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27 อาจ 2018

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Small bomb exploded in residential area of Kyiv tonight. Some cars damaged
Belarus will not pass through its territory foreign troops in Ukraine, - Ambassador
Russia Could Soon Run Multiple Ukraine-Sized Operations: US General
U.S. heavy combat equipment have arrived for combined training in #Lithuania
Berlin ratified the Association of the EU-Ukraine
Russian security forces are searching for Ukrainian patriots in Zello to assault them, - SBU
Administration of the President has announced the plan of salvation of cyborgs #Donetsk #airport
Gasoline tank car exploded at Shebelynka station, Kharkiv region. Was hit with RPG
Gasoline tank car exploded at Shebelynka station, Kharkiv region. Was hit with RPG
#Explosion in the center of Odessa
Explosion in center of Odessa
"Cyborgs" are requested do not to diminish them by panic and hysterical in Internet, - volunteer Mochanov
Militants claimed that they were striked by Ukrainian jets
Militants claimed that they were striked by Ukrainian jets
The battle for Hranite: one soldier was killed and four were wounded
One of the explosions in Donetsk airport
#Makeyevka Outgoing MLRS fire
Another assault on #Donetsk airport now
Passers-by have damaged the camera of #LifeNews journalists, becouse they have prevented working of Ukrainian TV journalists
Aerial view of the Donetsk airport yesterday
Aerial view of the Donetsk airport yesterday
Militants shelled the airport from "Grade": "cyborgs" are not going to leave it
Obama and Cameron talked about maintenance of the "strong sanctions" against Moscow
Headquarters #ATO reported that the battle in #Donetsk airport lasted the whole day and still continues
Fire on Ostapenko street in Horlivka
#EU has become the main trade partner of Ukraine.
The farmer has repaired #APC and called it Lustration
The farmer has repaired APC and called it Lustration
Rally in Mariupol gathered to commemorate those who died in the attack under the Volnovaha
One of the owners of "Mriya" Agroholding was declared wanted
Press center #ATO: Militants used tear gas
Echelon of Russian tanks in Tahanrig
Near Mariupol killed the commander of 73 centre for Marine Special Operations Center of Ochakov. 8 wounded
"Cyborgs" play football in the new terminal of Donetsk airport
Cyborgs play football in the new terminal of Donetsk airport
RIA: Ukrainian army still hold the new terminal of the airport in Donetsk
[email protected] Strykers are in #Drawsko #Poland to train with PL troops
[email protected] & Russian officers at Volnovakha crime scene
Donetsk regional state administration made a joke with Russian media: nobody eat and crucified kids on holidays in the Carpathian mountains
The Kremlin is preparing to withdraw its own sanctions and allow import of food from the EU
Portnow is on the wanted list
Journalists LifeNews in Ukraine again complained to the police that their camera was broke
Explosions over the #airport in #Donetsk
Explosions over the airport in Donetsk
Security forces repelled the attack of militants near Orlovo-Ivanivka. Storv near Mar'inka
Report: Ukrainian army starts tank assault on #Donetsk airport. Guns and artillery also used
One #cyborg was killed in Donetsk #airport on Friday
NATO's MiG-29 intercepted Russian Il-78 above the Baltic sea today
Russian Militants in #Donetsk
Soros said about the possible default of Ukraine and will ask international donors for assistance Kyiv
Intense Artillery burst over the airport
Intense Artillery burst over the airport
#Horlivka after shelling
Kolesnichenko and Levchenko was declared wanted
There was a Hospital in Shchastya
#Zakharchenko received a Russian passport. But Ukrainian citizenship is needed him "for business"
The fight continues near the Hranitne. Hard wounded soldier of Ukrainian army and easily wounded soldier of "Azov" are evacuated from the field/
31st checkpoint: everybody is alive
Russian human rights activist announced share Je suis Volnovaha in Moscow
Echelon of US military vehicles in Riga
Echelon of US military vehicles in Riga
"DNR" says Kyiv used chemical munitions in attack on airport
SBU: Russian militants are financed by LUKOIL and Kurchenko
Near Horlivka Russian artillery hit Ukrainian positions - 4 soldiers were killed
Germany has provided Ukraine equipment for front-line resuscitation ambulances
Poroshenko believes that "the cyborgs" have managed to do the impossible
Poroshenko believes that the cyborgs have managed to do the impossible
Semenchenko together with the assault company of "Donbass" went into the zoneATO
