Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 กันยายน 2018

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Ukraine Security Service is investigating Party of Regions Akhmetov & Yefremov on charges of funding terrorism
Convoy of 40 military vehicles went to the border of Ukraine
Hollande urged Russia not to intervene in Ukraine
Combats in the center of Luhansk. Shooting and explosions
Activists have prevented prorussian rally in Vinnitsa
Injured #SpilnoTV #journalist Oleksyij Pivtorak, still streaming after the attack today in Kyiv
NATO Chief Confirms 'Russian Incursion' into Ukraine
Wounded Ukrainian soldiers sing the national anthem in the hospital
These #Russian army trucks just hundreds of metres from the #Ukrainian border after other columns seen crossing it
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
9K33 Osa AA complex in Donetsk
Artillery destroyed militants camp in Donetsk
Terrorist attack was prevented in Mykolaiv
Patriots rally in #Zaporizhia
Convoy of dozens of Russian military vehicles moving in direction of border, just outside Russian town of Donetsk
Echelon of tanks T-72 and covered Trucks in Orel
Heads of administrations of presidents of the Russian Federation and Ukraine met in Sochi
New "humanitarian" white trucks in Rostov region
Something burning near Yasinuvata checkpoint
Terrorists shelling Khartsyzsk with MRLS "Grad"
Britain says summons Russian envoy over Ukraine incursion reports
Russia FM claims Ukrainian "Aidar" battalion mining roads in Luhansk to destroy convoy and then blame insurgents
Polish armed forces day parade
Camp of Russian troops in the Rostov region
Russian military convoy in Ukraine
Russia Air defense systems on TVM-2014 EXPO in Zhukovsky: S-300V, Pancir-S, S-400 and Casta-2.2
Airport is burning in Donetsk
Airport is burning in Donetsk
In Kharkiv strengthening the municipal office of the MIA
Poroshenko: part of Russian armored vehicles were destroyed
Putin: We will do everything to cease fire in conflict in Ukraine
School in Stepanivka
A large Gas main was hit by an artillery attack in #Donetsk
Russian APCs and trucks
the Cathedral in the center of #Luhansk
#Starobilsk, #Luhansk Obl, #Ukraine: #Ukrainian aid convoy arrives. Not quite as Snow White
Starobilsk, Luhansk Obl, Ukraine: Ukrainian aid convoy arrives. Not quite as Snow White
Huge smoke rising over Dnipropetrovsk
Militants attacked the positions of the Ukrainian forces in Starobeshevo district
Ukrainian army in Khryaschuvate
The presidents of Russia and Finland met in Sochi
MFA of Lithuania: 70 military vehicles enter Ukraine from Russia
Shelling hits Donetsk
Ukraine withdrew border guards from Uspenka chekpoint after shelling from Russia
A convoy of Russian armored vehicles entered Ukraine - the NSDC
FSB: the Russian military had not crossed the border with Ukraine
Radar has appeared in a field outside Donetsk (Russian Donetsk)
Russian military heads to Ukraine
Russia is trying to capture the Ukrainian nuclear facilities in the Crimea. Threat for NPT
Sa-11 Gadfly ("Buk")
Russian tanks in Donetsk
Russian humanitarian trucks are almost empty
Russian artillery in Donetsk
Statue of Lenin was toppled in Mariupol
Statue of Lenin was toppled in Mariupol
Trucks near the border
Battles in Yenakiyevo
A dozen of armored vehicles passed by in the direction of the border
Russian singer "Noize MC" in Ukraine. Few days ago.
Military vehicles in Rostov region with "peacekeeping" signs
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Russians attacked #Uspenka border checkpoint
9 Russian tanks passed to Donetsk over H21 highway
Donetsk is on fire now
Parts of Lenin statue are being dismantled in the city of Dnirpro
Russian rockband frontman Andrey Makarevich in turne over freed Donbass
AA complex near Kamensk Shakhtinsky
More than 20 #APCs sent from Russia to Ukraine
More than 20 APCs sent from Russia to Ukraine
Poroshenko discussed Donbass with Merkel
Ukraine closed its airspace for Russian Aeroflot and Transaero
Echelon with tankers (KAMAZ, Ural) In Millerovo, Rostov region
Russia calls for immediate ceasefire in East Ukraine to insure security of humanitarian aid deliveries - Foreign Ministry
Bolotov, the head of the #Luhansk People's Republic is now also gone
Lavrov discussed delivery of humanitarian aid with Ukrainian MFA Klimkin
Terrorists regained control over Pervomais'k, - the NSDC
Terrorists commander Igor Girkin replaced by "Tsar. Just Tsar. That's his name," says ex-DNR leader Borodai
Fight and explosions in Horlivka
Militants regain control of Marynivka checkpoint
Militants regain control of Marynivka checkpoint
ATO forces has freed Novosvitlivka near Luhansk
Two helicopters accompanying the convoy, flying extremely low. And sat in the fields alongside
Hackers also hacked #Medvedev mailbox
Trucks in Russian Donetsk
"Humanitarian" trucks still military green inside
High-rise underconstruction building was burning In Kharkiv
@RolandOliphant Looked in two trucks. One full of buckwheat, the other sleeping bags
In annexed Crimea Vladimir Putin has rejected accusations of annexation of the Crimea
Shells hit malls and university in Donetsk
Putin: Russia will spend about $600 bln on military purposes.
Parliament adopted a Law on Lustration in 1st reading
Maidan activists was beaten In Odessa
Girl in tears carrying her cat, tries to escape after shells hit her street in center of #Donetsk
75 trucks of Ukrainian #humanitarian aid departed to Donbass from Kyiv
Zhirinovsky apparently proposes calling Putin the Supreme Leader
Hole blasted in wall of residential building in central Donetsk
Rada adopted the sanctions on Russia law
Royal Netherlands Air Force Lockheed C130H Hercules is on its way to #Kharkiv
Russian military vehicles near Rostov
Putin began his speech in occupied Crimea
Loud explosions in center of #Donetsk. Ppl running, smoke from nearby building
Russian aid convoy turning at Kamenets-Shakhtinsky for Ukrainian border, per @RolandOliphant
Reuters: Finnish President to meet Putin for talks in Russia on friday
Shelling in the center of Donetsk
Time to clean "Christmas tree"
Ukrainian trucks with humanitarian aid pass Kharkiv
Ukrainian army near Water-supply station in Yenakijeve
MP Lyashko was beaten by another MP in Rada
Peaceful demonstrators near the Rada
Part of Gadfly Sa-11(Buk) AA-complex in Rostov region
2 Rus military helicopters flew over road of #convoy also passed 4 military vehicles
There about 600 Russian militants and some tanks in Rozsypne, Donetsk region
The twitter account of Russian PM @MedvedevRussia has been hacked
Poroshenko have call with Biden, third time in a week
Recently re-sprayed. And not Kamaz but Ural military truck
Dozens of #Russia's convoy trucks heading south on the Rostov road.
Today Putin will meet in occupied Ukrainian city of Yalta with the Duma MPs and public persons to hold an open conversation
#Canada's PM #Harper unfollowed #Russia's PM #Medvedev on Twitter bc 'No interest in following Russian propaganda'
Russian airborne troops holding drills In the Pskov region
Part of the convoy at the Nehoteevka border checkpoint
Almost "Maidan" in #Ferguson near St. Louis, Missouri
The convoy moves towards Rostov-on-Don.
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