Map. History of Ukraine conflict

16 สิงหาคม 2018

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Russian Mistral will be out at sea for trials anyway
The government has allocated the first 100 million USD for the project "Wall"
Echelon of APCs "BTR-80"
Famous Russian lawyer gunned down in Moscow. Outside bldg home to lots of Western companies, including Goldman, BCG
#US Helicopters Land in #Poland: Six US army helicopters make emergency landing
US Helicopters Land in Poland: Six US army helicopters make emergency landing
#Russia|n military truck convoy arrived at #Donetsk, RU nr #Ukraine's
The first batch of trucks loaded with humanitarian aid from Russia entered the territory of Ukraine
Lifenews: Returned from captivity Russian irregulars told about the tortures
Russian customs officers start registering first 33 trucks with #humanitarian aid for Eastern Ukraine: Southern Customs Directorate
Hockey star Wayne Gretzky @ CUF's #UnitedforUkraine fundraiser for humanitarian aid to Ukraine
[email protected]_AP: What Russia did yesterday, cutting by 10% the gas supplies to the EU member states, is a very serious wake-up call for the EU
Reports of Russian forces storming #Donetsk airport in largest assault yet. Russian claims of success are unconfirmed
Tank wagon on fire after reported explosion on way into Kharkiv
Frmr #Ukraine president #Kuchma: Minsk contact group to meet next week, wants UN to secure border with #Russia
Barroso: I met Putin 25times,her never mentioned he's against Ukraine in the EU #YESUkraine2014
Russia's response to new #sanctions may affect Western machine-building, petrochemical, automotive sectors - Economy Minister Ulyukayev
Russia's War Aims in Ukraine Are Complete Control over Kyiv, - Russian MP Zatulin Says
Donetsk now. The smoke from the airport
Terrorists in stolen car met power pillar
EU mobilized an additional 22 million euro to meet the most urgent needs of the #Ukrainian population
#Crimea: Donuzlav unlocked.
Heavy explosion heard in Snizhne
RAPID Trident exercises near Lviv are to begin soon
Children of Mariupol blocked the traffic in the city centre for the unity of Ukraine and the peace
Kharkiv. Heavy explosion near airport, black smoke
In side of the #Donetsk airport something is burning
Ukrainian Border Service Reports Russian Forces Rotating And Consolidating Position
Russia plans to compensate key companies for losses incurred by sanctions by tapping into people's pension savings
Founder of #Virgin Group Richard #Branson wearing #Ukraine national shirt 'vyshyvanka'
Pro-Russian terrorist "Topaz" was freed
DonNTU, the consequences of fire.
Shelling in Donetsk
Monaco against Putin
Even in peaceful #Dnipropetrovsk,a reminder war not far away. #Ukraine Air Force #Sukhoi doing acrobatics at airport
EU, #Ukraine delay provisional application of DCFTA to 31 dec 2015
Armoured Russian vehicle seen inside Ukraine
Center of Donetsk today
Pro Ukraine "Art Partisans" movement in Crimea paints main high way in yellow/blue. #Crimea #Ukraine
Gen Janusz Adamczak new Chief of Staff @ NATO Joint Force Command Brunssum h/t @JacekZMatuszak
In the Administration of the President of Ukraine held a meeting of the NSDC
Russian terrorist Gubarev holds a rally near Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow
Emb. of Ukraine in US accepted #IceBucketChallenge 2 sup. Ukrainian troops
Russia: Cause of wall on the border of the RF and Ukraine local bears, bison and elk will be the "defectors"
Investigative Committee raids #IKEA in Khimki outside Moscow #sanctions
Zhirinovsky accused #SBU in the killing of the 14 drivers near Moscow.
