Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 ตุลาคม 2018
2 heavy wounded soldiers after mortar hit delivered to Mechnikova hospital
Russian militants in Azov uniform
Autopsy tried removing #Buk shrapnel from captain body
Animation made by Dutch Safety Board to reconstruct the MH17 crash
Animation made by Dutch Safety Board to reconstruct the MH17 crash
1 Ukrainian soldier was killed with RPG
New evidence suggests ISIS could have access to nuclear material originating from Moldova.
US Ambassador to OSCE Daniel Baer visit to Yavoriv
Report: Militants shelled Ukrainian positions near Kranohorivka with tanks
Joustra (DSB chair) also confirmed he saw U.S. satellite images taken on 17 July 2014. Gave no further details, "top secret information".
Replenishment of the Ukrainian air force. 2 Su-27 (#54, #57)
Nadia #Savchenko sister Vera banned 5ys from #Russia & can`t testify in trial
Russian tank near Novoazovs'k
"An important milestone in the effort to hold accountable those responsible” for shooting down #MH17 - @NSCPress
Tanks in Kyiv
Malaysia Airlines issued a notice saying that on 28/4/14, planes lost GPS over eastern #Ukraine
PM: Justice must be done for all of the victims of #MH17 - today’s report brings us one step closer to establishing the truth
#Russia wanted #DSB #MH17 report to include data from its MoD briefing
Exhibition of military equipment in Kyiv
Russian electronic warfare unit in Donetsk today
On Wikipedia edited article on Buk missile
#MH17 was a planned terrorist act that occurred on Russian-militant-held territory – Vice PM Hennadiy Zubko
More wreckage in another shed on this airbase #MH17
Video investigation crash flight #MH17
Video investigation crash flight MH17
#Ukraine should have closed air space over war zone: MH17 inquiry - AFP
3 areas that Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine believe were the launch site of the missile that downed #MH17
BUK missile Warhead 9N314M detonated less than 1 cubic square metre above and to the left of the cockpit of flight MH17
All other weapons apart from surface to air missile have been excluded DSB #MH17
Dutch Safety Board says flight MH17 was shot down by a Buk missile fired from Eastern Ukraine
Airspace over Ukraine should have been closed, but “Ukraine authorities failed to do so,” says Dutch Safety Board head
The other side of #MH17 cockpit reconstructed
Near Lysychans'k SBU had seized a large arsenal of weapons including MANPADS
A US Navy P-3C Orion arrived in Romania for a 3-day anti-submarine warfare exchange with the Romanian Navy.
First images of reconstructed #MH17. You can see holes in side and one side blown off
Multiple holes #MH17
The MH17 reconstruction is partial and on a frame. About 20m in length.
The reconstruction of the downed Boeing #MH17
SBU detained militants who had prepared terrorist attacks in Kramatorsk
Ukraine PM blames MH17 downing on Russian security service
Russian propaganda has been acting in #Ukraine for approx 10 years before military conflict - R.Kavatsiuk,Advisor to Chief of General Staff
The results of the investigation on MH17: Relatives of victims were told about the attack of Buk
First copies of #MH17 aviation report
AP: relatives of victims of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 have been told the plane was brought down by a Russian-made BUK missile
Poroshenko had a phone conversation with PM of the Netherlands Mark Rutte on investigation of #MH17
Russian Almaz-Antey Buk test
Dutch Safety Board will present MH17 crash reports at 1.15 p.m. at Gilze-Rijen air base, after which reports will be published.
Mall in Mukachevo was shelled with RPG
Russia starts #strategic missile forces exercises
Tusk had phone call with #Ukraine president @Poroshenko on Minsk implementation, trade & visa liberalisation.
Forces from Belgium, Lithuania & Luxembourg train in Exercise Baltic Piranha
#SBU exposed the saboteur who tried to plant 11 kg c4 bomb in public place in Dnipropetrovsk
SBU exposed the saboteur who tried to plant 11 kg c4 bomb in public place in Dnipropetrovsk
Inquiry finds #MH17 shot down by Russian-made BUK missile: Dutch paper
Chilean journalist at Moscow presser: "Why does Russia always change its story on the MH17 events?"
Almaz Antey's basic argument: MH17 was not hit by I-shaped shrapnel from a (modern) 9m38m1 and it was not fired from near Snizhne.
Missile explosion test by Almaz-Antey. #MH17
Chisinau's Mayor accuses Russian security officials of orchestrating protests in Moldova
Main thrust of Almaz-Antey's explosion results is missile hit #MH17 straight on, meaning couldn't have been rebels
Almaz Antei performed their MH17 experiment with an Il-86 on 7 Oct they say. Dramatic music and BUK pics
Nezav.Gazeta: "Relations btwn Russia & West are so bad, that the question now isn't how to improve them, but how to avoid serious conflict"
In new York, @PavloKlimkin met with the Secretary-General @UN Ban Ki-moon
The access of OSCE observers to the border will ease the situation in the zone ATO, - Tandit
In Kyiv, visiting US senators highlight necessity of anti-corruption drive in Ukraine
Oct 10, OSCE UAV continued to record mil equipment (mainly tanks) in "DPR"- controlled areas
Advertising in Donetsk "Why it is better to fight in Syria"
One man killed by explosion in Kryvyi Rih
Two APCs in Kyiv center — 1 hour to "Reid. The power of the undefeated" premiere
Ban on flights to Ukraine extended to all Russian airlines
At the #MH17 crash site it's still possible to find what appear to be tiny pieces of wreckage
Military enlistment office is on fire in Donetsk
Ukraine official comment on #MH17 report - Vice-PM Hennadiy Zubko briefing on Oct, 13 at 15:00 at @uacrisis
Poroshenko will visit Luhansk region on Tuesday - the site of President of Ukraine
Putin spokesman says that #Russia is "disappointed" at lack of "cooperation & involvement of Russian experts" in Dutch #MH17 investigation
#Estonian army troops and vehicles are heading to Trident Juncture the biggest #NATO exercise in over a decade
Court hearing in case of Savchenko has started. First witness - A.N. Zhabbarov - separatist from so-called "LNR".
#Russia renews gas deliveries to #Ukraine after receiving payment: Gazprom CEO
In Zhytomyr region in road accident with participation of the Polish Consul killed six people
Russian militants at Buhaivka near Alchevsk
In Riga again destroyed the exhibition of the Euromaidan
Power supply Melitopol' - Dzhankoy is suspended
41th supply convoy from Russia is on the way to Ukraine
Apartments of the leaders of the Ukrainian party "Freedom" are being searched
Miitants shoot on Ukrainian positions in Shyrokyne last night
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