Russion propaganda channel says that they were attacked by a 5 channel and "Right sector"
9K35 Strela-10 towards the #airport last night
9K35 Strela-10 towards the airport last night
The media say that the separatists have taken gas to the airport. Volunteer just talked with "cyorgs": it's smoke bombs
#Poroshenko and #Merkel called for the prompt tripartite meeting of the contact group
VP advisor Carpenter: Stay united, strengthen NATO, keep troops in E, support Ukraine, end energy as weapon, get TTIP done, keep faith w/ RU people
The President of Ukraine held a meeting in the Main situational centre of NSDC
Ukrainians shot down another Russian UAV Orlan
#Poroshenko: Ukraine returned 3.7 billion UAH stolen during the annexation #Crimea
3-kilometer convoy of tanks in Horlivka - Lysenko
Fire at the Donetsk airport again
NSDC: Ukrainian military repelled all attacks at Donetsk airport, it is under the control of the ATO
Report that Russian forces used gas against Ukrainian troops in Donetsk airport. Only stun grenades & burning plastics
MP of #Volnovaha: #volunteers began to come in the local military registration and enlistment offices after the tragedy
The "LNR" militants blew up a bridge in Lutuhyne, Luhansk region
Fight in Rada cause of provocative banner
Ukrainian forces return fire tonight - video
Ukrainian forces return fire tonight - video
Image of #Donetsk Airport this morning smouldering &; burning.Still being shelled by #Putin troops.#Ukraine #Russia
#Russia's #Lavrov says #Kyiv's rotation of forces in east #Ukraine does not help peace process
Russian journalist: The entire new terminal is under the control of the militia
Donetsk outgoing fire from Artema street
The SBU detained militant "Cerberus" in the Donetsk region
The Czech Republic and Slovakia ceased to receive Russian gas through Ukraine
Ukraine has convicted a Russian-terrorist of "DNR" for the first time
For the last 24 hours settlements in Lugansk region controlled by Ukrainian troops were fired 32 times
The battle for the airport continues. Cyborgs repulsed Russians and militants
Russians and terrorists charge armored vehicles near Debaltseve, - Tymchuk #ATO
Ambassador of US to @OSCE @DanBBaer points on violations of OSCE principles and commitments by Russia in Ukraine
Kazakhstan army exercises simulated attack by separatists from neighbouring country
[email protected] Secretary Jack Lew to visit Ukraine
LNR claims to have founded air force
Putin was not invited to the meeting of G7 again
Russian tank in Donetsk
Rally in St. Petersburg singing song about Putin
Rally in St. Petersburg singing song about Putin
Kyiv Post. Friday, Jan. 16, 2015.
MLRS "Uragan" in Kuybysheve district of Rostov region
Strong fire at transformer of Yuzhnoukrainsk Nuclear Power Plant. Extinguished for now
Vigil in memory of killed in Mykolaiv today
Russian Ministry of emergency situations move two children injured in the Donbass to Moscow
Obama speaks with Merkel on #Ukraine
Warehouse of online-store Rozetka burned in Kiev
2 2s1 Gvozdika Self-propelled artillery now shelling airport
2 2s1 Gvozdika Self-propelled artillery now shelling airport
Russian invasion forces 2S1 Gvozdika, sounding damaged, returns from the airport.
[email protected] team and Russian Aistenok mobile radar operators
Shelling on the southern #Donetsk front in the #Petrovsky district
Shelling on the southern Donetsk front in the Petrovsky district
Another heavy MLRS volley hitting the eastern part of the airport now
Two #cyborgs were killed today at Donetsk airport, - General staff
"Titushki" beat up the demonstrators, left demonstrators the police shoved into the underground in #Moscow
Russian tanks in Luhansk
Security forces went on the offensive in #Yerevan, the crowd steps back
Shelling of Schastye
Shelling of Schastye
Chechen #HR Activist Mairbek Taramov to Ukr. Rada - recognize deportation of the Chechens in 1944 as genocide
OSCE: the Shelling of the airport is conducted from residential areas of Donetsk
Poland solidarity with Ukraine is the main signal of the today's meeting of the Ambassador @ADeshchytsia with the Chairman of the Bureau of national security
3 passengers are dead, 9 - woundered in shelled by militants bus in Donetsk
Reading of Facebook messages about the #Donetsk airport was forced the deputies standing ovation #ATO
"DNR" head Zaharchenko announced his intention to recapture Sloviansk and Kramators'k
In the area of the ATO fired on a patrol mission of OSCE
[email protected]: Today's Russian-backed separatist assault on the Donetsk airport is just the latest example of how they are violating the Minsk agreement.
