Map. History of Ukraine conflict

20 November 2017
Demonstrators gathering outside of US Russian Business council meeting in NY to stop Putin
Last 20 mins in #Donetsk, booms of Heavy artillery
Donetsk today. Rally for Referendum
Google maps shows the trenches Vostok battalion has build near Donetsk airport
Again fight at Donetsk airport
Sergey Lavrov: There is the impression that Kiev has something to hide in the investigation of crimes
SBU accused in military protests under the administration of the President of the FSB
Russian com. gives soldiers the order to bombard a Ukrainian village with rocket launchers.
Six Ukrainian soldiers was blown up by stretching and mine one day
Russian hackers said to use flaw in Windows to spy on NATO, Ukraine
First pic of Gubarev after crash
Secretary Kerry says any separatist referendums in eastern #Ukraine will not be recognized by US or intl community
About a hundred activists came under the national hotel where Kernes and invited him to come to talk
In Donetsk people lining up in the queue for porridge from 6 am
Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta: We need to boost the sanctions on Russia. Strength NATO. Arm the Ukrainians.
Russian 45th Kubinka airborne (VDV) regiment from Moscow region and 137th paratrooper-assault regiment from Ryazan crossed border, are in Donetsk
March "Go for you".
Kharkiv now. March of heroes.
US Secretary of State @JohnKerry and Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov take a walk during their meeting in Paris today.
Putin lashes out against Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev without naming him. Annoyed he speaks on behalf of his people.
Luhansk insurgent minister demands death sentence for Ukrainian writer over cartoon
APC in Kharkiv
Near the Parliament. Photo - Andriy Kravchenko
"Svoboda" and "Right sector" deny their participation in clashes near Rada
People in masks, asks the national guard near Rada :" Well, boys, ready to die?"
Broken glass in the building of Rada
The Verkhovna Rada in smoke
#DarthVader campaigning in #Kharkiv for his Internet party running for #Ukraine parliament
Police and unknown "green men" preparing near Rada
Stun grenades
Explosions heard neard Rada.
#Donetsk PM says DPR not ready to pull back heavy weaponry from line of contact because regime of silence was not observed
The Parliament approved Poltorak as new Minister of defense
March of UPA gathered on the Maidan and moved in the direction of the Rada
Poroshenko in the Rada: "We will not longer be celebrating the holidays of other governments in #Ukraine" (in reference to Soviet holidays)
And soldiers going home
Rounds of gunfire heard as fight for #Donetsk airport continues
Wounded military came to tell National guard protesters stop provocations, they turned their backs instead
Russia's largest prison was built in the Leningrad region
National guard going from Kharkiv to protests
Russian general Sergei Andreychenko,Chechen commander for the special forces in Mariupol Andrey Borisov  were killed
Putin now calls for delaying EU agreement with Moldova
Someone throw stun grenade into the Kherson region administration yard
Soldiers chanting "Demobilization"
Rally of military near Administration of President
St. Petersburg tried to bring 375 kg products from Estonia to Russia (fish, cheese and vegetables)
Shelling in Mariupol
Black smoke and heavy explosions over Donetsk airport
Heavy shelling in Mariupol. Black smoke over Talakivka
Militants of "Bes" attacked the "elections HQ" of DNR PM
A third #Lenin has collapsed in #KryviyRih
Pavel Gubarev is in the hospital, in serious condition, after the assassination