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20 กันยายน 2018

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Russian forces along the Ukr-Rus border are now shelling Ukrainian army troops from both sides
Saurivka is bombarded over and over by #RUS GRAD
Ukrainian aviation striking convoys of terrorists on the way from Donetsk to Snizhne
Radio market is burning in Kyiv
Roads to the Berdyansk reinforced with tanks and APCs
Donetsk. Russian T-80 on a wagon goes toward the Motel
President of Ukraine held a conversation with the Vice-President of the USA Biden @VP
"Right Sector" Yarosh declared full mobilization
Parasyuk: Visual confirmation that Amvrosyivka being shelled by MRLS from Russia Now
Airplanes noise over #Makeyevka and #Donetsk
Merkel reassured Poroshenko that Ukraine will get strong support from EU
MRLS Grad shelling Luhansk airport from Yuznhyy district
BRICS: "We express our deep concern with the situation in Ukraine"
Battle for the Suha Balka, the road Konstantinovka - Donetsk. Both sides using MRLS
#US preparing unilateral sanctions on #Russia
Ukrainian military found a cemetery with more than 300 bodies of militants near Krasnyy Lyman
Terrorists blown up a communication tower of the airport Donetsk
Lavrov: it is sad to see Obama's call to extend sanctions against Russia
PM Yatsenyuk discussed situation in Donbass with Polish FM @sikorskiradek
Russian military convoy attacked with bottles and stones in Crimea
Russian artillery entering #Donetsk
Men go to war for DNR from Samara, Russia
Ukrainian units already within Lugansk
Tents to support those who stuck before Kerch ferry
Huge convoy of military vehicles in Krasnodar
Lithuanian President Approves Increased Defense Spending
#Poroshenko meets with foreign Ministers of Poland, Latvia and Iceland
The bill on ratification of the agreement on Association is directed to the Ministry of justice
NATO Jets Intercept Russian Aircraft Near the Baltics up to 50 times a week
National guard found weapons arsenal at residence of Luhansk communist
Putin at the summit in Rio
Russian tanks stop in city centers of Donetsk. #euromaidan
Russian tanks stop in city centers of Donetsk. euromaidan
Demo in Kharkiv in memory of victims of Moscow subway
People come to the Russian Embassy to lay flowers in memory of dead in Moscow subway
Terrorists striked Ukrainian Military with grenade launchers near Izvarino. 8 servicemen dead
Ambulances wait for wounded Ukrainian army troops in Dnipropetrovsk airport
Demo in memory of victims in Moscow subway in Kyiv
The Russian army convoy enters Donetsk
The Russian army convoy enters Donetsk
Assasination attempt on Avakov
Two grenades exploded In the occupied #Simferopol
All Ukrainian tv channels turned off in Donetsk
Activists gathering help for DNR in Moscow
NSC: 258 soldiers killed During the ATO
Sandra Kalniete, the MEP from Latvia
Ukrainian was wounded in the subway accident in Moscow
DNR captured filter station in Carlivka, west of Donetsk region is our of water supply
Ukranian troops left Aleksandrovsk and Rozkishne after terrorists threats to destroy Lugansk
Explosions in Snizhne
Brusnytsya market re-opened in Slavyansk Today
Belarus express solidarity with Ukrainian people
Terrorist shot railway worker in Yasynuvata
European Parliament has elected Jean-Claude Juncker the next President of @EU_Commission.Follow @JunckerEU #EC2014
Military attaches from Europe being shown where a Russian man died after a shell came across the border from Ukraine
Available information indicates Moscow has recently transferred some Soviet-era tanks and artillery to the separatists
Parts of Rus army convoy that came in tonight moves through Yenakieve
Parts of Rus army convoy that came in tonight moves through Yenakieve
Police detained the Secretary of the Slavyansk city Council
Russian drone fly-by over the Ukrainian-Russian border
DNR attacks Donetsk Airport, using something "heavy"
Mortar shelling of the Donetsk airport
Explosions and shooting at Saur-Mohyla
More Russian tanks came to Luhansk
Royal Air Force fly over a crowd during the Farnborough Airshow
NSC: Russia moves forces from Altay to Ukrainian border
#Lugansk mayor announces 3 days of mourning for 17 killed, 73 injured civilians in the past 3 days
UA border guard in Krasna Talivka, Lunansk oblast, was attacked with gunfire from RU territory. No wounded
OSCE monitors visit @MechnikovaBoln in Dnipropetrovsk
5 channel "mined" by anonymous call again, broadcasting temporarily suspended
Ukraine evacuated its citizens from the Gaza. 25 people have already been delivered in #Israel #Egypt
2 unidentified SU-25 violate Ukrainian air space and striked Snizhne
3 people were killed as a result of state of emergency in Moscow metro
8 people killed by shelling yesterday in Luhansk. 1 kid
Putin called BRICS countries to resist the U.S.
Steven #Seagal supports #Putin's #invasion of #Ukraine, sings occupiers hymn
BRICS will discuss today how to stop the bloodshed in Eastern Ukraine
Snizhne now
Militants shelled Ukrainian checkpoint with grenade launchers in Stepanivka
Associated Press: #Ukraine orphans become pawns in civil conflict
OSCE Chairman called for negotiations with militants in Donbass
Terrorists convoy passed Yuvileyne, heading Alchevs'k
Grad shelled Amvrosiivka from the territory of Russia tonight
NATO saying that Russian troop numbers in Ukrainian border region have risen again to 10-12,000
The OSCE will inspect Ukrainian-Russian border using drones
Explosions in Luhansk
MIA Avakov: 585 Donetsk policemen fired
Fires in Metallist after shelling
Chubarov: Crimea is being transformed into a military base
Everything is closed in Donetsk, people are leaving
Vladimir Putin: the BRICS not intend to create a military block
Ukrainian rally in Montreal
Activists urged Ukrainians to boycott Russian invader in Mykolaiv
William Hague steps down as British Foreign Secretary.
