Map. History of Ukraine conflict

21 November 2017
Fired Surkov Lt. says Surkov had map with Crimea part of Russia since 2013, denies he would betray Novorossia project
The Central Bank of Russia spent $2-3bln trying to support the ruble today.
DNR Terrorists Want to Introduce Death Penalty in the "Republic"
A top US commander in #NATO: we are deeply worried that one mistake or miscalculation by #Putin could trigger a NATO-#Russia conflict.
MiG-29 after repair in Lviv.
Airports Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv opens today. Zaporizhye on Saturday
“NATO fully supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”:
Bank of Russia Cancels Ruble Loan Auction
Today, the 1 million roubles gift of opera singer Anna Netrebko was handed over to Donetsk Opera Theatre. Video later
The EU voted against aid to Ukraine from individual countries
On the border with Ukraine the 288th artillery brigade of the Russian Federation.
Russia is going to "pull the plug" ukrainian guest workers
Car of fighters of "Aidar" was shot in Odessa
Kiev Choreographic School refused financial assistance from ballerina, who support Putin
Residents of Gorlivka stormed RGA with militants for coupons of 1000 hryvnia, - media
Russia starts extensive military exercises in the south of country
Hungry villagers asked for food at roadblocks in the surroundings Mariupol
FM Lavrov says Russian nukes could be stationed in Crimea
Battalion "Donbass" stopped "Akhmetov humanitarian aid." 20 tracks contain a soldier's meal: pasta, sunflower oil, biscuits. For children only semolina.
#Latvian MOD & @LATO_LV collecting donations: Xmas presents to children of #Ukrainian soldiers
Fastfoods, which sold "polite" food from Putin, went bankrupt in Novosybirsk
Commander of #Finnish army forces Jarmo Lindberg: #Russian pilot showed a fist to our pilot who flew check them out.
Authorities have released the Deputy chief of staff of the battalion "Donbass" Kalash
Nadezhda Savchenko went on hunger strike - lawyer
After breaking through 60, the Ruble is just falling apart
Russian APC crashed into the tanker near Alchevsk. 7 killed
Russian top brass (200 generals and other commanders) meeting and strategizing somewhere in Rostov region
Denmark and Sweden withdrew ambassadors from Moscow after provocation with Russian military aircraft
10 tankers of the armed forces of Russian Federation passed #Shakhtarsk
1259 journalists were accredited at the tenth annual big press conference of Putin
"Kharkiv partisans" have congratulated residents of Kharkiv with the New Year and threatened violence
"Donbas", "Dnepr" and "Right sector" stated that they will not be allowed in Ukraine “humanitarian trucks"
The expert explained how Obama will decide the fate of the bill on Ukraine
"Aeroflot" will appeal against the fines of $8 million for the flights in the Crimea, wich was discharged Ukraine
Russian Duma proposes UN to close Haague tribunal .
#Ukraine Forces receive 2S-1 Gvozdika
#Ukraine Forces receive 2S-1 Gvozdika
Secretary @JohnKerry met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov today in Rome:
#US citizen Ronald Glensor to become head of #Ukraine's traffic police – reports
A large group of Russian #AirForce IL-76 transport planes loaded at Chkalovsky Air Base in Moscow
President @Poroshenko asks Security Service & @MFA_Ukraine to intensify efforts on releasing all over 600 #Ukrainian captives & hostages.
US, NATO Allied and partner nations in emergency deployment training
Group of Russian snipers was eliminated near Mariupol
Shelling heard in Donetsk now
In the stadium of Sevastopol is just a event against UEFA's decision to the Crimea question. Not just a Demo, as well as a game
Finland changed the civilian flights routes cause of Russia
Ukrainian Hackers Leak Russian Interior Ministry Docs with ‘Evidence’ of Russian Invasion
Russian MP Milonov tried to enter St. Pete gay club, rejected by face control stormed it with riot police
The experts have a snapshot of the moment of missile launch at Boeing MH17, - Poroshenko
The militants "LNR" said that they are ready to resume war