Map. History of Ukraine conflict

25 มิถุนายน 2018

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"Embassy" of "South Ossetia" opened in "LPR"
Tactical exercises of the separate coastal missile brigade are in progress in the Black Sea Fleet
Romanian Army announces 340 combat exercises in 2015 as a response to Russia
Militants fired at unknown UAV over the center of Donetsk
[email protected]_SMM inspects Shirokino
Former host of "Russia Today" compared Russian propaganda with the sect
The UAV operators were training in Kyiv region
"KrAZ" completely abandoned Russian components
In Kiev held a master class in tactical medicine TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care)
One non-existеnt state opened an "embassy" in another one - South Ossetiya' in "DNR"
Aksyonov acknowledged that foreign investors are afraid to go in #Crimea because of sanctions
Mykolaiv regional Council has recognized Russia as an aggressor
Car of suspected killers of journalist Buzina was found
"Rally" in Yalta
Nalyvaychenko fired the rector of the National Academy of the SBU
Ex-member of "Party of regions" Bondarenko said that she is threatened
In Rome Ukrainians and Syrians prayed together for peace in their countries
Russian MFA called killing of a journalist Buzyna beginning of political purges in the Ukraine
In Makeyevka DNR truck drove into the bus
The official hryvnia exchange rate continues to strengthen
Police found five witnesses of murder of Buzina
Definitive accusation was brought to Sentsov
Turchynov called upon to build fortifications around the clock
Mariupol is surrounded by protective structures
Vladimir Putin: sanctions will help to improve the economy of Russia
Teachers and activists placed the emblem of Ukraine on the educational building in #Kramatorsk
Roofing flunked 4 cars in Kiyv
The ceremony of sending draftees into the Armed Forces in the capital
The OSCE responded to the murder of #Buzina
Border guards detained two individuals involved in terrorist activities in the Donbas
Pyatt: Ukraine can export agricultural products, IT services and rockets to US
A tree fell on three cars in the centre of the capital
The government has allocated more than 800 million in assistance to veterans of the Second World War
National Commission: the water prices will increase in 6.5 times in some regions
Poroshenko demands from law enforcement agencies as soon as possible to find killers and name the organizers of the recent murders
Foreign Minister of DPR: Buzina was killed by bad people, who, have read only one book - Mein Kampf
The artillery are heard in Yasinovata
The Billboard fell down in Kyiv
Shots are heard in #Avdiivka
A defective translation of "straight line" Putin was arranged in the center of Simferopol
Zakharchenko: Mariupol will enter "DNR"
The President signed a Decree establishing the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine
Arsenal of weapons and ammunition was seized in Dzerzhinsk
Construction of vplatoon-stronghold on Belgorod highway
The occupation authorities of Sevastopol wants to make Russian language the only official
Experts are working at the crash site of MH17
Journalist Oles' Buzina was killed in Kyiv
Poroshenko appointed Director of the anti-Corruption Bureau
Putin: There weren't Russian military in Ukraine
#Donetsk: line for a pension from the DNR
Rally near the Cabinet of Ministers
The subject similar to an explosive device proved to be a hoax in #Krasnoarmiysk
The Nikolaev regional Council has recognized Russia as the aggressor
71 MPs of #Odesa City Council supported creation of co-called "municipal police"
General Prosecutor prevented the withdraw of state property paintings of #Dali, #Picasso, #Kandinsky on $5 million
The truck turned over and burned to the ground in the Dnipropetrovsk region
The case regarding the constitutionality of the law of Ukraine "About the cleansing power" was postponed for an indefinite period. The constitutional court's decision.
In the General staff of the Russian Federation are already talking about "the aggression of Kуiv" and "a threat to Russia"
Supply convoy came through Izvaryne
Putin: ruble strengthens, stock markets are rising.
