Map. History of Ukraine conflict

19 November 2017
Shelling in Olenivka
Report: 2s7 Pion on the move in Donetsk
Avdiivka was shelled with GRADs from Makiivka
Outgoing artillery shelling from Donetsk
Outgoing artillery shelling from Donetsk
Howitzers fire from Bezimenne
DNR: "Ukraine push 4 Tochka-U/Scarab-B to Artemivsk. Troops declared battle readiness "
Convoy of tanks from Izvarino to Luhansk
2 civilians wounded by militants in Solodke
MLRS GRAD from Makiivka
Donetsk tonight. Massive shelling going on
Donetsk tonight. Massive shelling going on
In Kyiv burned the car of the US Embassy
Militants informed OSCE that they return heavy weapons to Donetsk
MLRS Grad, Tanks, Military trucks on the move in Kerch
Air Policing jets on 15 AUG in international airspace above the Baltic Sea near LV border identified RU AF 1x An-12, 1x An-26.
Militant in Shakhtersk
Romania's Navy Day
Open university on Kharkiv square, tanks also there
Polish Army Day parade in Warsaw
Russian forces, near Markyne, Novoazovsk District, Donetsk Region
Police found stolen Bentley Continental Flying Spur in Stanitsa Luhanska
NATO has intercepted 4 military aircraft of the Russian Federation over the Baltic sea
"DNR" do not want to see Poland at the negotiations in Minsk
Cases against chief of Russian General Staff, Russian troops to be handed to intl courts – official
Parade in Warsaw
Convoy of 2S3 Akatsiya in Makiivka
Convoy of 2S3 Akatsiya in Makiivka
Smoke over Donetsk
USAinUA festival in Kyiv
In Novoazovsk militants painted tanks in the Ukrainian colors - sector M spox
The shelling of Dzerzhinsk killed two civilians
Krasnogorovka after yesterday's shelling
Destroyed market in Krasnohorivka
NATO experts visit Ukraine's Air Force facilities ahead of pilot project on air safety
Russian supply convoy
Dzerzhyns'k. Shells hit near the slag heap w. Artemove.
Dzerzhyns'k. Shells hit near the slag heap w. Artemove.
Consequences of shelling in Krasnohorivka
Four civilians were wounded after Russia-led terrorists shelled Andriyvka village at Volnovakha town in Donetsk region, Ukraine - police.
Thanks to DNA tests, Ukraine identified 757 of its KIAs at war; 323 families could mourn their disappeared warriors
Queue of cars near Volnovakha
Russians staff a comms center on the top floor of Donetsk apartment building w/ new arrays on roof
In Donetsk Expo-Donbas facility used by Russian communications & Headquarters troops
Heavy outgoing fire in Donetsk
Heavy outgoing fire in Donetsk
Plotnitsky: LNR will never abandon the Northern territories of Luhansk region
Pryvillia, Luhansk region, Lenin monument lost his head
Gorlovka. Zaytsevo. Battle. Ukrainian positions under fire from machine guns and grenade launchers.
2 civilians were wounded after militants shelled Andriivka with GRAD MLRS
Ukrainian blogger released after asking in Crimean FSB
Picket at the Embassy of Italy in support of an arrested Igor Markov.
Night of shelling of Ukrainian positions near Avdeevka
Tandit: petrol stations "Parallel" funding terrorists
In Kharkiv SBU detained saboteurs who prepared the explosion on the railway
In Kharkiv SBU detained saboteurs who prepared the explosion on the railway
Damaged wind power station near Sahanka
SBU found an Arsenal of weapons in the center of Kyiv
SBU found an Arsenal of weapons in the center of Kyiv
Tymchuk: Russians continue to bring reinforcements to Novolaspa - Starolaspa area, manpower, armor, tanks
Head of Russian Railways Yakunin said that US is guilty of "disaster" in Ukraine
In Kerch destroyed batch of fruits from Lithuania
About 500 Russian Marines conducted exercises on the Baltic coast
DNR: the Ukrainian army during the day 103 times violated the truce
OSCE in Mariinka
102 trucks of Russian convoy illegally crossed border of Ukraine
Gazprom asks the Stockholm arbitration court to get Ukraine's $29,2B
Area closures in the Barents. Polygon off Kola is for weapons firing.
Lysenko: 1 flight of enemy UAV was recorded within the military operation area. 1 RU UAV was detected above the Crimean administration line
ATO spokesperson: One Ukrainian serviceman KIA, 6 were wounded in action in last 24 hours
Col. Lysenko: Near Pavlopil and Orlivske attacks of enemy artillery and MLRS Grad were also recorded.
ATO spox: Near Starohnativka, enemy attacked UA positions with 152-mm artillery and in the evening fired with MLRS Grad
Russia calls on U.S. to drop missile shield plans
The state border service reported armed clash on the border with Russia with smugglers
Russian Air Force fighter-bombers active in Baltic Sea Region
Turchynov admits the introduction of martial law is possible
In Zaporozhye said goodbye to a warrior of the "Right sector" who was killed in Novolaspa
In Donetsk, the militants of "DNR" looking for Ukrainian sabouters
Ukraine is preparing an asymmetric response to sanctions of Russia
Artemovo after a night of artillery shelling
Pabrade, Lithuania-US Army & Lithuanian forces train with UH-60M Black Hawk helos during Uhlan Fury
Polish MEP Korwin-Mikke planning Crimea visit