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25 มิถุนายน 2018

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PM of Estonia: Russia does not comply with international law as EU
Militants broke cease fire 26 times for last 6 hours, - Danilenko
Russian Duma member Vyacheslav Nikonov: Canadian military training mission in #Ukraine will inflame tensions
Ceasefire not holding, banned weapons in use - OSCE's Hug
US @HouseForeign Resolution calling on Russia to #FreeSavchenko
Russian media: Nuclear response from Russia will be devastating than preemptive strike of USA
Shelling around Donetsk
Shelling around Donetsk
Russian special forces had "cleared" Donbass from "Cossacks", - headquarters ATO
Klimkin: Russia refuses to provide full access of OSCE mission in Donbas
Klimkin: Lavrov in Berlin has admitted that Motorola is a thug and does not represent the Donbass.
Heavy fighting in #Donetsk today
Poroshenko has signed law on strengthening of social protection of demobilized
Militants SPA in Novoazovsk district
In Shyrokyne are now 30 to 40 civilians, among them children - OSCE
The court sentenced military in ATO zone to 8 years of imprisonment
SBU detained "official" and "policeman" from terrorist organization "DNR"
In Mariupol and Lisichansk SBU discovered a caches of militants, planned for terror during May holidays
IMF has lowered its forecast for the fall of the Russian economy in 2015 from 3% to 3,8%
[email protected] met w/ @mark_feygin, lawyer of Nadiya Savchenko #FreeSavchenko
#Steinmeier called undiplomatic meeting "Norman four"
Kolomoisky and Akhmetov ready to stop being oligarchs - Lozhkin
Residents of Simferopol did not support idea of renaming street in honor of Putin
During day in Russia burned down 31 thousand hectares of forest
RAF Sends Jets As Russia Planes Near UK Airpsace
Russia violated international law, snatching the sign "Debaltseve" for exhibition
Russian Ministry of Finance: If Ukraine fails to pay $ 3 billion of debt, we will go to court
The city Council was cleared from Soviet symbols.
The General staff reported on the completion of the withdrawal of a battalion #OUN from the Pisky
Russia holds talks with European nations where the Turkish Stream gas pipeline onshore infrastructure can be built
#Ukraine prepares for report to lenders
The police began to investigate the participation of 19 citizens of Luhansk in groups of "LNR"
The constitutional court declared pressure through the law of lustration
The President dismissed O. Motsyk from the post of Ambassador of Ukraine to the USA
SBU issued a warning to two residents of Poltava for their support of DNR and LNR
Kyiv #police arrested 12 protesters near the Highest economic court
200 Canadian soldiers to join U.S. & British soldiers in training Ukrainian troops in war vs Russian militants: @pmharper
Motorcycle collided with a taxi and caught fire in Odessa
"Gvozdika" at western outskirts of Donetsk.
British tabloid included Kyiv distric #Troyeshchina in the list of the most dangerous places on maps of #Google
#Russia has allocated funds for the establishment of pro-government Crimean Tatar TV channel
Easter service in the ruined temple of Donetsk.
#Lavrov: the Glorification of the Nazis in Ukraine may disrupt the Minsk agreements
No ceasefire in village of Shyroknye today, even during visit by OSCE monitors
MP Vilkul wants a referendum on the rename of Dnipropetrovsk
Russia starts "combat readiness check" drills in West Military District
Russian troops deployed from Armyansk to Chongar in North Crimea
Street of Kyiv Rus', that was found in the center of Kiev, was covered with earth
Polish border guards may not be allowed Russian bikers, - media
Press Secretary announced a new "disappearance" of Putin
Russian anti-submarine ship passes through the English Channel
"DNR" declared that dialogue with Kyiv will "only through working sub-groups"
10 cars will go from Lviv in zone #ATO
Sandstorm has covered Khmelnitsky.
Sandstorm has covered Khmelnitsky.
Mistral hull 2 Sebastopol underway for sea trials again.
