Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 มิถุนายน 2018

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Palestinian leadership submits proposal to end Israeli occupation to U.N. Security Council
#EricGarner protest in Melbourne
#Ukraine Forces receive 2S-1 Gvozdika
Ukraine Forces receive 2S-1 Gvozdika
#BlackLivesMatter in Seattle
3 black churches in Florida were vandalized with KKK graffiti
#BlackLivesMatter #ICantBreathe Oak Park, IL. Rally for justice.
#ArlingtonMA for #BlackLivesMatter
The 12th man in #Seattle is protesting pregame for #BlackLivesMatter
Secretary @JohnKerry met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov today in Rome:
Andrew Hawkins at Bengals vs Browns
Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra continues its offensive on besieged #Wadi_Al_daif military base. #Syria
#US citizen Ronald Glensor to become head of #Ukraine's traffic police – reports
A large group of Russian #AirForce IL-76 transport planes loaded at Chkalovsky Air Base in Moscow
Turkish journalists detained in police raids
Confirmed: "The Bengaluru police confirmed that they activated #ShamiWitness' account for investigation."
President @Poroshenko asks Security Service & @MFA_Ukraine to intensify efforts on releasing all over 600 #Ukrainian captives & hostages.
Missouri State Highway Patrol searches for car after officer was shot in the face
Police arrested 45 people on Saturday in San Francisco Bay Area
US, NATO Allied and partner nations in emergency deployment training
Africa - UN peacekeepers ‘look on’ as ‘Russia-backed’ war rages in Darfur
#Athens, #Greece, earlier today, riot police attempts to evict Syrian refugees protest camp outside parliament
Maraat al-Numan, #Idlib: According to JN attackers seized several points in Wadi Al-Deif base today. Ongoing.
Group of Russian snipers was eliminated near Mariupol
Shelling heard in Donetsk now
Today Hamas's drone was circulating over the military parade (west Gaza) and IAF's F16s were monitoring from the east
In the stadium of Sevastopol is just a event against UEFA's decision to the Crimea question. Not just a Demo, as well as a game
Activists: Failed Regime attempt to advance from the Tank Battalion in N-#Murek toward #Khazzanat Base in S-#Idlib #Syria
Finland changed the civilian flights routes cause of Russia
#IS has published 2 leaflets on enslaving women, one in al-Raqqah last August & one in #Mosul this month.
Ukrainian Hackers Leak Russian Interior Ministry Docs with ‘Evidence’ of Russian Invasion
Europe bans all Libyan aircraft to overfly their airspace, flights to Turkey are currently suspended from Libya
Russian MP Milonov tried to enter St. Pete gay club, rejected by face control stormed it with riot police
The experts have a snapshot of the moment of missile launch at Boeing MH17, - Poroshenko
The militants "LNR" said that they are ready to resume war
Protester arrests continue in downtown Oakland, 17th and Franklin
Paddy wagon gearing up. Woman in apt: "why are they being arrested? It's not illegal to protest" #oaklandprotest
A couple women in handcuffs seated next to a cop car at 18th and Franklin. #oaklandprotest
Franklin and 17th - many kettled and arrested #oaklandprotest #oakland #MillionsMarchOak
Arrests being made #oaklandprotest
People arrested at Commonwealth Pub on 27th & Telegraph #oaklandprotest
#ShamiWitness | The International Center for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence
#brooklynbridge #ShutItDown
Police have nets out
After going around NYPD kettle, protesters take street of Adams. #MillionsMarchNYC
Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL is shut down
Both lanes of Brooklyn Bridge are shut down #millionsmarchNYC
Senate comes to agreement to vote on final passage of the $1.1 trillion spending bill tonight
Arms linked ready to face any possible police line at end of Brooklyn Bridge. #MillionsMarchNYC
#PDX Occupied Starbucks
Whole crowd raises their fists in solidarity during #EricGarner #MikeBrown #protest in front of City Hall in #SF
Brooklyn Bridge
Police tail is crazy right now protesters right next to the Capitol, DC
Lots of NYPD waiting for protesters on the BK side of the Brooklyn Bridge
One side of Brooklyn Bridge was cleared by police. Some protesters jump on other side.
