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20 กันยายน 2018

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We should hold national referendum and join NATO, - Ukraine’s first President Kravchuk
Trenches at kinder-garden in occupied part of Zaitseve/Horlivka
Portman, Durbin, Shaheen, and Senate #Ukraine Caucus Reaffirm Commitment to Help #Ukraine Take on Corruption
#Pope and #Patriarch deplore hostility in #Ukraine: "we invite our Churches in Ukraine not support any further development of the conflict."
2 Su-30SM (#26 #28) arrived today to unit near Millerovo
"Titushki" tried to de-block Russian truck in TransCarpathian region
Titushki tried to de-block Russian truck in TransCarpathian region
Refurbished AN-22
There is heavy fighting in #Mariinka again, non stop shooting and explosions
Battle at #Maryinka since over half hour, like yesteday evening
Readout of @VP's call tonight with #Ukraine President @Poroshenko from @WhiteHouse
Russia confiscated an entire factory from Ukraine, moved it to Russia to manufacture train parts
#Russia was behind the December attack that caused widespread power outages in #Ukraine, a U.S. official said.
F-15s to Finland as USAF boosts Europe deployments to deter Russia
Clashes at illegal construction in Kyiv
Chief Intelligence Dept of the @DefenceUA: Information on preparation to offensive action at ATO troops obtained
Poroshenko and Biden discussed by telephone the cooperation with the IMF and the pressure on Russia
"The Kremlin Crimean Tatar genocide repeats" - Ukraine Foreign Ministry
Su-27 flights at occupied Bel'bek AB during sudden Russian southern military district readiness check
Chubarov surprised by the silence of the Crimean mufti in connection with searches of Muslims in Crimea
#EU colleagues ask #Ukraine to step back from the (so far metaphorical) political ledge.
Ukrainian journo gets death threat: 'One more hit piece and your monument will stand next to (murdered) Gongadze's.'
Political tycoon of old squad @TymoshenkoUA andexSBU chief #Nalyvaichenko together to fight corruption
Tactical drills of mountain-infantry brigade:
In Crimea continuing the searches in the homes of Crimean Tatars
PM @Yatsenyuk_AP celebrates Ukraine's first winter w/o Russian gas
Crimean Tatars flag raised near Ukrainian MFA
Rally in Donetsk today
Russian military: readiness exercises concluded, troops returning to bases.
"High court" of "DNR" sentenced prisoner to death for a first time
One Ukrainian military wounded at Zolote after shelling with 120mm mortars
Mortar shelling in Zolote. There are casualties
Medvedchuk gathering separatists meetings in Kyiv again. Reportedly - guarded by National guard
It's propaganda
#Zakharchenko: #Kyiv is ready for the resumption of full-scale hostilities, moving military equippment to the line of contact
Russian MoD channel Zvezda claims #Ukraine deploying S-300 SAM systems to the east
#Izmail, #Odesa region: #Lenin's statue dismantled
Traffic advice on Kerch-Simferopol: to avoid highway cause of military vehicles transportation
S-300/S-400 missile cache detected in port of Sevastopol by @informnapalm
In the morning Russia deployed artillery and MLRS in Northern Crimea - Lysenko
In Sevastopol demolished the first of almost a thousand small shops
Kyiv refused to consider as twin-cities Moscow, St. Petersburg and Volgograd
In Berdyansk removed monument to Lenin
Russian trucks blocked in Volyn region today
Col. Lysenko: Police patrol regiment underwent military trainings in Luhansk region
2 Ukrainian soldiers and 1 civilian were injured in (pro-)#Russian attacks in eastern #Ukraine on Thursday
6 Russian military killed, 12 wounded yesterday in ATO zone - Ukr. Military intel.
On the border of Ukraine queues of trucks from Russia
SBU detained Russian propagandist in Kostyantynivka
SBU detained Russian propagandist in Kostyantynivka
Kyiv complains to Tel-Aviv about Israeli MP's visit to Crimea.
#PropagandaFOM Kearly: propaganda for war isn't about freedom of expression. It's a matter for the security council.
Clashes between #FSA #Shuhada_alIslam and #SAA in #Darayya fronts #Syria
Clashes between FSA Shuhada_alIslam and SAA in Darayya fronts Syria
Crimean Tatar activists demand from the Foreign Ministry reaction to the detentions and searches in Crimea
Helicopter drills during sudden check of Russian south military district
2 TOS-1 were spotted on Luhansk-Rovenky highway tonight
53 Ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
10/02: SMM observed numerous ceasefire violations in #Donetsk and Luhansk #regions
It's propaganda
Russian Mindef TV claims that Ukrainian military shelling Donetsk
Blockade of Russian trucks in Transcarpathian region
Blockade of Russian trucks in Transcarpathian region
1 Ukrainian soldier reportedly wounded in clashes in Mar'inka. Evacuated
Russian occupation troops detain Crimean-Tatars
Russian occupation troops detain Crimean-Tatars
In Transcarpathia activists block the movement of Russian trucks
Shelling near Kurakhovo checkpoint
Military command centers put up in Rostov, Sevastopol and Simferopol -- Shoigu
Russian airborne troops, transport planes put on combat alert in Southern Military District
Air forces, anti-aircraft forces stepped up in Crimea
Russia increases troops presence in Crimea due to snap exercise - TASS
#Krasnohorivka "The intensity of the battle decreased in Mariinka. Almost ceased".
