Map. History of Ukraine conflict

12 December 2017
Clashes at Maryinka, Krasnohorivka, Avdiivka industrial area
Video of "DNR" - Complain that their artillery blocked. They found Ukrainian position in the area of Spartak
Video of
Lithuania blacklists 46 for their role in Savchenko trial
Volunteer writes that today in Avdiyivka 1 KIA, 3 WIA Ukrainian servicemen
31 attack of Russian troops on Ukrainian positions before 6pm
Amb Pyatt visits the Antonov airstrip 2 discuss opp 4 enhanced coop w US aerospace companies
Protesters blocked the prosecutors office in Odessa
Head of Solidarity faction sends Poroshenko's warning to MPs-support new Cabinet or face snap elex
MP @Leshchenkos expects no decision on Ukrainian government today. Apparently Poroshenko and Groisman cannot agreee on ministers
Command of Air forces of Ukraine discussed with the Israeli company Orbit upgrading of military aircrafts and helicopters
Khodakovsky: We are in a difficult situation in Avdiivka
Fighting at Avdiivka industrial zone
The "Mayor" of Horlivka announced himself as Commander of Chief of Ukrainian SSR
Fake bomb alert call that disrupted Ukraine Parlt. in the middle of political crisis was made from a Russia phone - UA Nat. Police spox.
Ukraine's Radical party says it's collecting signatures for investigation, impeachment of President over offshore account #panamapapers
OSCE SMM: Latest, 10/04: lower No. of ceasefire violations in Donetsk reg over the weekend compared to No. recorded on Friday
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: In Novhorodske, Donetsk region, border guards found a cache with saboteurs` armaments
No KIAs, 3 Ukrainian servicemen wounded in military hostilities over past 24 hours – ATO Spokesperson
Turchynov: Ukraine should be part of European anti-missile system
Bomb scare at Rada. Police units on the site
Yatsenyuk resigns "to fix political crisis"
Intelligence reporting that Russia supply GRAD-P to Syria from "DNR"
Rada voted for Moratorium on Russian loan repayment
Protesters at Odessa gave 1 day ultimatum to Odessa prosecutor
Suspected Russian saboteur, head of civil organization Azov-Crimea Krasnov declared hunger strike
President's man Groysman back in the running for PM. His spox says: "Virtually all the issues on composition of cabinet resolved."
Poroshenko arrived at Rada
SBU captured DNR spy in Mariupol, seized weapons
Putin has excluded Gryzlov from structure of the Russian security Council
79 ceasefire violations by Russian militants yesterday. Used heavy weapons
Mortar strikes from Mineral'ne since early morning
Makiivka at 22:54
Makiivka at 22:54
Unknown location
Ukrainian ATGM vs Russian tank
Ukrainian ATGM vs Russian tank
Makiivka. Possible outgoing MLRS on the North of city
Donetsk. Pisky-Lozove - battle, mortars.
Donetsk airport - Optyne area - battle ongoing, small arms, mortars
Avdiivka. "Noisy night towards Promka, tank working, don't know whose, but powerfully."
Ta dam:Groysman refuses to become PM,says his demands weren't taken into account,not satisfied w proposed cabinet.
Horlivka: Bessarabka is also covered with smoke, a mortar works fr/private housing
Zakharchenko has threatened to capture Mariupol in a new interview, saying he wants to fix this error.
Allies strengthening security in Black Sea: #HMCSFredericton during an exercise with Romanian frigate Regina Maria.
G7 foreign ministers condemn "illegal annexation" of Crimea by Russia, reiterate support for Ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity
G7 foreign ministers condemn "illegal annexation" of Crimea by Russia, reiterate support for Ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity
Ukraine’s parliament speaker submits proposal for new government
Russian militant with Val rifle
Lithuanian Parliament's website gets cyber attacked from abroad. Possible reason is Kremlins wish to block Crimea conf streaming
Zhitomir. ATO fighters protesting near local lands agency
Dzhemilev: to Protect human rights in Crimea impossible. The only way is the asap liberation of the Crimea from Occupation
Russian sniper killed civilian in Maryinka
Key units of Russian 20th Army have trained for urban warfare under "Kharkiv scenario" using maps, layouts, models of Kharkiv city, Ukraine.
In Kyiv arrested the robber from Russia, accounted for grave crimes
Eur.Commission will propose visa-free travel for Ukraine despite Dutch vote, Eur.Parliament and Council will decide
#MH17 expert attacked and perpetrator detained, Ukrainian prosecutors say
Aksyonov of Occupied Crimea wants to host all Soviet monuments from Poland
Poroshenko will dissolve Rada if new government not formed this week
ATO spox: Krasnoarmiysk resident surrendered to UA police over 3,5K Kalashnikov ammo found at town`s outskirts
No KIAs, 2 Ukrainian servicemen wounded in military hostilities over past 24 hours – ATO Spokesperson
Col. Andriy Lysenko: As reported by UA mil intel, bodies of 14 KIA and 19 WIA militants were brought to Donetsk hospitals
Col. Lysenko: Militants performed mortar shelling against UA positions near Svitlodarsk, Zaytseve and Mayorsk
In Luhansk sector, a series of enemy attacks near Stanytsa Luhanska. Following shelling, check point closed – ATO Spokesperson
Hacker Group #FalconsFlame broke into "Ministry of Foreign affairs of DNR"
Grenade exploded in Smila, Cherkassy region. No one hurt
Erofeev and Alexandrov were brought to the court in helmets and bullet-proof vests
In Bila Tserkva in apartments exploded TNT bomb, 1 wounded
First session of the Conference in Vilnius on the Human Rights Issues in Crimea
Rally in support of Azerbaijan in Kharkiv
Russian military at Donbass practicing night warfare
7AM: booms heard at Novo-Rabochi in Makiivka
64 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday. Near Berdyanske Russian forces used 122mm artillery