Marching toward Brooklyn Bridge, NYC
Police blocking Brooklyn Bridge, crowd pushing in. NYPD have batons
Protesters paused, cops paused with them, now march on BK Bridge continues #MillionsMarchNYC
Small plane and two helicopters overhead Oakland, CA
ShutItDown in South Florida
#BlackLivesMatter at San Francisco City Hall
Protester on bullhorn on BK Bridge road: "at the end of the bridge there's a line of cops...we need to stay together"
All Brooklyn-bound lanes of the Brooklyn Bridge shut down
New Ferguson documents released in Michael Brown case
Huge crowd at the courthouse in Oakland CA
SF Sheriffs Dept meets large totally peaceful crowd in full riot gear #incitement
Police line in #SanFrancisco
Cop car covered in protest signs #millionsmarchNYC
Still gathered outside #Powells waiting for the ambulance. #Portland
Police lining both sides of north Calvert street in #Baltimore
Chechnya office of human rights advocate Igor Kalyapin, recently set on fire by Kadyrov supporters
Riot Helmets come out at #MillionsMarchNYC #NYPD
Die-in taking place right now at Market & Powell in SF. #MillionsMarchSF
Blocks-long die-in in San Francisco, CA
#BlackLivesMatter #Justice4All in San Diego, CA
#KansasCity stands with #EricGarner & #MichaelBrown at Legends shopping center
NYPD hq right now
#MillionMarchNYC on Broadway right now
Lots of families at #millionsmarch in Oakland. #oaklandprotest
Die-in at Water Tower Chicago #MillionsMarchChi
One Police Plaza is just a dead end with its size and NYPD barricades. Front of #MillionsMarchNYC turning around
Broadway above Union Square. #MillionMarchNYC
Passing Oakland Tech at Broadway and 45th #Ferguson2Cal
Broadway #blacklivesmatter
People streaming into Foley Square leading up into One Police Plaza. #MillionsMarchNYC
#DieIn at E. Houston and broadway, helicopters overhead #NYCprotest
March on broadway near Canal . Helicopters are flying above . Also cops mock the protesters
Front of the march just got to Worth St and turned east. Back of the group is around 16th
Black Student Union-led march arrives at 14th and Broadway from #Berkeley. #Oakland
@UncleRUSH and @Nas joined #MillionsMarchNYC
#MillionsMarchNYC at Broadway and White Street
Crossing Canal street heading downtown through Broadway. #MillionsMarchNYC
Chanting "let them go!" As arrested protesters transferred to paddy wagon. #Chicago
Marching down Broadway to NYPD HQ
#EricGarner march continues into the evening on Broadway
Outside the window now on Broadway sirens traffic gridlock #MillionsMarchNYC
Rally in Portland
Police blocking freeway entrance. Los Angeles, CA
Topshop Chicago closed their doors.
Police kettled protesters in Baltimore
By broadway and 8th #MillionsMarchNYC
Helicopter overhead at Union Square as front of march moves south on Broadway from 14th Street. #MillionsMarchNYC
Turning at Union Square heading down Broadway #MillionsMarchNYC
Discussion of joining the Oakland marchers
Die in happening at 21st and Broadway #MillionsMarchNYC
The #MillionsMarchNYC continues down Broadway, with chants of "hands up, don't shoot"
Sea of people at Broadway and E 17. "The whole damn system is guilty as hell" #MillionsMarchNYC
Coming down Broadway. #MillionsMarchNYC going strong hours after starting
Front of the #MillionsMarchNYC on 23rd and Broadway
Crowd chanting "peaceful protest" to draw people away from the car Berkeley, CA
Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest DC
In the heart of Elmwood, a "bougie ass neighborhood" as a speaker put it, on College Avenue.
[email protected] #ICantBreathe #BlackLivesMatter
Protest at Downtown Los Angeles
Front of march passes 30th street moving south down Broadway
Woman arrested, Michigan & Pearson, Chicago, IL
March is taking Broadway. #MillionsMarchNYC
March. Block. #Seattle
#MillionsMarchNYC police redirecting south onto Broadway
NYPD says there's 50,000 to 60,000 protestors right now in NYC #MillionsMarchNYC
Front of the march about to take Broadway - turn east onto 32 St
#berkeleyprotests starts
Signs posted outside #Galleria say any protesters will be treated as trespassers and will be prosecuted Houston, TX
5th Avenue NYC aerial view
Crowd gathering in LA to march against the epidemic of racist police violence
Die-in on Mag Mile #Chicago
The #MillionsMarchNYC is at 6th and 24th
#MillionsMarchChi approaching Chicago River
Marching in #Baltimore. "Indict convict send the crooked cops to jail the whole damn system is guilty as hell"
Protest today in Detroit, Michigan
Large die-in happening as black youth read names in Minneapolis, MN
STANDOFF in Chicago Madison/Wabash. Arrests. March goes east
On W14th towards 6th #MillionsMarchNYC
Protestors on fifth avenue #millionsmarchnyc
#MillionsMarchNYC New School throwing in
Speaker reading @Nettaaaaaaaa & co's American Horror Story letter #Seattle
Demonstrators chanting #ICantBreathe and #HandsUpDontShoot on all 4 corners of Trade & Tryon in Uptown Charlotte, NC
St. Louis #BlackLivesMatter protesters march Hall St. in solidarity w/ #Justice4All marches in DC & NYC
Hundreds of Israelis are rallying against racism in Jerusalem. One sign: "We are all Arab drivers."