In Berlin, Vitali @klitschko asks Germany to help Ukraine build a WALL on Ru border
In Brussels began trilateral meeting in the format of Ukraine - EU - Russia
Defence Minister of Latvia, @Vejonis : USA is back in Europe. And, what is more important, it is back in the Baltic states
USS Ross departs the Black Sea
New US sanctions on #Russia hit BoM, Gazprombank OAO, RAB, Sberbank, VEB, VTB, Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, Surgutneftegas, Rosneft
Rally in Sevastopol in support of Zhirinovsky
A number of issues Ukr.-ital. and Rus.-Europe. relations now discussed during the meeting @PavloKlimkin with @FedericaMog
US hits Sberbank, Russia's largest bank, with sanctions
Vladimir Putin: Sanctions have never been effective as an instrument of foreign policy
Patriots' rally in Zaporizhia
Russian PM: We're Not Scared Of Western Sanctions
Russian envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko:"#NATO returning to Cold War schemes
In the next six months, UN plans to feed 120,000 people of Ukraine
Moscow. "Help for Donbass"
#Poroshenko convene an emergency meeting of #NSDC. In 1 hour
Billionaire Richard Branson drinks coffee from a paper cup. #YESUkraine2014
The meeting of Vladimir Putin with President of Iran Hassan, Ruhani
In Dnipropetrovsk, police detained a woman with grenades
Military in #Khabarovsk set tents for the recruitment of contract soldiers
Note flags of Ukraine in solidarity on campaign booths of all major Swedish political parties. Except the extremes
#YESUkraine2014 Gen Wesley Clark makes cogent argument for West to assist Ukraine to defend itself & deter any resumption of war by Russia
Two US F-18 fighter jets have crashed in the western Pacific Ocean. One pilot recovered and having treatment. Search underway for the second
Bus station in #Hanzhenkove #Makeevka big calibre blast
Agricultural production in Ukraine grew by 6.3%
Vladimir Putin met #Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev on the sidelines of the SCO summit
Militants expect the arrival of the Russian "humanitarian" in Luhansk tomorrow
Graffiti in Greece
Ukrainian forces in #Volnovaha
House in Luhansk
Timoshenko at #YESUkraine2014
Humanitarian aid from the Poles to Ukrainians
Rally of supporters of the newspaper "Vesti"
Russian troops have surrounded a mosque in Derbent
He arrives at @MechnikovaBoln without hope for the future. Were visible parts of the brain. Now he is good
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Russia started transfer of aviation to irregular troops in the East of Ukraine . UPD: Picture is fake
Martin Schulz: #EU will provide 8 billion euros for reform in #Ukraine
"Novorussia": #Ukraine has not feed our captives for 15 days. Don't want to give all. 500 missing.
Shells hit mine "North" in Makiivka
Poland restore gas supply to Ukraine
Russian FM on #sanctions: EU made choice against peace settlement for #Ukraine. Moscow will react properly
President of Estonia: I am increasingly upset by comments like 'of course this is Russia's sphere of influence'
EU #Russia sanctions: among the individuals targeted: deputy speaker of Duma, Igor Lebedev and nationalist politician, Vladimir Zhirinovsky
USA and Canada has cancelled joint military exercises with Russia
#SBU detained saboteurs group of "Greek" in #Mariupol
In Dushanbe the meeting of the Council of heads of SCO member States
Poroshenko: They say that we lost the Crimea, but no - we have the invasion. We will return it
Dzhemilev: Russia could launch an offensive from the Crimea soon
Russian militants have reported the deaths of two their soldiers in the Donetsk airport area
Ukrainian military unilaterally adhere to the ceasefire. New attacks from militants this night
Russian tanks in Novoazovsk
UPD: Action on 3 of September
Russian tanks in Novoazovsk <br/>
UPD: Action on 3 of September
Russian Su-33s and Su-25UTGs training again at NITKA in Crimea
Russian airforce .. becomes a Novorussian airforce
One more Lenin downed in Kharkiv
Kim Jong Un receives greetings and signed photo from Russian President V. Putin
"Ryazan"(Russian city) label on APC in Donetsk region
Remember. Two beams of light mark 9/11 anniversary
Tanks deployed in Train Station Kamenskaya/Rostov Region
Russian warrior in Ukraine
Interfax: members of the Russian government could be in new EU sanctions list
Russian MLRS Grad shells Donetsk airport
21-yr-old tank driver A. Vedernikov, from Izhevsk, Russia, speaks Russian and Tatar, killed in Ukraine end of August
Ukrainian activist Mustang Wanted was put in the international list of wanted for the vandalism at the high-rise building in Moscow
Kherson mayor urged to introduce "warfare time" in Kherson region
Moon in beautiful Kyiv
Heavy explosions in Donetsk
Russian irregulars released 21 Ukr military, including 5 officers. said the Deputy Governor of #Dnipropetrovsk region #Filatov.
