Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 October 2017
Car hit truck with military equipment near Mariupol. Woman dead
Occupied Yasynuvata under Russian forces fire
Russian soldiers at port Qavqaz on the way to Crimea from Checkhov
Booms heard in the area of Mineral'ne - Yakovlivka from Makiivka
Heavy artillery sound in the area of Donetsk airport: possible hits at Yasinuvata road checkpoint
Russian self-propelled artillery at Donbas
Echelon in Sevastopol on 05 August
"Revolution is inevitable" - protesters demand SBU chief and military prosecutor to resign
Protest in Kyiv: large police presence
"OUN battalion" marching to the ministry of internal affairs
Collective prayer at the house of one of the defendants in the "case of Hizb ut-Tahrir" in the Crimea
"OUN battalion" gathering today in central Kyiv to protest against criminal cases on volunteer fighters
1000 security forces members protecting Kyiv today
Russian forces shelled bridge and checkpoint in Stanitsa Luhanska
Russian SAM Buk-M2 in Smolensk on 28 July
3 Ukrainian military were wounded at ATO zone on 13 Aug
RuAF An-124 82013 toff UKFG about 10:05 UTC
Large queues in Northern Crimea
Helicopters at Dzhankoi airbase
Damaged school in Horlivka in night shelling
US moving tanks and armored vehicles to East Romania, Smârdan
Kerch ferry resumed service after storm
Flash floods in Yalta amid heavy storm
56 ceasefire violations by Russian forces on 13 August at Donbas
Dokuchaevsk: Self-propelled artillery outgoing shelling
Orlando Bloom told Donbas children about mine safety.
Heavy hits in Toretsk
Horlivka: heavy artillery fighting
Ukrainian soldiers at Warsaw military parade rehearsal
Recent photos show Russian military equipment deployed in Rostov Oblast, Russia.
Russian Radar near Kerch
Ukraine border guards spot Lynx aerostat, Mi-8 helicopters on border with Crimea
DNR group: Ukraine pushing artillery to frontline
Body of soldier with gun wound was found at Shirokiy Lan firing range
Fighting at Avdiivka industrial zone - Yasinuvata checkpoint
Dnipro: many wounded brought today to city hospitals
Despite attack on activists anti-war protest continues in Moscow
"NOD" and "SERB" organizations attacked anti-war protest in Moscow, beat activists
Anti-war protest in Moscow
"Sky Shield 2016" drill
Protest against Russian aggression in Riga
This night has been seen a column of military vehicles on the streets of Kyiv, Ukraine.
1 KIA and 2 WIA among UA servicemen in E Ukraine over the last day - official
New Ukrainian radar MR-18
Russian "Barier-T" satellite communication station at Donbas
"Equality March" in Odesa
Odesa: March of equality to be held: police blocked Prymorskyi Blvd
This night has been seen a column of military vehicles on the streets of Kyiv, Ukraine.
Makiivka, Donetsk region, Russian forces last night
Several far-right activists detained prior to "Equality March" in Odesa
RuAF IL-76 78790 landed on UKFB during last night
Partial blackout in Luhansk region this AM, possible damage at Shchastya power station after shelling
SBU seized several cars of Mikhailivsky top management, suspected in $100M fraud
Tel'manove: war audible
61 ceasefire violations at Donbas yesterday
Military convoy near Bilohirs'k Crimea on Aug 10
Military convoy near Bilohirs'k Crimea on Aug 10