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23 อาจ 2018

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[email protected]: Another 11 lives lost, 17 injured by Russia-backed separatist shelling of a passenger bus in Ukraine. Russia must end its military support
Two-year-old girl was killed in Hranitne by Russian shelling
Russia Could Revise Commitment to START Due to '"Unfriendly' US Actions"
Lithuania’s MFA: Condemn killing of civilians in Buhas, #Ukraine. #Terrorism is an unfortunate but foreseeable outcome of separatism
Russian MFA: "We Are Ready To React To NATO's Increased Presence In Eastern Europe
Poroshenko states that he has asked EU Parliament President @MartinSchulz to declare DNR and LNR as terrorist organizations today.
Some territories were lost, but over 50 Russian soldiers killed too - journalist
800 Russian Troops Stationed Near Finnish Border
President Poroshenko about the terrible tragedy near Volnovaha
President Poroshenko about the terrible tragedy near Volnovaha
Donetsk this evening. Russian forces fire #Grad missiles from inside Donetsk
Donetsk this evening. Russian forces fire Grad missiles from inside Donetsk
NATO Military Commander: Fighting Has Resumed in Eastern Ukraine
US Army's 3d & 2d Cav to train with Lithuanian Forces--Operation Atlantic Resolve
Russian TV filmed how militants fired Ukrainian roadblock and passenger bus, - media
Protest against the municipal newspaper that supported DNR In Druzhkivka
A fire at #Donetsk live feed now
#USA ready to give Ukraine $1 billion after reforms, #Yatsenyuk waiting for $2
6 wounded soldiers at Donetsk airport per day, - #The General staff
Militants shelling Hranitne with MLRS GRAD and self-propelled artillery
Heavy shelling close to Donetsk airport
Video of artillery strike right in front of the @Ruptly webcam in Donetsk
Video of  artillery strike right in front of the @Ruptly webcam in Donetsk
"Cyborgs" will no longer be humiliated by militants searches
Kharkiv plant develops hybrid of tanks and APC
#Ukrainian army has started bombing #Donetsk city. Explosions going off everywhere inside the city
Shells landing very close to #Donetsk stream camera
NATO increases the intensity of its exercise in Baltic region in response to increased Russian activity
Today, 15 employees of traffic police of the Ternopil region went to the East of Ukraine to replace their colleagues
Route "Donetsk - Mariupol" closed for passenger transport
Mikhalkov, Porechenkov and Rogozin want to fight for the "minds" in "Patriotic" movies and TV.
General Bondar: in Donetsk airport 6 wounded. The situation stabilized
200 people who didn't participate in hostilities became the status of the ATO member
Russian Army troops in #Luhansk
Russian Army troops in Luhansk
#Donetsk airport reportedly now fully under #DNR control according to @Ruptly producer on ground
Militants in social networks before: "Destroyed Ukrainian checkpoint near Volnovakha!"
Russia did not let 9 tons of Ukrainian lard to the Crimea
Bus shelled by militants near Volnovaha. 10 civilians were killed
Destroyed house in Dokuchaevsk
Russian militants fired near Mariupol
Seleznev: among the civil dead near the Volnovaha - 6 women and 4 men.
Report: Russian artillery hit civil bus near Volnovakha, At least 10 dead
Boxes from Supply convoy in Makiivka on 11 January
OSCE Chief Monitor Apakan thanking @UKinUkraine @SimonSmithFCO for donation of 10 armoured vehicles
Bereza: The situation in the Donetsk airport is critical
MoD in Parliament
#Luhansk Authorities decided to return heavy artillery to the front line & mobilise "people's militia"
Lifenews: Railway gas tank with bomb came to Russia from Ukraine
#Lysenko: #ultimatum of militants - is another attempt to attract attention
"MPs" want to demolish the theater in Simferopol
"LNR" threaten to bring on advanced line heavy artillery and go on the offensive
In #Donetsk airport happend real hell: militants have proposed "cyborgs" an ultimatum to 17 hours
Several SA-22 Greyhound near Ukrainian border
#Donetsk. Airport. Photo of the fallen tower
Rada supported the bill of judicial reform, alternative of presidential bill
Skip of persons and vehicles through the checkpoint "Hnutove" was temporarily discontinued as a result of terrorist attacks
Last night ATO forces fixed the bigger amount of explorations and drone flights from Donetsk, Odessa and Lugansk regions
The number of killed troopers in an road accident increased
Putin was "gouged" eyes in Sevastopol
Militants issued an ultimatum to Ukrainian fighters in airport
Evacuation of ethnic poles from Donbass
Militants in #Dokuchayevsk started firing position of the Ukrainian army
Russian internet & media watchdog agency Roskomnadzor addressed publications demanding not to publish any cartoons on the religious leaders
The law on the overlap of the gas and oil pipeline from the Russian Federation for the period until the release was applied
Wheat of Ukraine and EC will displace Russian wheat on the world market
Joint Staff forecasts the beginning of the active fighting in the ATO area provoked by Russia and militants
The Russian army is waiting for new tanks, planes and rockets in the new year
Banner in support of Nadezhda Savchenko was hung in Rada
President's Roshen Candy stores were targeted by vandals
Fire in Luhansk region intensified, One civilian died in #Schast'e
In Novosibirsk (Russia) unknown "dressed" the monument to Lenin in red pants
Russian automaker of Lada company announces that it will raise prices on Thursday by 9%, largely due to exchange rate
The SBU detained the organizer of the explosion in the"New Post Office" in Nikopo
Ukrainian "Cougar" in Vol'novakha
Rally in Kyiv near Prosecutor General's office
Avdiivka, Pobedi street. Conseqences
Wheat from Ukraine and the EU will replace the Russian, - U.S. Department of agriculture
Large fire burning in #Donetsk
Large fire burning in Donetsk