Peskov: Russia considers new EU sanctions as illegal
German FM #Steinmeier on Russia/Ukraine: "We have the most dangerous conflict in Europe since 25 years"
Echelon of self-propelled howitzers 2S1 in Vladimir
Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania in Operation Atlantic Resolve
No #Russians invited: #warships in Black Sea on Sea Breeze 14 maneuvers
US & European Union will tighten sanctions on Russia's financial, energy & defense sectors, Pres Obama said
#YESUkraine2014 summit in Kyiv now
#Ukraine: #Femen protests vs #Russia Orthodox church in #Kiev w bloody bucket
Slovakia has provided humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian forces
EU agrees on new sanctions against Russia to take effect tomorrow
Russia Today: The Ukrainian players of FC "Karpaty" was photographed at the monument to Bandera and on the background of the "SS-21"
President Poroshenko: 13 Years After 9/11 Ukraine Suffers From New Wave of Terrorism
FEMEN is back to Ukraine to help in the fight against the dictator Putin.
@poroshenko and @IlvesToomas Discussed the successful experience of Estonia in the fight against corruption
Ukraine's @MFA_Ukraine says so far there are 129 cases of Russian irregulars breaking the ceasefire
Shelling in Donetsk
Vladimir Putin met with President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov on the sidelines of SCO summit
In the case of independence, Scotland would support sanctions against Russia
Army HQ of DNR: Ukrainian military preparing provocations using chemicals
Car in Moscow asks to stop war with Ukraine
Luhansk airport was renewed in 2012 for Euro championship
[email protected]: Wide-ranging & substantive discussion with my good friend Pres. Poroshenko. Deep & comprehensive. Conveyed Est. people's stong support 4 Ukraine
EU could lift Russia sanctions after end-September truce review: Van Rompuy
#Lukashevich: It appears that the international commission is dragging out the investigation to suit certain Western forces #MH17
Russian REN TV channel with reference to Edward Snowden reported that the US is ruled by alien Nazis
Support in area of cyber defense part of package of measures @NATO approved for Ukraine at the @NATOWales
NATO: #Russia still has around 1,000 troops in eastern #Ukraine
US action in Syria without government consent is 'attack': minister
Russian foreign Ministry: Malaysian Boeing Disaster was used to pull sanctions against Russia
#Gazprom Kupriyanov says Russia pumping more #gas into storage, cannot meet increased demand from Poland
Russia has drawn up second set of anti-Western sanctions: Putin aide
The border guard service of Ukraine: there are about 400 units of Russian forces near Amvrosiyivka
Strelkov: I don't know who shot down the MH17, but Ukrainians are guilty in this
Xi Jinping meets Putin ahead of SCO summit
Russian MFA spoksman: US airstrikes against IS in Syria, without UN Sec Cl mandate, "would be act of agression, crude violation of"
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Evacuation of the population in Dniprovsky district of Kyiv due to serious accident at the mercury plant "Radikal". UPD: Fake news distributed in social networks to scary citizens of Kyiv. Emergency Ministry denied it
Police inspection in Novosasitli of Dagestan: Ural and APC of Russian army
Russian army sets up checkpoints near Strilkove in Kherson oblast
Strelkov live: Ukraine is preparing for a full-scale war with Russia
Girkin, user "El Murid" and Putin in the background
Igor Strelkov are not going to return to Donbass from Moscow in the near future
Grad shelling in Donetsk
#Strelkov: "You can't think up more shameful agreements than those that were made in Minsk."
#Ukrainian border guards are digging 3x3m trench on the border of #Odesa oblast & #Transnistria
Russia has cut gas supply to Poland by 45%.
More Hasidim piligrims will travel to Uman' this year
The first production line of the famous feta cheese was launched In the Vologda region
Russia cut gas supplies to Germany - E.ON. Germany says it will not affect the internal situation.
The Pacific fleet of Russia during the inspection will destroy the " group of enemy ships and submarines"
Putin urged Shoigu to check the readiness of regions to work in wartime
Kharkiv, Patriots gathering to go to dig trenches
Putin orders surprise readiness check of Eastern Military District - Russian Defense Ministry
Patriotic art mood in Dnipropetrovsk. New trend in Ukraine - painting everything you see yellow and blue
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