Map. History of Ukraine conflict

18 November 2017
Banners in Buenos Aires in support of Ukraine
Poroshenko refused to go to Brasilia in the final of world football Championship
Battles near Zelenopil'e - Dyakove again.
Fighters over Snizhne now. First time in the night
Severodonetsk is under shelling. Battle near checkpoint on bridge in Borivske
Ukrainian army started shelling the town of Ilovaysk, near Donetsk
Bridge blowned up in the Zuhres. The shock wave smashed windows in the district
Biden tells Ukraine's Poroshenko US will press Russia over rebels
Fires in Mariinka after today shelling
Drivers must wait for 30 hours to get ferry to Crimea.
Explosions in Snizhne
#Terrorists may be preparing chemical attack on Luhansk tonight
Battles in Mariinka again, City seriously destroyed by artillery strikes
VP Biden calls Ukraine Pres Poroshenko. 2nd time in 3 days. Offers condolences for losses in separatists missile attack on Ukraine forces.
Explosions near Lisichansk refinery. Drone fly-by
The NSC: Russian troops passed in 3 km of the territory #war
MoD: Ukrainian aviation destroyed more than 14 units of terrorists vehicles
Petrovsky district of Donetsk after the shelling
3 russian tanks passed Bile in the direction of Alchevsk.
Flare and explosions near #Kramatorsk airfield
Terrorists Grad placed on cemetery near Yuzhny district
Putin and Merkel will discuss Ukraine at the 2014 world Cup. Poroshenko will be there, too
Luhansk region - hole in the border. RF moves artillery to Dolzhansky checkpoint
Car hit by shell near #Luhansk city center. 1 dead rebels say. Behind shopfront shrapnel damaged
30 tanks are going from Snizhne to Donetsk now
A powerful explosion heard In Ilovaisk
Thousands of residents of Donetsk leaving the town.
Thousands of residents of Donetsk leaving the town.
#Dnipropetrovsk: #Ukrainian troops wounded in today's #Russian Grad MRLS attack in #Rovenky @MechnikovaBoln
Grad MRLS attack in Slavyansk (video claims)
Ukrainian Uragan MRLS's headed to the hot spots.