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18 สิงหาคม 2018

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7- ISIS terrorists launched attacks to capture that strategic road all day but failed, and 15 of terrorists killed during clashes #Kobane
Riot police outside the University of #Athens to prevent potential occupation
Powerful image of a Palestinian child looking over destruction in #Gaza.
Daesh still in control of Tikrit
Dovzhenko film production studio is burning in Kyiv
Robotic lander lands on the surface of a comet, making history
Libyan Army carried out airstrikes in #Derna today.
The Russian army artillery didn't stop shelling Ukrainian #Avdeevka
The Russian army artillery didn't stop shelling Ukrainian Avdeevka
#Ukrainian tanks near Donetsk airport
Ukrainian tanks near Donetsk airport
#Israel’s #UN envoy condemns the Security Council for ‘remaining silent during the recent rise in violence against Israelis.’
OSCE secretary general says separatists may be preparing for a military operation near Mariupol
#Syria: rebels of the #FSA-aligned Alwiyat wa Kataib Shuhada Ahmad al-Abdo moving around in the desert near #Damascus
Russia moves 1L219M "Zoopark-1M systems to Donbas. Seen near Torez
Islamic State supporters attack Americans Istanbul
Kyiv owed 2 billion rubles to Crimean defense companies - Aksenov
Russia's Shoigu Says Long Range Bomber Patrols To Be Extended To Gulf Of Mexico
Russia's Shoigu Says Ukraine Situation, Nato Buildup Merits Readiness Of Southern Military District
Turchynov and Taruta checks the readiness of the defence of the frontiers in the area of the ATO
UK MFA threatens Russia "consequences" cause the Russian troops in Ukraine
Kharkiv' state administration evacuated after bomb threat
Ukraine prepares for war - MoD
In a downed Armenian Azerbaijani army helicopter killed three pilot
Kurdish women in Silopi, continue picking cotton to make donation for #Kobane
After Azerbaijan shot down Armenian combat helicopter -Battles with automatic weapons
#Azerbaijan shoots down #Armenian helicopter in #Karabakh
Heavy shelling in Avdiivka, burning houses
France to vote on recognition of Palestinian state on 28 of November
Russian helicopter flight over occupied Donbass region
Russian helicopter flight over occupied Donbass region
Last Lenin statue was toppled in Kryvyi Rih
Russian forces intensified shelling cities of #Luhansk region, residents are hiding in basements. - Luhansk administration
Col.Lysenko @NSDC_ua Spox: Russia continues supply of armory and militants to eastern #Ukraine
Cossacks Perevalsk #Luhansk #Ukraine collect,repair captured military vehicles
#Luhansk, seen at 11am : a column of 15 trucks without license plate. Tagged in the name of the battalion Zarya
Bomb explosion in Tobruk #Libya on busiest road where intelligence HQ is located and parliament.
A heavy #JabhatAnNusra army column moves in #Idlib province to fight vs. #Assad in Hama
A heavy JabhatAnNusra army column moves in Idlib province to fight vs. Assad in  Hama
Israeli Border Police officer detained on suspicion of killing Palestinian youth on Nakba Day
#US-Stealth Drone RQ-170 Sentinel Posed in Guam
The robber who stormed into a midtown Manhattan jewelry store today may still be in there
High speed police chase ends in massive crash which misses Sky News presenter 'by an inch'
11 women die after #sterilisation surgeries in #Chhattisgarh
Iran announces new long-range radar system (2500 km)
Shell hit apartment block in Donetsk
In Zaporozhye, one of Lenin' statues downed
UN: Ban Ki-moon is "deeply concerned about violence and killings in #Israel and the #WestBank
Cement barricade set up at bus stop where Terrorist ran over & stabbed multiple people yesterday
Polish police used water cannon on 100s of stone & flare-throwing masked far-right rioters
Hong Kong authorities plan to take action at protest sites
Large Fire And Multiple Explosions in Oak Park, Illinois
UN special envoy to Syria says Assad has responded with "constructive interest" to suspend fighting in Aleppo
#Syria: humanitarian aid arrives in regime-besieged al-Waer, a suburb of #Homs
ISIS Minister of Finance in Diyala, ISIS head mufti of Salah al-Din arrested in Kirkuk
#Iraq. the liberation of central Baiji. Pockets of resistance being confronted.
UNSC on Ukraine will hold tomorrow
Russia will build up to 8 new nuclear reactors in Iran for ‘atomic energy,’ state media says
Chief of SLPD: Officers recognize, will protect free speech, but "acts of violence will not be tolerated." #Ferguson
#Iraq; reports that 11 US Apache AH-64 helicopters have arrived in Anbar & a few of them flew sorties over Haditha today, looking for #ISIS.
Poland's Independence Day 2014, Warsaw
Lava engulfs the first house in Hawaii
An aid convoy of 9 trucks entered the besieged Al Waar district in Homs today
#Mexico: Clashes break out between protesters and riot police in #Chilpancingo
Protesters with makeshift weapons clashing with police near Acapulco airport:
The red army monument under the police protection
NATO bolster defenses #Ukraine/#Poland boarder with British Challenger II tanks
First combat deployment of the Iraqi Army's new TOS-1A thermobaric MRL in an urban area, hitting central Bayji
Mexico protesters torch ruling party regional headquarters
#IndependenceDayPoland: rally against Polish Government accused of having many Russian agents
Car bombings in Al-Sha'ab neighborhood in #Baghdad. Reports of 4 casualties & 11 others wounded. #Iraq
#OSCE_SMM observed convoy of 43 unmarked green military trucks in eastern outskirts of Donetsk on 11 Nov. Spot
NATO: Russia placed weapons capable of carrying nuclear warheads in the occupied Crimea
Warsaw now
Rally in Roma
The Netherlands has postponed the removal of the wreckage of the Boeing from crashsite
IMF mission Arrived in Kyiv
#Ukrainian forces came under mortar fire near Zamozhne. 4 servicemen are injured |EMPR
Place of the night explosion in Kharkiv.
@Yuriy_Sergeyev: I think UN should be informed asap that Russia is planning full-scaled invasion into Ukraine. latest facts prove it and leave no doubts
The contents of "humanitarian convoy" from Russia
Polish nationalists celebrate Independence day
NSDC cofirm huge explosion in the sea near Mariupol
Hospital: Palestinian shot dead by Israeli forces in Hebron al-Khalil
Another military convoy arrived in Donetsk
Putin clapping Obama on the shoulder at APEC, photo via Kremlin
Iran says it has flown captured US drone
In Luhansk bus with militants exploded on own grenade. There are dead
Obama and Putin discussed Ukraine, Iran and Syria: White House confirms
#OSCE and representatives of the security Council of the Netherlands arrived at the crash site of #MH17 , the debris is not yet taken.
With 2 weeks to go, will #Iran, US & EU reach nuke deal? Iran's FM says "eventually"
Military vehicles transporting via Kerch' ferry
Pakistan army fires at Indian positions on Line of Control
Xi Jinping says hopes #China, #Philippines can return to past understanding on sea dispute
Poroshenko wants to stop World War 3
Daily military convoy on the way to Donetsk. 36 Trucks, 8 Grads,7 D-30, 2 AA 4 trucks.
Putin talked with the PM of Australia about MH17 disaster
At least 2 Palestinians injured, 1 critically after a fire engulfed a fuel truck at Kerm Shalom crossing between Gaza & Israel
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