Map. History of Ukraine conflict

26 September 2017
Boxing night in Ukraine. Klitschko vs Pulev
"Prime Minister" of occupied Abkhazia was beaten by unknown
291 artillery brigade of Russian in Rostov Region
Russia moves SS-26 Iskander to Krasnoperekopsk, North of occupied Crimea
Chnll #Merkel leaves the hotel after 3hrs talks w/ #putin on #G20 sidelines. #Ukraine in agenda
Militants shelling Ukrainian checkpoint 29 from school yard with mortar
Militants shelling Ukrainian checkpoint 29 from school yard with mortar
Lithuania proposed to provide Ukraine $30 billion euros of financial help
Today, Belgrade in Serbia.
The UN counted more than 4 thousand people killed in the East of Ukraine. Almost 10 thousand people were injured.
Russian international terrorist Babai is back to Donetsk
#Luxembourg - #Ukraine matchday
#Donetsk Road Accident in Kuibyshev district, The driver died
Wall Street Journal: #Russia expels German diplomat, official says
Mayor of Prague raised Ukrainian flag over the City Hall
German soccer body: UEFA may quit FIFA over unpublished World Cup corruption report
Meeting of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Robert Fico started
LNR "head" calls Poroshenko's economic blockade of Donbas "act on genocide"
Shelling kills 2 children in Horlivka
Rally against the occupation of Abkhazia by Russia in Kyiv
Russia is not going to send Yanukovych back to Ukraine
Ukrainians' rally in Frankfurt today
Putin said that he will not allow Kyiv to destroy the militants of Donbass
Kremlin denying reports that Putin will leave G20 Summit early to protest criticism of Russian actions in Ukraine. Says he'll stay until end
Militants Killed Three Civilians in Luhansk Region. Nine-year-old Girl Was Among Them
#March of peace in Tbilisi. Demand the return of Abkhazia
"Get out of the #Ukraine." - Canada PM Harper to Putin
Rally in #Tbilisi today against Russian annexation. #Georgians coming out to be heard #stoprusianaggression
Ukraine orders closure and evacuation of state services in militants-held east
Reports that Vladimir Putin is leaving #G20 early
Railway Depot in Donetsk
ATO HQ now say 10 #Ukraine soldiers killed in the last 24
Russian troops operate the newly supplied 2A65 Msta-B vs. Debaltseve
Russian troops operate the newly supplied 2A65 Msta-B vs. Debaltseve
5 civilians, including 2 children, killed along with 3 soldiers in eastern Ukraine fighting, officials say:
#Avdiivka the consequences of today's shooting.
Russia could face further sanctions unless it stops "destabilising" #Ukraine, David Cameron says, speaking at #G20
Rally in Australia #G20
#Ukrainians vs #Putin in Brisbane
The SBU opened a case against MPs of Party of Regions: Efremov, Kolesnichenko, Levchenko
Russia tells France to deliver Mistral warship by the end of November or "serious claims" will be made
Horlivka under shelling. Casualties reported
Rescuers deliver about 400 tons of humanitarian aid to Donbass
Bomb threat to Polish embassy in Kyiv. Also 4 more this evening
Group of young men tried to saw down metal fence at the Prez Admin Office. Several are detained
Battalion "Azov" met in the forest a group of three Russians "tourists"
Russian foreign Ministry: OSCE in the report are not mentioned violations of the Kyiv authorities of Minsk agreements
Putin in Australia
"First Vice-Premier" of DNR Purgin was elected the The head of the DNR people's Council
#Swedish high rank officials presented evidence of alien mini submarine marks on bottom of Swedish coastline.
Russian NTV: Russian journalists came under fire in Donetsk
The first helicopter carrier Mistral" in the international system AIS came under the flag of Russia
Overnight Russian forces shelled and attacked Nikishyne, Mius and Chernukhino near #Debaltseve in Donetsk region
Convoy of 82 trucks carrying "humanitarian aid" for the of Donbas, formed in Rostov
#Donetsk after shelling. Civil house was hit
Trucks w tarp-covered Grads, no license, no marks, no escorts, Hwy M4 at Shchepkino-Taganrih