Police found weapons during the search in the house of the head of the Belogorsky regional Majlis
Rada MPs almost three times increased their salary
The European Commission has confirmed a trilateral meeting in Brussels, - media
OSCE confirms use of 82mm mortars and firearms by both sides today in Shorokine village near Mariupol
Swedish Air Force SVF622 flying off the coast of Kaliningrad and Baltics.
"The Black book of the Kremlin" was showed in Brussels
The security Council of the Russian Federation: Moscow concerned by US plans to deploy missile defense in South Korea
The volunteer said that the militants transported the captives to the Crimea
At the headquarters declare the intention of the militants to throw Grads to Gorlovka
Six fighters of #ATO were killed per day in the Donbass
#Russia has been conducting firing trials with its new PRP-4A #artillery reconnaissance vehicle in Kemerovo region
Separatists of #LNR secretly sent a train with flour on controlled Ukraine territory
Lavrov called detrimental to the peace process "decommunization" in Ukraine
Russian Ground Forces (from Lipetsk) at Vodino staging post, Rostov region, 12km from Ukraine border.
The preparation for the military parade of the Minsk garrison in honor of the 70th anniversary of the great Victory is at the airport Lipky
Bomb treat: Teatralnaya station closed for entry and exit of passengers
The video, where #Kiselev confessed his love to Ukraine, appeared in the Internet
The video, where Kiselev confessed his love to Ukraine, appeared in the Internet
#Donetsk boarding school №4
The reporter of the Russian TV channel "Zvezda" was blown up by "stretching" in Shyrokyne
FSB chief Patrushev: the West will not restore Ukraine, and will turn it in an agrarian country for the cultivation of GMO
One of the organizers of capture of Luhansk SBU sends militants assistance from Germany - the journalist
SBU detained 11 militants who involved in the bombings in Kharkiv
Russian navy ships are conducting anti-aircraft exercises in the English Channel
Rivne #NPP cut off one of the blocks due to a short circuit
Russian inspectors arrive at British war games off the coast of Scotland
#Russia threw in #Donbass anti-aircraft missile system #TOR
#Smedlyaev: a search in the house of the Chairman of the Belogorsky regional Majlis in Crimea
Ukrainian soldiers on the front line celebrate the Easter day
The former Deputy and the leader of the gang "Russian Orthodox Cossacks" was detained in #Odessa
Militants used incendiary shells in Avdiivka tonight
Director of Ukrspeczem and her accomplice were arrested for two months
The terrorists had used against the forces of #ATO tanks and incendiary ammo
Exercise Joint Warrior - Allied submarine near Scotland coast
Yesterday from 18:00 to midnight militants attacked #Ukraine forces 26 times. Most intense situation in Donetsk
Supply convoy truck in Rostov-on-Don
Russian arms exporter ready to sell Iskander missile systems abroad
The meeting of "Norman Four" on #Ukraine: the text of the final statement was published
Russia is preparing open enter of its "peacekeepers" - ATO HQ
Car of volunteers of Kharkiv was burned
In the Black Sea - Guided-missile destroyer USS Jason Dunham engagement with Turkish Allies
70 dogs were killed during the fire at the animal shelter in #Kyiv region
US M1A2 Abrams Tanks Live Fire in Lithuania. 1st BCT, 3rd IDn
US M1A2 Abrams Tanks Live Fire in Lithuania. 1st BCT, 3rd IDn
Festival "GAIVKY" in #Kramatorsk
Area closures for imminent missile tests in #BlackSea and #Barents
UN assistant Secretary General for human rights Simonovic will personally visit occupied territories of Eastern Ukraine
Hurricane #wind stopped the work of a number of trolleybus routes in #Kyiv
#JointWarrior traffic at Leeming, UK
Steinmeier: Speak about ending the conflict in Ukraine too early
After 5 hours Normandy negotiations still ongoing
The fire was extinguished in Kyiv
2 children were injured when Russian mortars hit the outskirts of Dzerzhynsk this evening
Died Prosecutor of Vovchansk district Ivanov. His car flew into a ditch on highway Kharkiv-Vovchansk
Estonia accuses Putin of espionage
The Normandy talks are now drawing to a close with an agreed statement of the chair
Burning stalls on Poznyaki in Kyiv
The foreign Ministers of "Normand four" completed negotiations
Electricity is reportedly off in several districts of #Donetsk
Ukraine needs full access of the OSCE mission in Donbas - talks in Berlin
Entire "DPR" troops are on battle alert
Russia claims it has discovered sattelites spying on its territory
Ambulance sirens and distant explosions nonstop in #Donetsk right now
Denis Pushilin: Kyiv is doing everything to discredit the OSCE mission in Donbass
Reports now of heavy fighting in #Spartak on the outskirts of #Donetsk. #Russia|ns using tanks to attack.
