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21 มิถุนายน 2018

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USA declared intention to place in Europe the F-22 Raptor
Klitschko: "UDAR" will not vote for the resignation of Nalivaychenko
OSCE has averaged almost 600 explosions near Donetsk airport and another 180 at Shyrokyne
Rumble in Luhansk
Russian militants attack Stanytsia Luhanska after shelling of Ukrainian positions
Ukrainian MFA recalled that Medvedev needs to agree with Ukraine about his visits to Crimea
If 3 billion of sovereign debt, according to Poroshenko, – a bribe, billions from IMF – organization of large-scale robbery,- Medvedev
Direct hits of Russian artillery on residential building in Avdiivka
Direct hits of Russian artillery on residential building in Avdiivka
Poroshenko will propose to Verkhovna Rada to dismiss Nalyvaychenko on this week, - @BlockPoroshenka
A lot of military equipment of militants on Lenin Avenue in Horlivka
USA are still debating the issue of providing lethal weapons to Ukraine - Nuland
Slovyansk resort (saline lakes). More people than in the Crimea
Allligator 152 Nikolay Filchenkov southbound today
Moscow Says If The US Sends Tanks To The Baltics Then Russia May Send Nukes to Kaliningrad
Smoke in Shyrokyne
Russia will not fulfill the decisions of ECHR in case of Yukos
Russian "Solncepek" MLRS flamethrower at Army2015 expo
Kremlin sought clarification of words Poroshenko about "bribe" to Yanukovich
Poroshenko: a permanent member of the UN security Council became an aggressor
Georgia reportedly buys French air defence system at #ParisAirShow
[email protected]_SMM drone spotted 60 tanks, 6 howitzers, 23 APCs in separatist territory E and S of Donetsk
Russia is trying to destabilize situation and to prevent right of Ukrainians to live in EU, - Poroshenko
US Army transports tracked vehicles on Heavy Equipment Transporters in Estonia during Exercise Able Falcon.
One of the tanks still burning on oil depot near Kyiv, - EMERCOM
Russian embassy asks to see two Russians detained for entering military base in Latvia
Constant attacks on #Pisky, among them 120 mm mortar strikes, killed one Ukrainian trooper today
US Air Force F-16 fighter jets participates in exercises #SaberStrike15 & #BALTOPS2015 from Łask Air Base, Poland.
Zakharchenko: DNR is an independent country and won't be part of Ukraine
In Minsk on 16 June will be a meeting of the contact group and separatists - Kuchma press Secretary
Sweden Denounces Russias Unpredictable Airspace Provocations
McCain: Not Arming Ukrainians “One Of The Most Shameful Chapters In American History”
#An178 interested "Le Bourget" – Kiwa
Russian PM Medvedev visits occupied Crimea
On June 22, EU foreign ministers set to prolong sectoral sanctions against Russia for half a year
#NATO has opened a coordination center in the capital of #Estonia
Purgin does not exclude the merge of "DNR" and "LNR"
#Belarus started drills near the border with Ukraine
Political performance "Ukraine without the shackles of the Russian world"
Russian economy has not yet "reached the bottom"
Zakharchenko has announced offensive military exercises
AF Secretary says she could see a future where the F-22 comes to Europe in light of Russia threat
DNR announced the creation of gas-transport company
More than 100 ha of forest burns after shelling with MLRS GRAD in the Luhansk region
The consequences of shelling in #Avdiivka
Bomb threat at U.S. Embassy in Moscow
Сhildren of Ukrainian soldiers killed during the war arrived in Bulgaria
Poroshenko: volunteers develops for the army will be tested in 2-3 weeks
The Russian defense Ministry has threatened to move troops to the border with Europe
"Givi" said LifeNews that is alive
Kharkiv. Communist symbols were cleaned from the building of management of SBU
An exhibition of Ukrainian defense companies
Volunteers have developed a new camouflage for the Ukrainian military
Lutsk was covered with a heavy downpour
Rally in Donetsk. People are afraid to say their name Zakharchenko cause they could be executed
Rally in Donetsk. People are afraid to say their name Zakharchenko cause they could be executed
Media reports that Moscow has sent a secret peace proposal, though a source says leadership in Kyiv must change 1st
#Picket in Kharkiv: students are demanding to find the perpetrators of slaughter
Media: Ukrainian #shell seriously wounded militant #Givi near Donetsk
Zakharchenko reassured residents of Donetsk. Some begin to disperse, others continue to ask questions.
Border guards detained two cars with ammunition
[email protected] came to the exhibition #UARPA
Economic issues of "DNR" and "LNR" is engaged in the special Commission of the government of Russia – media
The EU handed over to Ukrainian border guards 193 car and 142 of the thermal imager, amounting to more than 7 million euros.
Col. Lysenko: 2 Ukrainian soldiers KIA, 20 got wounded in the last 24 hours.
