Map. History of Ukraine conflict

23 ตุลาคม 2018
More ISIS graffiti spotted in Washington, DC, this time around Dupont Circle.
EU provided $20M to build the Ukraine Wall, @Yatsenyuk_AP says.
Flash mob in Vinnitsa
In Latvia advised Putin to seek a Nazi in the mirror...
Yatsenyuk allows for the introduction of the visa regime with Russia
Clashes ongoing in tonight, rubber bullets and tear gas used against Palestinian youths
The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Georgia: Agreement between Russia and Abkhazia on cooperation will be regarded as an attempt of annexation
The state Duma has proposed to prohibit foreigners to do the advertising for state-owned companies
The Central Bank of Russia is preparing for the collapse in oil prices to $ 60
They're armed with round shields and batons. #umbrellamovement
#Russian oppos. politician Alexei @navalny agst returning #Crimea to #Ukraine
White House says President Obama has postponed a political trip on Wednesday to convene a meeting about #ebola outbreak
Airstrikes targeting strongholds of Islamist
Mospinskaya middle school. Hit by missiles
NATO started Navy drills in the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean
U.S. forces continued to attack terrorists in and Tuesday and today:
CDC: 2nd Texas hospital worker with Ebola took flight before ill; officials alert passengers
In the area of NP Kurakhovo strong fire !
Scene near Police HQ in Wanchai: police officers waiting off Lockhart Rd.
Medvedev said that Obama abnormalities in the brain
Woman: I know pro-Ukrainian. We need 2 sort her out. Have address. Cmdr Dremov declines offer
The OSCE has recorded the destruction of the Ukrainian APC and surrounding of roadblocks in Luhansk region
Oil business heavily hit by Airstrikes: from $1 million/day to half
The NSDC: Those who tried to capture the Donetsk airport, moved, or eliminated
Zaporizhye activists blocked the entrance to the plant "Zaporizhstal",which is owned by Akhmetov
Airstrike on Kobane
F-16 over with Litening III pod, 2 GBU-38 500lb JDAMs, 2 GBU-12 Paveway IIs, 2 Sidewinders and 2 AMRAAMs
Reports a significant number of #Ukrainian soldiers were encircled by pro-#Russia fighters near Bakhmutivka, #Luhansk Oblast.
The Russian Federation began to create in Belarus air force base of su-27
People march in protest against student disappearances in Mexico. Via @fbnewswire
The militants of DNR are going to block a number of Ukrainian sites
Moskal: In the area of Bakhmutovka a hundred of the Ukrainian military were surrounded
Putin signed the law on the restriction of the participation of foreigners in the media
MEDVEDEV: Reset of Russian-US ties is impossible as long as #sanctions remains
Near Al-Arīsh, #Egypt. A natural gas pipeline explosion. #Sinai
Oct. 15 is the mourning day in for civilians killed in shelling of Sartana in Mariupol
Squad of police gather inside chief exec office grounds after gate was reopened early today during clashes
Police keeping section of park clear
Police guarding entrance to Tim Wa Ave
The only prisoners in Gaza are imprisoned by Hamas
Pres. Obama met with defense ministers from 21 countries to discuss strategy in combating ISIS.
Still many police officers in the road outside LegCo, on Lung Wo Road to ensure it stays open.
US journalist live tweets his recovery experience after Ebola
Demonstrators gathering outside of US Russian Business council meeting in NY to stop Putin
Last 20 mins in #Donetsk, booms of Heavy artillery
Donetsk today. Rally for Referendum
Google maps shows the trenches Vostok battalion has build near Donetsk airport
Umbrellas and bottles on Lung Wo Road are removed by a truck.
Again fight at Donetsk airport
Police arrests some protesters at Lung Wo Road
Under the arc of the government headquarters, dozens of officers keep a close eye on protesters at Tamar Park.
Sergey Lavrov: There is the impression that Kiev has something to hide in the investigation of crimes
SBU accused in military protests under the administration of the President of the FSB
On Ebola spread, obviously, one case is too many, Obama says at Andrews AFB.
Today Secretary-General ban Ki-moon visited one of the terrorist tunnels in southern Israel
Russian com. gives soldiers the order to bombard a Ukrainian village with rocket launchers.
Police line gradually moving forward.
Some protesters have retreated to tin ma park
Six Ukrainian soldiers was blown up by stretching and mine one day
Сhaos at Lung Wo Road. Police seizing the area
Admiralty LungWoRd (west) Police begins clearing barricades. No clashes reported.
Police advancing outside Chief Exec. Office, ripping up barricades
Security Council to discuss Ebola
Police have breached are grabbing students. Students have hands up in air
Barricades breached police forming up
Police breaking through first line. Pepper spray out . Gas masks on for journos
Police 500m from protester barricades. Police are urging students not to resist
Russian hackers said to use flaw in Windows to spy on NATO, Ukraine
Lots of police suddenly. Lung WO Road. #OccupyHK #UmbrellaMovement
Pro-democracy protesters set up a barricade following a standoff with police
First pic of Gubarev after crash
Secretary Kerry says any separatist referendums in eastern #Ukraine will not be recognized by US or intl community
Kim Jong Un is back
Turkey has finally deployed its jets and bombed... Turkey
Ebola infection rate could reach 10,000 a week, WHO says
South Protesters erected tents and sleep in squares and said will not leave until we achieve our goals
About a hundred activists came under the national hotel where Kernes and invited him to come to talk
In Donetsk people lining up in the queue for porridge from 6 am
Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta: We need to boost the sanctions on Russia. Strength NATO. Arm the Ukrainians.
Russian 45th Kubinka airborne (VDV) regiment from Moscow region and 137th paratrooper-assault regiment from Ryazan crossed border, are in Donetsk
21 airstrikes near Kobani; initial indications are that strikes were successful.
March "Go for you".
Kharkiv now. March of heroes.
An suicide bomber detonates a truck laden with explosives in Kobane on Monday
US Secretary of State @JohnKerry and Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov take a walk during their meeting in Paris today.
Police appear to be trapped on both sides
Putin lashes out against Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev without naming him. Annoyed he speaks on behalf of his people.
Luhansk insurgent minister demands death sentence for Ukrainian writer over cartoon
APC in Kharkiv
Near the Parliament. Photo - Andriy Kravchenko
"Svoboda" and "Right sector" deny their participation in clashes near Rada
People in masks, asks the national guard near Rada :" Well, boys, ready to die?"
Broken glass in the building of Rada
The Verkhovna Rada in smoke
#DarthVader campaigning in #Kharkiv for his Internet party running for #Ukraine parliament
Police and unknown "green men" preparing near Rada
Stun grenades
Explosions heard neard Rada.
#Donetsk PM says DPR not ready to pull back heavy weaponry from line of contact because regime of silence was not observed
The Parliament approved Poltorak as new Minister of defense
March of UPA gathered on the Maidan and moved in the direction of the Rada
Airstrike just 5 minutes ago on the eastern side of #Kobane
Poroshenko in the Rada: "We will not longer be celebrating the holidays of other governments in #Ukraine" (in reference to Soviet holidays)
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