Map. History of Ukraine conflict

22 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Ukrainian rally today in Munich
Rally in Lisbon. Stop Putin War in Ukraine
Defenders day in L'viv
Stop Putin war rally in Leon, France
Stop Putin War rally in Moscow, Russia
Intelligence: Russians seized several positions near Vodyane
Azov rally in Kyiv
Defenders day march in Kharkiv
Rally against war in Ukraine held in Brussels
Grenade exploded at Ivano-Frankivsk office of the OSCE
Nationalists rally in Kyiv "Like Avakov"
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
DNR group: NATO instructors were on the board of Ukrainian helicopter
DNR group claimed that Ukraine pushing artillery and tanks to Donbas
Russian bank @sberbank closed it's windows in Kyiv today
Nationalists rally in Kyiv
Rally "Putin, Stop the war" at Russian Embassy in Kyiv
"Svoboda" party rally in Kyiv
Heavy shelling of Vodyane near Mariupol
Shyrokyno is under 152-mm artillery fire.
Blackout in Novozovs'k - power gone after suspected line hit
NATO E-3 AWACS aircraft has landed at Siaulai Air base yesterday in Lithuania.
Russia's budget planning assumes western sanctions and Kremlin countersanctions will remain in place for next 3 years
Fifth attempt to withdraw troops from Stanitsa Luhanska failed
Delegation of Italian politics visited Simferopol of Occupied Crimea
Military truck in Novy Svit
ATO HQ: 0 Ukrainian soldiers KIA, 0 WIA yesterday
SBU found 2 caches of weapons in Luhansk region
MP and Azov commander Biletsky criticizes Minsk agreements. Says amount to capitulation
Artillery hits near Sartana
Heavy incoming fire started on Shyrkyno area.
Celebration of October, 14 at Kyiv's Maidan
Defenders day march in Dnipro city
First meeting of Azov political party
Russian propaganda agency citing DNR group: possible there were foreign mercenaries in Ukrainian helicopter
Images: Storm in Sevastopol
Kyiv will take the political steps of the Minsk agreements only after progress in security
Anti-EU sentiment and Ukraine-centrism main parts of Azov party platform
Celebration of Defender's day in Kyiv
Poroshenko: Russian aggression, which is still ongoing - the military threat from the East - obviously in the long historical perspective
25 ceasefire violations yesterday by Russian forces at Donbas
Suspects of preparing acts of sabotage in the Crimea were transferred to Moscow
Incoming shelling heard at Sartana
PACE has supported Ukraine to #StopRussianAggression in Donbas region
Suchchenko and Savchenko lawyer says he is banned from leaving Russia, because he is "in some database".
Russian forces at Donbas on drill
UKRAINE: Latest @OSCE_SMM report details fighting once again on the increase in Donbas
[email protected]_SMM recorded over 550 explosions in Donetsk region against 355 registered during previous reporting period
"Withdrawal of forces at the Donbas will not lead to the loss of territory, the Ukrainian military will promptly react to any threats" - Poltorak
Ukrainian Def. Min. has denied the shoot down of one of its helicopters in Donbass, says it does not use helicopters for military ops.
Russian Putin from "there is no troops at Donbas" to "we have to protect"
E-3 AWACS heading to an air surveillance orbit off Romania to monitor the Black Sea and Crimea
Commander of DNR group Zaharchenko claimed that they hit Ukrainian helicopter
[email protected]_AP's People's Front party calling for Ukraine security service probe into Savchenko after secret trip.
Day of the National Brigade 'Stefan cel Mare' in Moldova.
Putin stresses there is no alternative to Minsk Agreements
Russian troops at Donbas are on battle readiness preparations - intel.
Col. Andriy Lysenko: In Kramatorsk, UA police detained a former guard of militants` checkpoint
ATO spox: In Yasynuvata district of Donetsk region, UA police confiscated an arsenal from a car heading from frontline area
Col. Lysenko: Enemy losses: 3 militants KIA, 10 WIA
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Yesterday, in the Mariupol sector, militants shelled UA positions for 20 times
ATO spokesperson: Yesterday, UA Armed Forces did not incur any casualties, 7 UA soldiers were wounded in action, 2 – suffered concussion
ATO spox: Severest hostilities in Mariupol sector occurred in Vodiane and Shyrokyne: artillery, mortars, BMP, small arms were widely applied
ATO spokesperson: Mariupol sector: In the front line stretching from Talakivka to Shyrokyne, hostilities were most strained
ATO spokesperson: Mariupol sector: In the front line stretching from Talakivka to Shyrokyne, hostilities were most strained
ATO spox: Donetsk sector: militants opened fire with machine guns twice: in Luhanske and Novhorodske
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, militants violated cease-fire government for 14 times
ATO spokesperson: Several enemy armed provocations occurred in Popasna area where militants were active both day and night
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Luhansk sector: Militants shelled UA positions in Stanytsia Luhanska which makes disengagement in this area impossible
Col. Lysenko: Yesterday, in the Mariupol sector, militants achieved a new record in the number of shells fired at UA positions – 777
Col. Andriy Lysenko: Yesterday, for the first time in months, militants did not fire a single shot in Avdiyivka
Weapons withdrawal disrupted in Stanytsya Luhanska vicinity. - JCCC.
Poroshenko informed Hollande and Merkel adviser about the deteriorating security situation in the Donbas
France's Hollande says ready to take part in four-way Ukraine talks
"DNR group" holds military drills to repel "enemy's sabotage-reconnaissance groups"
Saakashvili declared a state of emergency in Odessa
Saakashvili declared a state of emergency in Odessa
36 ceasefire violations at Donbas in last 24 hours - ATO HQ
ATO HQ: Russian forces 36 times violated ceasefire, shelling with 82&120mm mortars and 122mm artillery
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