#Lviv and #Mariupol joined 23-metre embroidered #towel
Serviceman of Russian military base in Armenia found murdered in Gyumri
Ukraine will connect the border crossings to the Interpol system
Residents of Donetsk blocked Artema str. They demand to stop shelling
Russians speaks about propaganda and about nazi in Ukraine. Some people laugh #journosafeOSCE in Vienna
Militants in #Donetsk hold the mortar in the building of Service Station
Explosion at #Kremenchug refinery. One man is killed
Local residents staged Korolevska corridor of shame In #Slavyansk
Nalyvaichenko: We insist on the investigation into the fire at the oil Depot, as ecocide. All the evidence I will pass
Russian forces fired at a clearly marked water system repair company employees in #Popasna, injuring one of the workers
Nalyvaichenko: Deputy of Prosecutor General Danilenko protects corruption. I brought the documents and evidence
Russia's expert Piontkovsky on #Ukraine: nThere will be no Minsk-3. Either #WW3 or overthrow of #Putin.
Paratroopers of shot down Il-76 were remembered In Dnipropetrovsk
Russian officials in documents call occupied Luhansk and Donetsk region as zone "T1" and "T2"
Japan will allocate another $800 million for reconstruction of Bortnychi station
Reports of explosion in Kharkiv
EU may extend sanctions against Russia even without discussion, - Wall Street Journal
Detained Russian soldier Alexandrov wants to sue the Ministry of defence of Russia
Fighters of ATO in #Peski repelled the attack of saboteurs - #battalion Dnepr-1
One tank continues to burn at the oil depot in Vasylkiv
Lithuania - Joint training with our NATO Allies and friends at the Pabrade Training Area
Berezove checkpoint is closed, under shelling all night
Positions in Marinka after fight
Russian militants shelled Mariinka with MLRS
Volleys of MLRS "Grad" in Donetsk
Explosion in Donetsk
2 Ukrainian soldiers killed ,15 injured in battles in #Marinka today
Gunfire in Maryinka
Partial results show Pro-Russian candidate won local elections in Chisinau
The headquarters of the Ukrainian Navy would be stationed in Odessa, - Saakashvili
Gas delivery to Mariupol and Berdyansk restored – Yatsenuk
Pro-Russian militants firing from trenches on the front line in #Donetsk region
Pro-Russian militants firing from trenches on the front line in Donetsk region
In open letter, #IMF to Franklin Templeton led #Ukraine creditor group: IMF backs Ukraine
Landing ship, built in Kaliningrad
Photos of "DPR" units of Russian Ground Forces somewhere in occupied Donetsk region
Patrol police reform in Ukraine in pictures
Ukraine - train with 203-mm self-propelled guns 2S7 Pion
Ukraine - train with 203-mm self-propelled guns 2S7  Pion
Yatsenyuk: not all Western partners understand the level of threat from Russia
[email protected]_pifer: If Russians launched a new major offensive there would be a political change in the US
The fire in Kyiv
2 Ukr troops KIA, 3 WIA in the Russian shelling of #Maryinka
Militants shelling of #Marinka continued throughout the day, injuring at least one civilian
Ukrainian military captured Russian mercenary in Shirokino
Apparently @AFP photographer Aleksander Gayuk has been injured in Donetsk.
Rodina and Novotoshkivske under shelling from Pervomaisk
Russian military aircraft buzzes NATO warships in Baltic
B-52 Stratofortress in flight over the coast of Sweden and USS San Antonio #BALTOPS2015
B-52 Stratofortress in flight over the coast of Sweden and USS San Antonio BALTOPS2015
#US Air Force C130 practices soft runway landing and takeoff in Nurmsi #Estonia
US Air Force B-52 Stratofortresses over HMS Ocean, off the coast of Sweden in support of #BALTOPS2015
US and #Poland in talks over weapons deployment in eastern Europe
Pro-Russian rally at Kulikove field in Odesa
Donbass is on the brink of great war - Pushilin
Amphibious landing and attack drills in port of Rotterdam
In memory of the thousands of inhabitants of Latvia, which 14.06.1941 were deported by Soviet government
Marinka. Shells hit kindergarten
Consequences of shelling of Mariinka School number 1
Pushilin from "Dnr": Kyivs gov needs war in Donbas to cover for its incompetence
Militants shelled Novotoshkivs'ke this morning
#Saakashvili: the road to Romania is a road to the EU
Ukraine's An178 at #PAS15 for 1st time
Head #SBU received a summons from General prosecutors office, which is responding to a statement on BRSM fire
Saakashvili at session on strategical development of Odesa region
Militants shelled Tr'okhizbenka with MLRS Grad
Estonia - Live-fire exercise at the Central Training Area near Tapa
Only one oil tank continues to burn at oil depot in Kyiv region
Swedish, Finnish, UK, US Marine amphibious landing in Sweden | #BALTOPS2015
Swedish, Finnish, UK, US Marine amphibious landing in Sweden | BALTOPS2015
Military propaganda even in Moscows adult advertising magazine
"Antimaidan" plans to gather today in Odesa
#Marinka Permanent shelling. Now and in the Factory area. Very well heard even in #Kurakhovo.
#Marinka. Shells hit 3rd floor of school #1
Attack on Marinka continues
Russian militants used 152mm artillery in area of Shyroka Balka
Ex Naval Chief: UK "appeasing enemies & making same mistakes as in 1930s during rise of Nazism". #Syria #Ukraine
US lobby forces Congress to amend Bill H.R. 2685 based on paid influence by fugitive ex-president of UA Yanukovych
Intel source: "We were forced to intervene, withdraw agents to stop them being identified and killed"
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