Mar'inka: Mortar shelling is still happening, in barrages. Shrapnel lands on positions and sounds like rain
Apparently the artillery from #Donetsk pounds the outskirts of #Mariinka
Ukrainian positions use the heavy machine guns to quell fighting, but now it has intensified. Shrapnel is peppering positions
Outside the sky glows red, and flashes of light follow shells landing in Mariinka, where civilians still live. A lot of shrapnel in the air.
Heavy machine gun fire is erupting from Ukrainian positions now, and they were bombarded with Automatic Grenade Launcher rounds in response.
At least 2 fires in Mariinka amid ongoing battle
Intense battle reported in #Mariinka
Heavy fighting still happening. Large portion of the UKR defensive line in Mariinka is being shelled and attacked with grenade and RPG fire.
Sounds of night fight on the west of Donetsk
Sounds of night fight on the west of Donetsk
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
#Avdiivka. At least 3 guns working, either D30 or MSTA
"RAID" siren and explosions in Kramatorsk. Said to be drills
Some explosions reported in #Kramatorsk about 5-10 minutes ago.
Smoke seen over Mariinka
Petrovsky district of Donetsk: vibrations due to shelling
Significant activity today by Russian Air Force in Western Russia, incl fighters, transports and heavy bombers (Tu-95, Tu-160s)
Horlivka: mortars and small arms N-W to city
Avdiivka. Booms heard in the area of Opytne
Separatists are currently shelling Ukrainian positions in Mariinka with 82 and 120 mm mortars, plus grenade launcher fire, and small-arms.
#Lavrov and @FedericaMog discussed Russian-EU relations, Syria, Ukraine, other key issues
Grocery card of "DNR"
Kherson region will cooperate with the Turkish province of Mersin
Fighting in area of Troitske, AGLs and something heavy
Russian Mindef and head of Genstaff reported to Putin on drills in Southern Mil district
Biden, Poroshenko discuss need for reforms in Ukraine: White House
Fighting at Donetsk airport
Searches and arrests of #CrimeaTatars going on in Crimea. Emir Kuku arrested by Russian occupant administration.
The Majlis about the searches on February 11: began a new wave of repressions against the Crimean-Tatars
Informnapalm activists found photos of anti-air stuff of 21 Russian mobile infantry brigade from Orenburg
Lavrov & Kerry meet at opening of #MunichSecurityConference to talk #Syria
Russian provocateur "Stepan Mizura" gathers "New Patriotic Maidan" on 20 Feb
Ukrainian hackers got "DNR" terror group intelligence data with detailed maps of Zaporizhie, strategic objects
Pro-Russian rally in Simferopol
A few mortars were sent at Ukrainian positions in Mariinka
Hug: This week, for instance, armed so-called “DPR” members denied access to areas E of a line running from Prymorske to Kominternove
Hug: in NE outskirts of #Horlivka last week SMM recorded approximately 100 artillery explosions on just one day
Hug: Just two nights ago, we even recorded the use of Grad multiple launch rocket systems in #Starohnativka
Hug: Based on imagery from our UAV, SMM identified Grad MLRS hidden under trees in so-called “LPR”-controlled Veselohorivka in #Luhansk reg
Hug: There are hundreds if not thousands of other areas with mines/UXO. This Tuesday, for instance, we saw Uragan UXO 2 km N of Debaltseve
Russian aviation at Marynovka airfield during sudden military check
In Ukraine 260 people died from the flu
Drills of Russian Black Sea Fleet: Landing ships take vehicles and military tonight
Col. Motuzyanyk: About 200 contract UA servicemen underwent tactic military exercises
ATO spox: Servicemen of radio brigade of the UA Air Forces performed military trainings
Col. Motuzyanyk: As reported by UA military intelligence, “DPR” authorities plan to start obligatory mil conscription in s-called “DPR”
ATO spokesperson: Donetsk sector: militants shelled UA positions for 9 times; hotspots – Zaitseve and Mayorsk
Today again heard volleys of MLRS at Krasnyi Luch
Searches at Crimean-tatar houses in Crimea. Helicopters over villages
#NATO defense ministers continue to meet in #Brussels
NATO defense ministers continue to meet in Brussels
Wheels down in snowy Lviv. @173rdAbnBde finish their Yavoriv mission
3 bank offices in Mariupol is on lockdown cause of bomb threat I want the whole world to know about my son. Story about Hungarians who fought for Ukraine and were killed at Donbass
Lavrov on the way to Munich #RA96017
SecDef Carter: In order to deter a conflict, we must show that we can dominate in a conflict. It is essential to adapt to a new playbook.
SecDef Carter: As US commits to deterring against Russian aggression, I expect NATO Allies to do the same.
SecDef Carter at NATO #DefMin press conference: I had productive productive discussions on deterrence and defense
Protest near Kyiv city administartion. Against new parking near bicycle track
In central Dnipropetrovsk SBU found cache with 1 kg of TNT and grenades
In central Dnipropetrovsk SBU found cache with 1 kg of TNT and grenades
In Zaporizhie vigil in memory of fighters killed near Shirokine last year
Kacha airfield: report of multiple transport aircrafts this morning
Consequences of yesterday fire at Donetsk market
50 violations of ceasefire yesterday
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