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22 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Source: Soloshenko and Afanasyev swap is planned for today
Fire at Vostochny neighborhood of Makiivka
Stainville, Meuse: France detained friend of French national, who was captured in Ukraine for attempt of arms smuggling to Euro2016
Machine guns fire erupted amid heavy shelling in N-W part of Donetsk
Artillery fighting at Yakovlivka-Mineralne
Reports of shelling from Petrovsky district of Donetsk
Many salvos: Direction Abakumova-Straromikhailivka
Three gun barrels in Makiivka shelling over Avdiivka further
Vasilek mortar is active near Olenivka
Marinka: firing goes on
5 "guns" from Donetsk shelling Avdiivka industrial zone
Donetsk: Yard of Military training department of DinNTU
Artillery volleys in Donetsk
Donetsk on Jun 12 - Flashes of evening shelling
Donetsk on Jun 12 - Flashes of evening shelling
Fighting in Kuybishevsky district of Donetsk
Fighting in Kuybishevsky district of Donetsk
The Ukrainian An-178 in flight at ILA Berlin Air Show 2016
a real prince of Ghana is a student in Cherkasy. He chose to study in Ukraine from among other countries
To the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv laid flowers in memory of the 50 victims in Orlando
Ukrainian fans in occupied Simferopol: "Glory to Ukraine!"
Activists in Kiev demanded to deprive the Russian participation in the FIFA World Cup in 2018
Invaders brought the monument to Russian Empress in Simferopol
UK: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the EU or leave the EU? ICM poll. Remain: 47% (nc)nLeave: 53% (nc)
@Pavlo Klimkin took part in CTBTO Ministerial dedicated to 20th anniversary of CTBT signing
8 fighters of "Right sector" were injured фt the Butovka mine near Avdiivka
The government has created 20 mobile teams to combat smuggling
USA, Russia and Germany topped the list of the world's largest arms suppliers
[email protected]_SMM observed sharp increase in number of ceasefire violations in Svitlodarsk and Horlivka, fewer in Donetsk
A man with a gun was detained by police at the entrance to the cafe in Odesa
Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade on NATO exercises "Anaconda-2016"
During the Anakonda16 forces of @MNBHQ conducted an operation to neutralize the armed groups
Flowers at United States Embassy in Kyiv
DNR "Mindef" issued ultimatum for Ukraine to withdraw troops from area of Avdiivka coke coal plant
Drill at Shiroky Lan
In Simferopol police arrested man with little Ukrainian flag
Church burns in Zhitomir region
NATO chief: Alliance will agree to deploy 4 battalions in Baltic states, Poland to bolster defenses against Russia.
#USSPorter departs Romania to continue operations in the BlackSea.
NATo SecGen: In February, we agreed to enhance forward presence in east; DefMin will discuss size, scope and composition of battalions
NATO SG @jensstoltenberg previews DefMin meetings: We’ll agree to deploy by rotation 4 robust multinational battalions in Baltics and Poland
Constanta, Romania—#USSPorter arrived June 10 to enhance maritime security and engage with Black Sea allies
Head of Genstaff @VikMuzhenko checked drills at Shiroky Lan
ATO spox: Intelligence: Russia strengthens infowar capacities: Russian media is now working near Horlivka, Makiivka, Luhansk
ATO spox: Militant casualties: 2 KIA, 4 WIA. Intelligence: One KIA on June 11 was identified as militant commander Andrei Shein
ATO spox: Ukrainian Armed Forces didn’t suffer casualties, three were wounded in action
ATO spox: Militants shelled Artemove village from artillery today after midnight. One civilian woman was killed as a result of attack
ATO spox: As a result of yesterday militants` artillery shelling of Artemove, a local woman was killed by a shell
ATO spox: Yesterday, 1 flight of enemy UAV was recorded near Avdiyivka
Passenger train caught on fire in Cherkassy
Pro+Russians moving trucks with manpower and ammunition via P66 to Zholobok area for two days in a row - Tymchuk
12 wounded soldiers were brought to Dnipro, 3 in intensive care
THAT Jérôme Boateng clearance against Ukraine
Crimea honors Russian soldiers with statue Russia Ukraine
Right sector named 4 soldiers, who were killed yesterday
Kiev: there was a fire in the court of Solomenskiy district
40 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
Russian forces shelled civil blocks of Artemove with artillery, several houses destroyed, 1 woman killed
Donetsk, night fighting
Donetsk, night fighting
Kostyantynivka can hear the sounds of landings from Toretsk
Ukrainian fans singing "song about Putin lalala" at todays game
Sounds like heavy artillery fired from Donetsk tonight, car alarms ringing
Sounds like heavy artillery fired from Donetsk tonight, car alarms ringing
Heavy artillery attack heard
Heavy artillery attack heard
Horlivka: reports of active self-propelled howitzer and several reactive artillery units
Heavy fire seen in Makiivka
Horlivka "Salvos, like rockets, start audible and flying with hiss, landings towards Toretsk."