Russian General staff: we not exclude a military threat to Russia from Ukraine
SBU detained a group of saboteurs in the Dnipropetrovsk region
The militants shelled with mortar fire of the Ukrainian military in Stanitsya Luhanska
A new An-178 was presented in Kyiv. "Antonov" is already working on a version for the Ukrainian army
Russian army supply convoy came to Luhansk
Taruta: seizure of the Donetsk regional state administration was headed by Aksenov
Humanitarian assistance from Khakassia for Donbass
The constitutional court refused to defer consideration of the case on #lustration
"Unity towel" was stretched in Cherkassy
The Prosecutor's office took up the ex-head of Kharkiv regional state administration for illegal extraction of water for 6 million UAH
Explosions are heard in Donetsk
Separatists rally in Odessa near cityhall
The Prosecutor's office has filed a lawsuit against the mayor of Zaporizhya
Fighters spend the night in a former tuberculosis clinic at #Donbass
Lavrov: the West have to force Kyiv to abandon the glorification of Nazism
The Ministry of justice asked the the Constitutional Court to defer consideration of the law on lustration
Russian MoD Shoigu: lies and slander against the RF and its armed forces become commonplace in the West
#MH17 mission arrived at Grabove
Donetsk and Luhansk need lustration. Near the Constitutional Court of Ukraine
Near the Constitutional court require to maintain all the norms of the law on lustration
#Donetskю Residents from many districts report now about hearing heavy outgoing fire, possibly artillery (heavy single shots)
120 supply trucks crossed the border to #Ukraine from #Russia this morning, now heading to #Donetsk and #Luhansk
#Warthogs on tour: A-10s in Romania
Bomb threat: metro station "Lev Tolstoy Square" is closed In Kyiv
#Crimea: the Occupiers disperse a rally in Sevastopol against the lawlessness of the local "authorities"
Constitutional court is surrounded by security forces
Vitaly #Klitschko joined the campaign "Bike to work"
Hollande announced a meeting with #Poroshenko on the situation in the Donbass
Minister @PavloKlimkin arrived at the Airport Schiphol (the Netherlands) to participate in #GCCS2015. There are a lot of meetings.
Ukrainian Journalist Sergei Sukhobok was Murdered In Kiev
PrivatBank received another billion loan from the NBU
Dead body of Kalashnikov carried out of his house
Dead body of Kalashnikov carried out of his house
Column of "Grads" and tanks from Russia went to Donbass, - Donetsk regional state administration
Italian Parliament is ready to ratify the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU - MFA
NATO will use all its power against Russia if necessary - head of the NATO military Committee
OSCE claim that observers do not "share" Ukrainian positions
Jaresko had a meeting with US Senator John McCain @SenJohnMcCain
Underage residents of Crimea for the support #ATR fined on 10 thousand roubles
#Greece in talks with #Russia to buy missiles for S-300 systems
Russian soldier in Donbass arena in Donetsk
Russian propaganda clothing catwalk banned at Mercedes Benz Fashion
SBU fired 4.5 thousand employees
The court took Firtash 280 million UAH
#Russian tank convoy in #Ukraine moving from #Lugansk to #Alchevsk direction
Russian tank convoy in Ukraine moving from Lugansk to Alchevsk direction
Ex-MP of Party of Region Oleg Kalashnykov was killed in Kyiv
Italian liquefied gas tanker enter port of Kerch despite sanctions
Militants 24 times fired at Ukrainian positions
Donbas battalion near Mariupol
Former NATO chief: Russia is more dangerous than the USSR
Russia Federation began MLRS drills near Dzhankoy
Resumption of Russia's membership in G8 is through the Minsk agreements - Steinmeier
Mogherini: Nobody in EU is not interested in isolating of Russia
General Prosecutor of Ukraine and #MIA began the search for the missing things from #Mezhyhirya
The case against Tymoshenko was taken to the Crimea by plane of the Ministry of defence by order Pshonka
Modular town for refugees from Donbass was opened near Dnipropetrovsk
The national Bank of Ukraine provided a stabilization loan for "PrivatBank"
The low-cost airline Atlasjet opens almost 30 flights from six cities of Ukraine
Two underage students were fined for attempting to film a video in support of the Crimean Tatar TV channel in Crimea