[email protected] is ready to give the status of a special economic zone to Donbass
Control tower of Donetsk airport collapsed
2 SA-15 Gauntlet near Ukrainian border in December
#Donetsk Column of 10 Ural trucks
Smoke over #Donetsk airport as fighting continues
Smoke over Donetsk airport as fighting continues
#Donetsk explosions, every 2-10 seconds
Russian army continues to shell Piski
Flares over #Donetsk
Poroshenko received biometric passports the first in Ukraine
MasterCard advances processing of cards on the base of National system of payment cards in Russia
Shells hit Chapaeva street in Donetsk
19-year-old girl sniper was detained in Donbass
Lavrov: brothers Kouachi fought in Syria, carried out tasks of the West
Cyborgs, defending #Donetsk #airport rotate,passing Russian invasion tank
Cyborgs, defending Donetsk airport rotate,passing Russian invasion tank
Stanytsia Luhanska after a reinforced fire of MLRS "Grad"
#Navalny announced a series of mass protests
Kuprin street, #Donetsk, Tank & military warehouse
[email protected] give his biometric data to the new passport
The President approved the development strategy of Ukraine till 2020
#Avdiivka, consequences of shelling
Donetsk. Burning car
#The Ministry of justice created a group for the revision of the law of #lustration
Zacharchenko: We won't allow peaceful rotation anymore
Zacharchenko: We won't allow peaceful rotation anymore
#Ukraine takes 127th place in rating of freedom of speech
1 of tanks handed over to army by Poroshenko abandoned on road as it fails to start
Donetsk Republic militias claimed they were ready to repel the attacks of the Ukrainian forces
The Russian banks refuse to buy UAH in the Crimea
Gas pipeline hit in Donetsk. Burning now
Gas pipeline hit in Donetsk. Burning now
Signatures in support of the closure of the Consulate of the Russian Federation are collected in Odessa
Non stop Machine guns, shelling in #Donetsk
Non stop Machine guns, shelling in Donetsk
Belarus may start talks on visa-free EU travel if political prisoners released
"Cyborg" from Donetsk airport was beaten by taxi drivers in Nikopol
Cyborg from Donetsk airport was beaten by taxi drivers in Nikopol
Soros spoke with deputies about the fight against corruption, - Hopko
Sevastopol was again left without water
Militant Lenin wanted to hide in #Russia, but the Ukrainian border guards detained him
Putin militants left Donetsk civilians without gas #ATO
#Donetsk, Abakumova, the consequences of shelling
Top Gear accidentally photographed secret Russian submarine
Ukrainian journalists published map of the separation line in the Donbass
Ukraine has worsened position in the ranking of freedom of speech
Christians from Lviv staged a Nativity scene under fire near Mariupol
Media published a detailed map of the forces separation in Donbass
In the Donbass there are more Russian militants than ATO forces
Near Mariupol christians from the city staged the nativity scene under fire
Donesk. Shelling of Abakumova street. Abakumova mine. Industrial zone
DNR's Purgin: "We've returned to phase of active military activity"
DNR's Purgin: We've returned to phase of active military activity
#LAVROV: Moscow calls on West to stop scenario of military development in eastern #Ukraine
Interpol issued an international "wanted" notice for Viktor Yanukovych and Mykola Azarov.
The head of the GRU of Donetsk Republic General Petrovsky was attempted
#Russia|n troops on the move in #Donetsk today
A 4.1 magnitude earthquare happened this morning in Romania
#Donetsk near railway station. The private sector after yesterday's shelling
The roar of artillery fire at the Donetsk airport
Map of the ATO: the situation in the East of Ukraine on 12th January
#Savchenko decided to extend the strike for two weeks
Daughter of "minister" of "LNR" is studying in Ukrainian Kirovohrad and proud of parents
Pope Francis addressed the diplomatic corps with it the State of the World in which he wished peace in Ukraine
Russian KP, circulation 500,000, saw no Unity March but dangerous crowds of "hypnotized", beer-drinking French.
Kyiv by actions shows that unilaterally decided to stop the ceasefire. - Zakharchenko
68-year-old grandmother took courses on shooting in Lviv region
#Militants got a flame thrower Buratino
Militants got a flame thrower Buratino
The jeep with militants slammed into a route minibus in Donetsk. There are seriously injured.
The jeep with militants slammed into a route minibus in Donetsk. There are seriously injured.
Arson attack on the Communist Party office in Kyiv
The grandmother took up the riffle gun to protect the country at the Lviv region
Building of "Harkivregiongaz" shelled from a grenade launcher
Luxury house of Yanukovych on Obolon embankment transferred to figurehead owner
Ukrainian military will participate in the 11th international exercises required for entry into NATO
Creating "conterpropaganda Russian-language channel" is contrary to freedom of speech, said the Russian FM
In Donetsk and Lviv region three fighters of The National Guard of Ukraine who were killed in an accident on January 5 were buried
Information about checkpoints from the occupied territory of Donbass were told at the headquarters of ATO
"Komsomolskaya Pravda": "Have US organized terror attack on Paris?"
Residents of Lviv region knelt before the dead "cyborg"
Residents of Lviv region knelt before the dead cyborg
At Donetsk airport resumed fighting, - Headquarters ATO
Residents of the Kalininskiy district in Donetsk appealed to the head of terroristic Donetsk Republic
Rates on #oil fell below $50 after a seven-week fall
The coy of assault regiment of the Russian armed forces was wiped out, 55 killed
#UN announced increased military activity at Donbass
An armed clash occurred near #Donetsk airport
Putin called the condition of participation in the summit at Astana
#Volnovaha. Outgoing artillery fire
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