UK Prime Minister & POTUS via @SimonSmithFCO: "we will continue to stand up to Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine"
Russia government has proposed to increase funding for Russia Today, and MIA "Russia today"
Biryukov: Reinforcements has come to "cyborgs"
"I am Volnovaha". A memorial service of honoring the innocent victims has held in Mariupol
Mobilization can touch women living in Mariupol in age from 25 to 50 years
The traffic police blocked the traffic from Volnovaha to Donetsk because of carring anti - terroristic operation
Right now militants launched all artilllery in the area of Makiivka, - Roman Donic
Verkhovna Rada increased recruitment age up to 27 years
The European court of human rights refused grandson of Stalin in the lawsuit on protection of honor grandfather
OSCE observers twice failed before they reached Donetsk Airport
Ukr transport security office recommends complete stop in passenger traffic between #Ukraine and Russian-occupied territories.
Singer Vakarchuk will provide monetary assistance to the families of those killed in the bus near Volnovaha
Another bus attack in Donetsk
Militants are firing Donetsk airport with the help of tanks and MLRS "Buratino"
The picketing of the Russian Consulate will begin very soon. Police 100, activists - about 20.
#Rostov-on-don #RF, helicopters, airplanes
Militants have shelled by tanks the airport in Donetsk
Militants have shelled by tanks the airport in Donetsk
#Donetsk Putilovka
Russian-Backed Militants Say They Control Part of Donetsk Airport's New Terminal
"Cyborgs" fight off terrorist attacks. The enemy is substantial losses, - Press Center ATO
Russian media disseminate information about the fact that militants have fully captured the airport in Donetsk
Forward units of militants moved to Pavlopil'
OSCE observers were not able to get to the airport in Donetsk, - the representative of the mission
Rally in Izmail against police inaction
National Council for TV and Radio issued a warning to "Inter" and will check channel
#Russian terrorists fighting #Ukraine troops IN NEW TERMINAL #Donetsk Airport
Russian terrorists fighting Ukraine troops IN NEW TERMINAL Donetsk Airport
#Cyborgs were kept the Donetsk airport, despite the powerful attack, - HQ
Black smoke In Donetsk airport is visible in almost all districts of Donetsk
Two servicemen killed, six wounded in eastern Ukraine in past 24 hours
Minsk was going to be friends with the EU and the United States and asks Russia do not worry about
DNR sent Ukraine, about 300 tons of coal as humanitarian aid
The number of internal migrants from the Crimea and Donbas is 643 thousand people
Mobilized citizens without military experience won't be sent in the ATO, - Pashinskiy
#Lithuania (@LithuaniaMFA) supported the mourning for Ukrainians, who were killed by terrorists in Ukraine #Volnovaha
41 Russians were suspected in #terrorism and #spying by #SBU on the territory of #Ukraine
[email protected] together with Zakharchenko and "friends" going to Airport now
Turchynov announced two scenarios in Ukraine, one of which is a continental war
Ankara has accused Moscow of unfulfilled promises concerning the Crimean Tatars
The draft law for the confiscation of property in the ATO zone was sent back for revision
The militants came close to the "cyborgs" and prepare the provocation for the OSCE, - headquarters
The terrorists fired Stanytsia Luhanska with the help of MLRS Grad
The militants proceeded to fire simultaneously from multiple weapons
Obama and Cameron: We are ready to respond to the aggression of Russia in Ukraine. @David_Cameron, @BarackObama
#Avdiivka. Woman was killed on the way to hospital
One more Lenin was toppled in Zatoka, Odessa region
One more Lenin was toppled in Zatoka, Odessa region
Russia to deploy regiment of S-400 launchers on Novaya Zemlya
Video: The consequences of shelling Granite and positions of battalion "Azov"
Someone broke the windows in the Kyiv mayor's office
The DNR has sent 300 tonnes of coal to #Kiev as a 'gesture of goodwill'
Turchynov: militants have 4 SS-21 «Scarab A»
#Lenin monument was destroid in #Shchastya.
Rally in Washington, DC in the memory of those who died near the Volnovaha, Ukraine
OSCE and heavy military vehicle in Donetsk
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