#NBU required #Ukreximbank to change the terms of foreign loans
Russians are working around the clock to restore nuclear weapons storage in Kyzyltash
Donetsk separatists want to demolish the monument of Stus
#SBU has blocked millions in the account of one of the "Ministers" of "LNR"
Peskov said about the demands of the Russians to Putin to recognize the DPR and LPR
#Russia hid in the woods near the Ukrainian border thousands of its troops - #ATO headquarters
Bomb threat: Station "Vokzalnaya" in Kyiv closed for entry and exit of passengers
Klitschko accuses the heads of the districts in the concealment of illegal construction projects
#Аmmunition was found at #Lysychansk TPP
Kharkiv metro station Akademika Barabashova closed due to Bomb threat
Russian tanks in Luhansk
#Lviv: Half of the city remained without water
Russian mercenaries returned to Ekaterinburg from Ukraine: "locals called us occupants"
Luhansk. Militants loading mortar to ambulance
Interpol refuses to find the policeman from Berkut - General Prosecutor of Ukraine
Belarus and Russia holds joint war games near Polish border
#WizzAir announced the opening of a new flight from #Kуiv in September
Rally of miners of "Krasnoarmeiskugol" in Dimitrov
Border guards detained the train with scrap metal of terrorists
Aivaras Abromavicius presents a conference on Ukraine on 28th of April, which gathered more than 400 guests from Ukraine and the world
13 Russian T-72 are moving towards Alchevsk
13 Russian T-72 are moving towards Alchevsk
The court arrested the former Minister of health Raisa Bohatyrova( in absentia)
Security services found storage of weapons of militants in #Mariupol
Activists have drawn the big coat of arms of Ukraine in Kramatorsk
Latvian security services fear of provocations on 9th of May in Riga
SBU: former local "Berkut" involved in terrorist attacks in Kharkiv
Turboatom already holds the decommunization. Soviet awards are dismantled above the entrance
Militants in the Donbas killed Ukrainian soldier
The war against Ukraine has cost Gazprom $6 billion
Swedish Air Force SVF622 again on @flightradar24 on the same route off Kaliningrad as yesterday
U.S. state Department is concerned about the visit of the Minister of defense of Greece in Moscow
#Lviv: Mercedes hit the advertising billborad. 28-year-old driver-policeman died
Volunteer from Russia was awarded with piece of the downed MH-17 for delivered food - "DPR" Newspaper
Due to law on lustration were fired about 500 officials -Yatsenyuk at the Cabinet meeting
US & Estonian air forces participating in training--maintaining joint readiness & building interoperability.
Militants tried to shoot down their own drone in the Luhansk region
A hundred militants and five tanks in the Kuibyshev district of Donetsk
#SBU found new traces of assistant of #Putin during the shootings on the Maidan
Swedish politicians agreed on military force to Finland in case crisis
Two Finnish guys were beaten up after they told that they are Finnish in Svetogorsk, Russia
#Klitschko arrived on illicit development
Large military drills in Romania. 500+ vehicles, 3000 military personnel
Nalyvaichenko: SBU detained the member of a gang that kidnaps people in the Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions
Nalyvaychenko about the newspaper "Vesti": this media has supported separatism, opaque, dirty sources of funding
Three former Ukrainian presidents will speak at the forum in Baku on the situation in the country
Azarov handed the money to yesterday's rally near the U.S. Embassy, - SBU
There is a fight in Pisky
#G7 Ministerial summit just started - @FedericaMog
#Shell began natural gas supply to Ukraine
Mercenaries from Ekaterinburg escaped from the "LNR" and complained of "muddy" fighters.
The last Ukrainian mobile operator Intertelecom leaves #Crimea
#SBU found in #Odessa cache of ammunition for terrorist attacks
Russian flying hospital «Scalpel» IL-76MD RF-86906 near Chkalovskiy in Moscow region
Most people of Shyrokyne have not enough food, - OSCE
The shells from the Hurricane and mines were found near #Slavyansk
Missing criminal case of #Tymoshenko was found
#SBU detained militants scout Zima, trained by officer Adolf
#Kyiv: one of interchange metro stations was closed due to a bomb threat
Militants lost three armored vehicles in a battle near Pisky
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