Meanwhile in Russian Sochi
Militants shelled positions of the security forces in Metallist
Ukrainians have demonstrated against the delivery of Mistrals in London
Ukrainians protested in #Prague against the delivery #Mistral to #Putin
President of Ukraine held phone consultations with Chancellor of Germany Merkel
BRICS group of emerging economies summit defies Western push to isolate Russia
Ukrainian rally near the French Embassy in Madrid
#Donetsk airport was shelled again by militants
Ukrainians protested against the delivery #Mistral #Putin in front of the embassy of #France in #Vienna
Warsaw has joined the global call to action No Mistrals for Putin #Mistral #Mistral
Field hospital deployed in Dnipropetrovsk airport
NSC Koval confirmed that Ukrainian forces were shelled by MRLS "Tornado" near Zelenoppilya
Powerful explosion heard in Dnipropetrovsk
#Ukrainians in #Argentina support #Ukraine #UnitedForUkraine
Ukrainian soldiers captured arsenal of the weapons of LNR near Luhansk
Ex-MoD Koval: Ukraine is on the edge of large-scale war with Russia
Angela Merkel is subjected to a #Ukraine-related Ribbentrop shitstorm on her Facebook
Russia agreed to allow Ukrainian Consul to visit Nadia Savchenko
#Ukrainians in #Kyiv in front of #France embassy protesting against Mistral warships deal with Putin
Tymchuk: "Two members of crew of a downed An-26 are captured by militants"
Ukrainian planemaker seeks partners, says business with #Russia impossible
Shooting near the #Donetsk airport
Shelling of Luhansk by MRLS GRAD
GRAD shelling in Luhansk
Terrorists shot a minibus In #Donetsk. There are wounded
Explode near the "DNR" headquarters in Horlivka. One dead
Obama and Cameron discussed further sanctions against Russia
Documented facts of illegal crossing Ukrainian border by RF presented to foreign diplomats
Moscow invites OSCE observers to Ukrainian-Russian border
Website of the President of Ukraine: the crew of a downed An-26 has been in contact. Aircraft shot down by a missile launched from the territory of Russia
According to local residents, Mykolaivka near Luhans'k liberated from the militants of RF
Shell exploding in central #Luhansk city
Railway station "mined" In Kiev
Locals reported that militants set GRAD at checkpoint in #Avdiivka
Battalion "Dnepr-1" liquidate militants base and seized an Arsenal of weapons in Mariupol
#euromaidan has cleaned part of Khreshchatyk it is occupied by cars,not tents.
Merkel called for direct talks in Kiev with terrorists
Privatbank office evacuated in Dnipropetrovsk after anonymous call
Kiev: shopping center "Magellan", "Ocean Plaza" - the evacuation. Information about the mining
Ukrainian transport plane downed near Izvaryne
Ukrainian convoy was ambushed on the road M-04
Detained russian saboteurs were preparing explode and murders In Zaporozhye
#Babay(guy with beard and fur hat) gathers volunteers in the Cossack regiment for war in the East of Ukraine
Commander of the militants, Bes, reported to the SBU on trafficking in organs of children in Horlivka.
Rally in France: No #Mistral for #Putin! #France #Ukraine #Russia @coe @NATO
President of Ukraine plans to hold a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine
Russia claim that its territory was bombed by Right sector
Yanukovych filed a lawsuit in the court of European Union against sanctions. So he is alive
Shelves with sugar in ATB market in Donetsk
NSC: The Russian Federation continues to pull its troops to the border of Ukraine
FM of RF: Denial of visas to the delegation for participation in the Farnborough is a political action
Poroshenko invited Hollande to Ukraine
Nuland: Russian actions are an affront to our fundamental values
Ukrainian council was not allowed to visit Savchenko today. This is a violation of all possible rules.
NSC: all bridges are mined by militants In Khartsyzsk
NSC #Lysenko: Ukrainian military not use aviation or artillery in large cities. All such attacks are conducted by terrorists
Allies of Ukraine block the appointment of a Italian, Pro-Russian official to head EU diplomacy
MoD: Ukrainian troops freed Bile near Lugansk too
SBU dismantled a gang created by special services of RF In Zaporozhye
Another bridge blown up in Lugansk region, across the river Aydar
Thugs painted the monument of Independence of Ukraine In Kharkiv
Tymchuk: Russia going to invade on 15th of July
LNR keeps 9 privatbank workers as hostages
Latvian Parliament unanimously ratified EU- Ukraine Association agreement
President holds meeting with heads of law enforcement units. Discusses the tactics of the further actions
Burning house in #Lugansk
Anti-putin rally in Mariupol
Burning Lugansk
#UK suspend cooperation with #Russia in the aircraft industry. #London will not sell #Moscow military aircrafts and equipment
Facebook delegation secretly met with the management of Roscomnadzor
Convoy of 10 units, including GRAD pass throw #rus Donetsk to Izvaryne
MIA Avakov claims that the current Maidan is a project of the FSB
Battles in east district of Lugansk
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