GOAL! Bastian Schweinsteiger finishes after a superb ball from Özil. 2-0
Heavy incoming shelling on Avdiivka industrial area
Ukrainian army returning fire on Russian positions in Horlivka
Heavy launches from Donetsk: buildings shaking
Donetsk: outgoing shelling from Bakinsky Comissarov
Ukrainian soldiers at frontline watching #UKR - #GER
Heavy battle reported in Yasinuvata, Makiivka, Donetsk
Fighting in Svitlodarsk area
Memorial held tonight in Kyiv and Dnipro for KIA & WIA incurred fighting yesterday at Butovka & Avdiivka
Yasinuvata: volleys and hits
GOAL by Tor Mustafi #GERUKR 1-0
#Euro2016 Video showing clashes between supporters of Germany and Ukraine in Lille
Euro2016 Video showing clashes between supporters of Germany and Ukraine in Lille
Toretsk towards Shumy has become very loud.
In Odessa honored the memory of soldiers who died yesterday and today in the area of ATO
Horlivka - Shyroka Balka, it seems that AA-gun is firing
Between Ukrainian and German fans clashes in Lille
Horlivka right now - mortars are heard.
In accident killed the head of the Velyka Novosilka civil-military administration
Donetsk: Strela-10 of Kalmius battalion
French authorities say two people slightly injured in violence involving Germany and Ukraine fans.
German and Ukraine fans clash in Lille today
Something is burning in Donetsk
On the ground in Nowa Deba - Polish and Ukainian soldiers #Anakonda16
Hit on Butovka mine, where reportedly 5 killed, 13 wounded
Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade at #Anakonda16
Yuri Birukov show report on casualties of Ukrainian GenStaff to deny mass casualties at Donbass
In Uman' shooting, Hasidic jews involved. One wounded
Pregnant woman and 4 y.o kid were killed in road accident near L'viv
[email protected] @DefenceUA 80th Airborne Brigade personnel during Anakonda16 exercise in @Polska. #LITPOLUKRBRIG
Lone woman walks the streets of Mariupol, Eastern Ukraine in support of #KyivPride
NATO EXER SaberStrike16 kicks off in Latvia - 13 nations, 10 000 soldiers raising interoperability
Toretsk - Salvos somewheare towards the Yuzhna mine.
Press conference #KyivPride2016: "It's a good day for fundamental rights and for Kyiv" @SophieintVeld LGBTI
ATO HQ denies any info on mass casualties among Ukrainian forces
Ukrainian fans in Lille today
Polish minister of internal affairs Antoni Macierewicz visits #LITPOLUKRBRIG in Nowa Dęba today
Plane seen over Sedovo yesterday
Ukr troops incurred no lethal casualties over the last day, 12 servicemen were wounded in action - ATO spox Col. Motuzyanyk
Demo in Kharkiv: activists "buried Putin" near RF consulate
Demo in Kharkiv: activists buried Putin near RF consulate
Kharkiv, Russia's consulate: many policemen and national guards. The Right Sector holds an action there
Mariupol: They say "parade of miliraty vehicles in tribute of the anniversary of the city's liberation"
Kyiv's gay pride rally held without major incidents
Video from the middle of the battle (22:35) in Makeevka. As you can hear,Ukr forces fires back
Video from the middle of the battle (22:35) in Makeevka. As you can hear,Ukr forces fires  back
Destruction in Avdiivka after night attack
50 people detained by police after KyivPride
The Ukrainian army reports an intense Russian mortar and artillery attack on the Avdeevka front between 9pm and midnight. 400 shells fired.
More police gets into the zone where pride arrived, near metro station
Anakonda16 Multinational character of the Exercise with LITPOLUKR Bde @DowOperSZ @DGeneralneRSZ
Over 30 detained already in Kyiv
Animated but peaceful discussion between counter protesters and KyivPride organisers inside police cordon
Kyiv Pride starting now
Battalion Kyiv-1: 4 killed as result of attack on Avdiivka
[email protected] + France ambas: KyivPride about human rights for minority not just majority
Consequences of shelling at Makiivka cemetry
Police in Kiev stopping and searching people before LGBT "Equality March". At least one man already detained.
Big police presence for Kyiv's LGBT "Equality March" amid far-right threats of attack
Police doing random searches at KyivPride
Marching columns forming at #KyivPride
Fighting at Petrovsky district of Donetsk yesterday evening
Fighting at Petrovsky district of Donetsk yesterday evening
MP @Leshchenkos at KyivPride "about human rights and values of Maidan"
Roads are closed. Security on a high level. Plenty of volunteers. Numerous mass media. KyivPride march starts at 10
KyivPride march: 6,000 police on duty, record turnout expected. 1st march in city center
Russian forces 49 violated ceasefire at Donbas yesterday
#kyivpride2016 with @RebHarms, @AnaGomesMEP and Sergii Leshchenko to celibate equality and diversity
Ukrainian fans celebrating @vasyllomachenko's KO win near @TheGarden
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