Map. History of Ukraine conflict

15 December 2017
Thursday Black Sea operations: USS PORTER with Turk YILDRIM 243, Romanian REGINA MARIA 222
Ukraine is furious over remarks on Russia by the U.N. Secretary-General
Troubles in case against "sugar prosecutor". NABU SOF works
Mayorsk fighting: RPGs, machine guns, mortars
Report: Tanks shell Krasnohorivka
Durna Balka - shelling, reactive artillery added
Staromykhailivka: Heavy weapons
Krasnohorivka: small arms and heavy weapons
Russian forces attacked checkpoint Maryinka with heavy machine gun. 2 civilians wounded
2 civilians wounded in attack on Maryinka checkpoint
Maryinka-Trudovsky. Heavy fighting
Ireland Score In Injury Time. Nir 2 : 0 Ukr
#UKRNIR is being delayed due to heavy hail. Players off the pitch. #EURO2016
The #UKRNIR match has been delayed due to adverse weather conditions #EURO2016
Goal for Northern Ireland #NIR #UKRNIR
McCauley score to put Northern Ireland in front #EURO2016 #NIRUKR
Half time in Lyon. Substitutes are warming up under the rain. #UKRNIR
Parc Olympique Lyonnais: #UKRNIR lineups #EURO2016 #UKR #NIR
Loading of fuel by "Westinghouse" started at Zaporizhie NPP
Lavrov considers full three-month observation of Donbass ceasefire impossible
Ukrainians in Lyon are ready to support their team
"1st channel leak" by InformNapalm - Russian forces attack on Nikishino
Activists dispersed forum of ex-members of Party of Region in Sumy
Klintsy, Russia: Russian troops 40km away from Belarus border
Alexander Zakharchenko is in Moscow and saying surprisingly conciliatory things about Nadia Savchenko.
Col. Oleksandr Motuzyanyk: British military instructors practice with UA servicemen combat tactics
[email protected]: Russia sanctions won't be lifted until Minsk implemented. "A stable and democratic Ukraine [...] can only be good for Russia."
ATO spokesperson: In Shchastya town, SBU found a cache with 2 rocket launchers and a tank mine
Col. Motuzyanyk: Today in the morning, UA border guards prevented crossing of over 1 kg of TNT through RU-UA border in Kharkiv region
Col. Motuzyanyk: In Donetsk region, UA police found anti-tank grenade launchers to be used to attack UA trains
ATO spox: Russia delivered 5 trucks full of Grad missiles, 3 trucks with ammo and 3 more with fuel to Luhansk region
ATO spox: Two Ukrainian servicemen were wounded in action, no casualties in the last 24 hours
ATO spox: Enemy snipers most active in Mariupol sector, namely in the vicinity of Berezove, Hnutove, Maryinka, Krasnohorivka
ATO spox: Militants shelled 60 mortar mines at UA positions near Luhanske village (Svitlodarsk area)
General Hodges: exercise #Anakonda16 has shown the ability to our interoperability and cooperation in different areas.
Transnistria introduces penal liability for denying the positive role of Russian peace-keepers
Zalharchenko wants to talk to Kyiv residents who "must be liberated".
B-52 in Lithuanian skies
Sarkozy: the prohibition of the Russian language in Ukraine would be the biggest mistake of Kyiv
Russian defense minister arrives in Crimea on working visit
9 wounded in city bus crash in Kyiv
Sarkozi in St.Petersburg: sooner Russian sanctions to be lifted,- sooner Minsk agreements to be implemented
"Independent" journo talks to Nikolai: Rus football fan and military vet who was helping wounded militants in Donbas
US to give Ukraine $220 million in new aid -White House
41 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
Biden to Groisman: You have made already much, but you need even more to do
Ukrainian officer cadets break down language barriers during #OpUNIFIER training
[email protected]_SMM observed high level of violence in Donetsk region with nearly 400 explosions during daytime of 14 June
[email protected] infographic provides quick rundown on 30 Ukrainians still held in Russia
Surkov will arrive in Minsk to discuss the settlement at the Donbass
Russian media:In Lille police detained citizen of Ukraine with baseball bats. Car with Rus plates, lives in Russia for a long time
Re: Ukraine, @NATO has stood up trust funds to help the Ukrainian armed forces.
NATO Mindef: "There is no ceasefire" in eastern Ukraine says Ukraine's Defence Minister.
In city of Dnipro SBU seized large arsenal of weapons: over 100 firearms, 2 RPO-A Schmel
In city of Dnipro SBU seized large arsenal of weapons: over 100 firearms, 2 RPO-A Schmel
Russia is preparing offensive on Ukraine - Turchynov
Major shelling in a residential area on the edge of Donetsk. OSCE inspects the damage
Lit-Pol-Ukr brigade @MNBHQ moved on to the next step of the training scenario Anakonda16
NATO steps up support for Ukraine with Comprehensive Package of Assistance #DefMin
2 UA servicemen KIA and 7 WIA in the warzone in southeast Ukraine over the last 24h - official
ATO spox: Intel on militant casualties June 10-13: 11 KIA, 21 WIA. Lost 3 tanks, 2 self-prop howi, 3 artillery, 5 mortars, 2 APC by Maryinka
ATO spox: Tankmen of UA Airborne Forces practice tanks operating skills in the firing range in Zhytomyr region
ATOspox: Intelligence report of militant casualties on June 10-13: 21 KIA, 15 WIA.Lost 2 tanks, 2 self-prop howitzer, 5 trucks near Avdiivka
ATO spox: Three militants WIA yesterday. Intelligence uncovered their names: Igor Dudarev, Igor Malytsky, Nikolai Stepanov
Two Ukrainian servicemen KIA near Pavlopil. 7 servicemen WIA in the areas of Pavlopil, Maryinka, Zaitseve
ATO spox: Militants fired from tanks twice near Krasnohorivka.
ATO spox: 13-yrs-old girl was injured as a result of militant shelling of Chermalyk
ATO spox: Mariupol sec: Skirmishes near Pavlopil. Militants used artillery, mortars, grenade launchers. Other hot spots: Maryinka, Taramchuk
SecDef reinforces the importance of continued progress in Ukraine’s comprehensive defense reforms. U.S. stands with Ukraine.
NATO ministers boost assistance to Ukraine; SecDef Carter meets w/Defense Minister Poltorak
Contact sub-groups meeting in Minsk
NATO demands Russia withdraw forces, equipment from Ukraine: alliance chief
Minsk Agreements remain the path to sustainable solution in Ukraine. Urgent they be implemented by all parties - NATO SG @jensstoltenberg
NATO will not recognize illegal annexation of Crimea and will continue to call on Russia to stop destabilizing Ukraine - @jensstoltenberg
Another brawl in Verkhovna Rada
Russia’s decision to accept Ukrainian journalists motivated by considerations of humanism
2nd day of NATO DefMin started for @Macierewicz_A with a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart General Poltorak
Consequences of attack on Krasnohorivka
58 ceasefire violations yesterday at Donbas
UK: Should the United Kingdom remain or leave the the EU? BMG poll: Remain - 48% (-1), leave - 52% (+1)
Groysman is visiting USA