Too small to march? Others will carry you.
Two protesters relax on a DC police car at the #Justice4All rally against police brutality
Multiple protesters have been taken into custody outside Nashua Street Jail in Boston, MA
On 5 Ave and 13th #nyc #MarchForJustice
Panoramic from city hall of Philadelphia where about 200 protesters are demonstrating for #ICantBreathe
Peaceful protest in downtown New Bedford, reaction to police incidents in Cleveland, New York and Ferguson
Corner of Pennsylvania & Constitution #DC
Powerful protest down 5th ave NYC
Thousands #Justiceforall March in DC to Protest Deaths by Police
Massive crowd just exiting the train at W4th NYC
Marching in Little Rock, AR
#MikeBrown's dad, @attorneycrump at #MillionsMarch in DC
Heavy police presence. Heavier #protest presence. Chicago, IL
Courtney Canada. "It's important to keep it up, to let people know you're serious."
#JusticeForAll begins at State & Jackson in Chicago
#ICantBreathe protestors take over Washington Square NYC
#millionsmarchnyc begins up 5th Ave
#MillionsMarchNYC flyer route being handed out
Starting march down Congress in Austin, Tex
A chopper above Washington Square Park for the #MillionsMarchNYC
#NewYork is ready to march against #Injustice with #MillionMarchNYC
Boston and State police have impeded the march #MillionsMarchBoston
#ICantBreathe in Austin, TX
#ICantBreathe in Washington, DC
Protests at Tower City #Cleveland
People gathering in Washington Square Park for #MillionsMarchNYC
The scene outside South Carolina's Statehouse in Columbia, SC
#ICantBreathe march in Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, Canada
Newark protesters conduct a "die-in" front of the Federal Courthouse on Broad St
#MarchForJustice near National Archives
There is a noose on Sather Gate Berkeley, CA
Hipster cop
Speakers for #justice on steps of #Buffalo City Hall right now
#ICantBreathe march in #DC today
Russia Baltic military actions 'unprecedented' - Poland
[email protected]: Today we're going to tell the world white black brown.. ALL lives matter
#DC #ICantBreathe marching toward the Capitol
Cops getting ready & mounting (in big numbers) for 'Justice For All' Rally in NYC
#MillionsMarchBoston near the State House #ICantBreathe
Boston bike police heading away from demo at statehouse
#Media cited a possible reason for the closure of the airport in #Dnepropetrovsk: terrorist threat
Rioters clash with police in downtown Zurich, rampage through city center
Russian military aircraft almost crashed into a passenger airliner in Sweden's airspace
Freedom Plaza, Washington, DC, already packed
#DCFerguson now Freedom Plaza
Justice seekers - Bladenboro NC
#Justice4All March in DC. Organizers say they're expecting 50,000 today. 100s already here
Poroshenko: Ukraine will not recover nuclear status
Here is #Cougar armored vehicle of AZOV after the fight with the Russian militants
Students at @michiganstateu are protesting George Will's graduation speech
Marching down East Capitol near 16th DC
Syrians who are oppressed by ISIS and the Assad regime are standing with #ICantBreathe
Girkin: Come spring and the population of the devastated Donbass will hate Putin.
Marching to show that #BlackLivesMatter through the bike lanes of Copenhagen, Denmark
T-shirts up for sale near the corner of Joralemon St and Court St NYC
Moments after a suicide attacker targeted an ANA bus in Kabul's Pul-E Artan area. Civilians among dead&injured.
#Syria: people in Deir Ez-Zor have discovered a mass grave of members of the Sheitat tribe who were massacred by #IS
Islamic Front troops fighting the #Assad regime in #Aleppo's al-Breij district
Islamic Front troops fighting the Assad regime in Aleppo's al-Breij district
Portland police arrest suspect in shooting outside alternative high school
#Donetsk shops resume to accept credit cards - huge queues now
in Johar today thousands of people were forced to rally in support of the Kadyrov regime...
National Guards received special transport vehicles to shorten response time during frontline operations
Police cordoned "protest camp" in Kryvyi Rih to prevent clashes
Indian Police press release reg ShamiWitness: Bangaluru police working in coordination with various security agencies
Officials say #IS group shoots down #Iraq helicopter near #Samarra, killing 2 pilots
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