Peak middle school students walked 10 miles over 3 hours to city hall to protest the #Ferguson shootings
University of Chicago Med School
Protest at Stony Brook University hospital
#whitecoats4blacklives University of California San Diego, CA
In solidarity. From Thailand. #ICantBreathe
Medical students at Washington University in St. Louis, stage die-in as protest against racial bias in medicine
And over in Shepherds Bush tonight the #EricGarner demo has brought traffic to a standstill.
#UTSA students protest #EricGarner, #Ferguson deaths with 'die-in' San Antonio, TX
London solidarity protests with #MikeBrown & #EricGarner. Protestors are surrounded by the police
Statement by @PHammondMP on death of #Palestinian Minister Ziad abu Ein today in #WestBank: #FCO
Holyoke Community College in solidarity with police sanctioned violence across the world
Nurses protest in #Xalapa to decree of @EPN #YaMeCanse2
Hong Kong youngsters chant slogans in a Central tunnel to bid farewell to 75 days of occupation protests.
The-in in the University of Michigan
Protestors being blocked off by private security in Westfield
Spectacular mass lie-in now happening at Westfield, London, United Kingdom
Ex EU commissioner from Lithuania @ASemetaEU to become #Ukraine business ombudsman. One more foreigner in power
#whitecoats4blacklives at Medical College Wisconsin
#DukeLaw students, faculty & staff at a die-in on #HumanRightsDay
#Ukraine is renewing the abandoned #military #airport Pivtsi in the north-eastern #Chernihiv region.
Oil price plunges over 5% to $60.53
New coordinated US & EU effort to ensure robust, distinct sanctions regime re: #Crimea cannot be rolled back until it returns to #Ukraine.
Sumy, one Ukrainian soldiers was killed after a week home turned from ATO
Putin's militants used UAV near Ukrainian positions - was shot at
Security barricades at Westfield entrances for #EricGarner die-in tonight #London2NYC
Hong Kong Protesters Brace For Camp’s Final Day
Massive #Ukraine Army buildup at #Mariupol Airport recently
New York University die-in
#EU prepared to inject more money into #Ukraine and to impose further sanctions on #Russia
Rally of medical students in Temple University Philadelphia, PA
Protesters take to the streets of Managua to protest Nicaragua's proposed canal
MoD Yaalon: Israel regrets the death of Palestinian minister Ziad Abu-Ein. We wish to keep the security situation stable
The SAA repels another ISIS infiltration attempt at #DeirEzzor Military Airport; 104th conducts a huge ambush
#Norway’s Intelligence Service to get a new spy vessel to keep track with «unpredictable» #Russia
Detroit will exit bankruptcy today, emergency manager says
#Donetsk restaurants introduced weapon lockers. Customers r encouraged to leave their AKs here
Terrorists violated the "silent mode" 12 times per day
Ankara says its priority is EU-backed TANAP project
Driver of guide LNR told, where militants take a guns and what happens with humanity from Russian Federation
Ordinary Russian soldier in ATO
After failed attempt to force Zaporizhia mayor to resign, masked men fire shots at the city hall
The week of Ukraine in the EU will start in Monday: Mogherini will come to Kyiv
Shooting in the center of Mykolaiv: one killed, one wounded
The contact group from the Donbass accused militants in the collapse of the talks
Coordinators Committee for the Protection of the Crimean Tatars were doused with brilliant green
The security services of Kremlin have planed to destabilize situation in Kharkov and Odessa, - SBU
DNR and LNR decided to postpone skype talks about the Donbass
Secretariat, in consultation with NATO founded in Ukraine headed by Yevhen Marchuk
#Estonia says that Russian aircraft had violated its airspace. #RF denies
Back in the USSR: Heroes' Day was celebrated in the Crimea with Lenin and "updated" pioneers
Ukraine's $ bond maturing April 2023 is yielding a near-record high 14% as restructuring fears loom
Today, the delegation of the #employers from #Ukraine participated in the meeting of @employers_EESC #EESC
Massive backup from shutdown last night on I-35E in Dallas TX for #EricGarner
Jerusalem - Arab arrested at light trail station, after refusing to identify himself & attacked security guard.
Small Russian military mission" in Donetsk region "at request of Ukraine's Joint Staff." Said to be "assisting" OSCE.
#Ukraine's parliament 2 prepare bill declaring anti-terrorist op in #Donbas a v @UnianInfo
Poroshenko in Melbourne
Relative says senior Palestinian government official dies amid clash with Israeli troops
Militants have shelled towns of Lugansk region 12 times per day "silent mode" time, - Moskal
Military will receive combat "Hamster"
Mayor of Zaporozhye Aleksandr Sin under pressure protesters wrote a statement about his resignation
Kharkov court have nixed the protest action under the State Administration
Odessa Regional State Administration collects volunteers at the meeting about the safety.
Occupation police surround the center of Simferopol
3 arrested & 1 Palestinian journalist detained at a @PSCC_Palestine protest near Adei Ad settlement #WestBank
Smoke bombs and rubber bullets tonight at #oaklandprotest and #berkeleyprotest
#Medvedev: Russia lost tens of billions of dollars because of sanctions
Armed men have entered into the building of Zaporizhzhya City Council
The Cabinet of Ministers has announced a radical reform. Hryvnia decreased slightly.
Police in #BerkeleyProtests smash photographer @timhussin's lens
On Railway "Krasnoarmiysk - Grodivka" terrorists blown up the bridge and trolley system
@TruthCastersTV just taken captive by riot police for streaming protests. He has a PTSD dog in his van
Two men in black throwing rocks at loans, debit cards store on 27th. Some protesters boo, others cheer #berkeleyprotests
Speed limit sign knocked over, this is not violence i repeat this is not violence. #Oakland #berkeleyprotests
Bombing at Odessa volunteer centre collecting food & medicine for soldiers on the front
Helicopter over city hall #berkeleyprotests
Small fire near 22 and Telegraph behind crowd #berkeleyprotests #walksafe
About 15 police cars following closely behind on 25 and Telegraph #berkeleyprotests
Cops shooting non lethals into crowd from overpass like snipers #berkeleyprotests
Crowd of about 400 moves eastbound on Channing, passing Milvia, shouting "hands up, don't shoot" #berkeleyprotestts
Girl singing at die at #NYC grand central
Die-in happening now at Grand Central in #NYC
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