Meeting of "Normand four" in Berlin
Donetsk. Armored vehicles repair base
Polish pro-Putin party can not perform safety discussions about NATO on University of Gdańsk
In Lithuania began NATO exercises "Flaming thunder"
Constructive conversation from @PavloKlimkin in Ministry of interior of Germany on liberalisation of Visa regime
Railway station in Donetsk
Russian military (combat) engineers tactical exercises in Southern Military District
A fourth "Improved Kilo" for the Black Sea fleet will be launched on April 25
Driver, who was selling gasoline in Kharkiv now in hospital with burns
Russian energy minister Novak: Contract with Ukraine on the transit of Russian gas after 2019 would not be renewed
SBU detained train with mineral fertilizers, which militants wanted to take out and sell
Monument to communist Rudnev in Kharkiv. "Was taken to National guard"
OSCE once again issued a statement on ceasefire in Ukraine
Patriarch Filaret: Actions in Donbas can unite Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Lenin monument was toppled in Kazanka, Mykolaiv region
Roskomnadzor has denied right of reading private messages of users of social networks
In Chernigov region burned 16 buildings
In Lviv, at Market square - "Watering Monday"
Russian militants armored vehicles in Makiivka
Heavy shelling in Avdiivka
155mm howitzers brought from the United States for an exercise in Lithuania
The @OSCE_SMM has UAVs but they are repeatedly subjected to hi-tech jamming
#Donetsk separatist officials say there was no journalists killed in yesterday's fight at the airport
Paratroopers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade Support Battalion arrived in Yavoriv, Ukraine
MFA of Ukraine @PavloKlimkin arrived in Berlin
NSDC: UA military positions near Novotoshkivske & Tryokhizbenka in the Luhansk region also came under fire
At least 2 killed in Pisky today. Self-propelled artillery, tanks shelling
We are deeply troubled by reports of summary executions of captured #Ukrainian security forces by Russia-backed separatists.—@WhiteHouse
The Russian conscripts celebrate Easter in Luhansk
In Dnipropetrovsk region boy was killed by ATGM shell explosion
Joint Warrior in Scotland- 40+ warships and submarines, 70 aircraft, 13000 personnel,13 nations
Ministerial meeting of "Normand four" will be held today in Berlin
Russian Defense Ministry rejects Pentagon’s interpretation of April 7 Baltic air incident
On #Easter militants fired from weapons that were supposed to be withdrawn - ATO HQ
In Kharkov Unknown tried to set fire on volunteer
#Russia's arms exporter hopes to arrive at compromise on #Mistral JSS ships over next two months
10 hectares of forest burning in Kyiv region
Sniper and machine-gun fighter of DNR were killed near Mariupol
In St. Petersburg scientist was accused of spying cause SMS sent to Ukraine
Russian forces firing anti aircraft guns vs. an Ukrainian drone over #Donetsk city last night
Russian forces firing anti aircraft guns vs. an Ukrainian drone over Donetsk city last night
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