Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 November 2017
Russia Baltic military actions 'unprecedented' - Poland
#Media cited a possible reason for the closure of the airport in #Dnepropetrovsk: terrorist threat
Russian military aircraft almost crashed into a passenger airliner in Sweden's airspace
Poroshenko: Ukraine will not recover nuclear status
Here is #Cougar armored vehicle of AZOV after the fight with the Russian militants
Girkin: Come spring and the population of the devastated Donbass will hate Putin.
#Donetsk shops resume to accept credit cards - huge queues now
National Guards received special transport vehicles to shorten response time during frontline operations
Police cordoned "protest camp" in Kryvyi Rih to prevent clashes
Russian militants in Shakhtarsk
The permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE: the Truce in the East of Ukraine has achieved in many aspects by Russia
The Guardian: Former commander urges #Nato to send arms to Ukraine #Ukraine
The CAA has banned flights to Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhye
"Ukroboronprom" signed a deal with the Barrett Firearms
The U.S. support for Ukraine's regrettable - Russian MFA
On 12 of December #Novorossiya issued a Declaration of State Sovereignty
Ukrainian positions near #Mariupol were attacked 4 times in the last 24 hours, incl. 2 small arms + RPG attacks in #Chermalyk.
Headhunter of mercenaries for terrorist gangs LNR and DNR detained in Bukovyna
Oplot column is directed towards Mariupol
Oplot column is directed towards Mariupol
Announcement of the recruitment militants posted up in LNR
The author of the poster "Kill Colorado!" ask for asylum in Ukraine
Pupils were sent to parade of militias in Krasnyi Luch forcibly
Pupils were sent to parade of militias in Krasnyi Luch forcibly
Militants, who were destroyed near Pavlopol, had documents of Ministry of Defence of DNR, russian military meat kit and russian military bandage pack
United States would not consider Ukraine as a major partner non-NATO allies
Militants have held parade in Krasnij Luch
Russian writer is persecuted for poems about Ukraine
President of Lithuania is under information attack
Apartment of famous activist, who threw into a Porechenkov toy gun, was searched in Moscow.
Militants have resorted to next provocation near Pavlopol, - ATO headquarters
Kobzon was selling t-shirts of "Novorissiya" in the Duma
Minsk residents stood with a poster against Putin at the metro Oktyabrskaya at 15:00. Riot police took him at 15:20.
Ukrainian border guards arrested a drunk employee of "Parliament" of "DNR"
Fighters of the regiment "Azov" sleep in military conditions
Militants have made 6 provocative attacks on the Donbass during the day, - Security Council
Ukrainian fighter hit a landmine near Peski
The fighting in Dagestan continues
Obama: Putin "does not have good cards" in #Ukraine conflict.
Officials illegally sold 37 shelters in #Dnipropetrovsk region
Fura of sets of playing cards with the "enemies of the Russian people" was printed for the Kremlin, - media
Flag of "Novorossia" raised in Pavlopol, near Mariupol
Kazakh, who fought for terrorists in the Donbass, faces seven years in prison
News of "truce": two fighters of "Azov" died due to "friendly" militants attacks
The status of ally allows Ukraine to raise the issue of obtaining weapons, - Tymchuk.
Poland noted the unprecedented activity of the Russian military on borders
"Faust" by Goethe saved the life of Ukrainian soldier
Poroshenko has accused India on "love of money" after a visit Aksenov in New Delhi
In Novosibirsk the Monument of Glory was painted in the colors of the Ukrainian flag
US Tanks Are Rolling Across
Poroshenko claimed about real ceasefire - first day without casualties
#Shakhtarsk 3 tankers in the winter camouflage and 2 Ural trucks went in the direction of Donetsk
The ninth supply column from the Russian arrived in Donbass
Ukraine Freedom Support Act passed both the Senate & House chambers today